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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Black Knight
Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 07.08.2005

Average Rating: 4.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review the R/E/V of Black Knight from the Fantastic Forces Set

So I’m at first like; “Oh no!  They made a click based on that horrible Martin Lawrence movie!.”   Then I saw the click and didn’t think it looked anything like Martin Lawrence.  So I was kind of mad, until somebody told me to go to Whoclix

Okay, I am NOT a cut and past type of guy, but after looking up this on Whoclix I had to post Black Knights story.  It is the most confusing garble, I love it.  So here it is:

BLACK KNIGHT (Double) (good)
A nephew of the criminal Black Knight, scientist Dane Whitman adopted his uncle's guise to warn the Avengers of an attack by Magneto. Using his uncle's winged steed, Aragorn, his attempt ended in a case of mistaken identity. But after infiltrating the Masters of Evil to rescue the Avengers, he earned the team's trust. Whitman was offered team membership but kept reserve status to stay in England. Whitman got a boost in power when he was given the Ebony Blade by the spirit of his ancestor Sir Percy. But the sword was cursed: every time it drew blood, it drove its user closer to madness. The curse transformed Whitman into metal and his spirit was sent back to the twelfth century to inhabit the body of his ancestor Eobar Garrington but was eventually rescued by Doctor Strange. In order to save his sanity and his soul, he stopped using the Ebony Blade and left the Avengers, developing a replacement sword with a blade of energy. He returned to the medieval times after being turned to stone by the Enchantress. This time he returned with a black, winged horse named Valinor. He rejoined the Avengers and became involved with teammate Sersi. The pair eventually were transported to the Ultraverse where Whitman became the leader of Ultraforce. Upon returning to his home universe, Whitman joined the new Heroes for Hire but eventually left to mentor the Knights of Wundagore.

Thank you to the good people of Whoclix they have a great site you should check out to find out more info on all the hero clix that you have no idea who they are.  http://hometown.aol.com/thefightingfury/whoclix/guide.htm is there link.

 Cost and Abilities: 

Rookie = 54 Points, 6 clicks of life, 0 range, Avengers team ability.   TRANSPORTER

Experienced = 64 Points, 7 clicks of life, 0 range, Avengers Team Ability.  TRANSPORTER

Veteran = 77 Points, 8 clicks of life, 0 range, Avengers Team Ability.  TRANSPORTER

Which is best?  I want to say that ALL of them are very useable and all of them have a modest up grade for the extra points you have to spend.  They are all very reasonable and quite playable.  Factoring in the 13 point jump from experienced to veteran I believe putting Incontact with Oracle on the experienced would make for the best figure.  The experienced is harder to kill then the rookie, because a lot of characters big bricks can hit for the 6 clicks, but few can hit for 7of the experienced. So in the end I would go with the experienced with the longer dial and middle point cost.

Movement:  10 with charge for 2 clicks.  By the end he is earth bound.  Yes you can charge with exploit weakness and yes you can use transporter ability with it.  I say these both from the current rulings I received by the judges at the pre release.  Although admittedly, I’m not positive even after ruling that you can transporter ability and exploit weakness.

Attack:  10,9,9,8,8,7,7.  The last two clicks he has blades claws.

Defense:  Starts at a very low 15 defense with Toughness for the first three clicks and then a well placed energy shield/ deflection at the last 3 clicks.  Giving him a mid ranged high ended defense throughout his dial.

Damage:  3 starting damage with a dial full of exploit weakness, a fantastic power!  Exploit weakness is a little like outwit, because outwit is used a lot of defensive powers anyway, so exploit weakness can help a lot.  Near the end he gains battle fury at the same time as he gains blades/claws and earthbound.  So this is the one time battle fury might not be too bad.

Sculpt:  The paints and the sculpts are the best they have ever had in a set.  All of them are amazing, they are also my bendable.  Pick up a pack up if you can.  J

Team Ability:  Avengers.  Free movement is good, but Thunderbolts and Mystics is even better.  Although Batman team would not be bad either.

Feats:  As I said Incontact with Oracle is a must play to make the experienced better then the veteran.  Also Thunderbolts is a must play as well, to give him the team ability edge.

Battle Field Condition  He is a great Power Dampening Field candidate.  Three damage and exploit weakness would change him into the biggest hitter the game could have.  Ultimate Thor eat your heart out!  Atlantis Rising would not be too bad since he flies and can carry somebody else.

How to Beat Him:  Pinning the transporters down is the really hard part.  Try to charge next to him so he can not just hit and run.  Even with the minus 2 attack using the transporters gives Black Knight a major edge.  He will eventually hit you and probably for a hard 3 clicks.  Pin him down and hit him for 4.

How to Play Him:  Hit and run.   Use prob controllers to get the dice rolls you want and then play him like you would Black Adam.  Hit somebody and run behind a wall.  Carry a medic to heal or a POG to lock them into close combat by dropping the POG in front of the character to make them waste an attack.

Overview:  Black Knight is a great figure.  I under rated the transporters move and attack ability.  After going to the pre release I realize how strong that power is.  No it’s not hypersonic, but in general it is a lot cheaper and very useful.  The Avengers Thunderbolts card is house, team abilities are so important in this game.  Black Knight is a transporter with Avengers and exploit weakness to boot all for a very low cost of 64 points.  He will be one of the most used figures in the set and I can give him close to my highest markings possible.  He could even change the game, making single large figure teams less effective.  The ability to have ten to catch Thor or Black Adam and exploit weakness AND drop another character in front of him is definitely going to be hard for the team to deal with.

Overall Score:

4.5/5 300 Points

4.5/400 Points

5/500 Points (slicing through defensive abilities like so much soft bread!)


= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)



cramcompany@hotmail.com for questions comments or dates.  (girls only!)


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