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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Dr. Strange
Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 07.18.2005

Average Rating: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating


Reviewed by Cramcompany


I’m writing this from the road and do not have an Internet connection.  My apologizes if anything is wrong, but it shouldn’t be, because I’m nearly completely perfect.


DR. STRANGE from the new Fantastic Forces set.  Dr. Strange is the resident Master Sorcerer of the Marvel Universe.  He’s kind of the Emergency Broadcast Network of the Marvel universe, when he shows up you know it’s really bad.  He probably has a hard time making friends.


WHICH IS THE BEST:  The answer to this is easy.  All three versions are very similar and just slightly higher stats per version upgrade, but the wildcard team ability makes all the difference.  He’s only a spider-man alley for the veteran, so the best version is THE VETERAN.


POINTS:  110, CLICKS 8, 10 range with 2 targets, Spider-man Team Ability


MOVEMENT:  10 with phasing through part of his dial.

ATTACK:  11,10,9,9,98,7,7,6.  He has Psychic Blast, telekinesis, Incapacate and finishes with Energy Explosion.

DEFENSE:  16,16,15,15,14,14,13,13.  With Energy Shield Deflection at the beginning, Barrier in the middle and goes into the stand by of Energy Shield.

DAMAGE:  3 outwit, 3 probably control, 2,2 with ranged combat expert, 2,2 enhancement, 1,1 outwit.

FEATS:  Incontact with Oracle is always useful other then that leave your points to abusing his wildcard ability. 

BATTLE FIELD CONDITIONS:  Bright Lights to find those stealth characters, unless you have an Ulitmates on your team.  Nothing else.

HOW TO PLAY HIM:  Standard Abuse of Wildcard.  Alfred Pog, Mystic Team Member, Ultimates team ability, Security team Pog, Jarvis with the Avengers team change card gaining any team ability you don’t already have.  Please note that this Jarvis trick may become illegal by the time Fantastic Forces becomes legal to play.

HOW TO BEAT HIM:  He’s a first click character, hit him for three and ignore him.

OVERVIEW:  I like this Strange much better then the other Strange, but neither is a force.  If you really find a larger point game and are able to abuse the wildcard ability then he’s worth playing.  However he is NO brick and playing him, as your primary attacker is a mistake.  His attack is good on his first click, but he needed Deathbird’s 17 defense with Energy Shield.  That extra digit is crucial to making him truly hard to hit.  His psychic blast is nice, but 3 damage on a 110-point character is a little light.  His abilities are a bit nicer then the other version and more importantly more consistent.  He’s worth trying a few times, but I would not play him in anything other then 500 point torments.

2/5 300 Point Game

2.5/ 5 400 Point Game

3/5  500 Point Game (He’s a good secondary attacker)

This is Cramcompany

Please no hate mail.


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