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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Northstar - Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 01.28.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  72
Collector's Number  069
Rarity  --

Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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In every set there are a few figures who are hidden gems that at the beginning will be overlooked by the new powerhouse figures in the game, but over time come into their own. I believe Northstar is one of those in the Mutant Mayhem set.

Moveability  - This member of the Alpha Flight is one of the few characters in Marvel that actually has Hypersonic Speed.  All three versions have a starting Speed of 12 with Flight.  Plus with Flight he can carry figures forward in battle, drop them off and keep moving.  The Rookie keeps Hypersonic Speed for 2 clicks while the Experienced and Vet keep it for 3.

Attackability – The Rookie has a starting Attack of 8 while the Experienced and Veteran get a 9. All three are under the average for their point cost, but Hypersonic Speed figures usually suffer with their attack since so many points go into their movement. Still a 9 Attack is nothing to cry over.   .  Also after Northstar loses his Hypersonic Speed then he gains Flurry so use that to try to land as many blows as you can.

Damage – Almost all the Hypersonic figures under 100 points (and including the Unique Flash at 101 points) have a Damage of only 1.  The exception was Unique Nightcrawler. Notice how I said was.  Northstar should immediately, in my opinion, gain Tournament worthy status because on all three REVs everyone of his Hypersonic Speed clicks has a Damage of 2.   Many reviewers said Jesse Quick was a tournament worthy figure and her stats are very similar except her Damage was only 1.  This makes Northstar basically an excellent Nightcrawler substitute for those of us who didn’t pull him (and I tried. Oh I tried) or can’t afford to buy him.

Defendability – For Hypersonic figures their best defense is to stay away from trouble.  The key to playing them is to strategize their moves so you can attack and flee behind a wall or out of range of opponents.   Use Flight to soar high after you attack. Even though this takes a click to do the range distance of opponents is automatically cut in half.  As for his stats his Defense is actually pretty sound.  All three have a starting Defense of 16 with at least 4 clicks of Toughness.  His one drawback is the short dial with only 5 clicks of health for the Rookie and Experienced and 6 for the Veteran.

Miscellaneous – The Rookie and Experienced have the Avengers team ability so moving him is free. As long as you use the Move Action part of Hypersonic Speed you can use it as a free action for your team.  The Veteran gets the X-Men team ability so feel free to use him with other X-Men to swap clicks of health.  The sculpt of the figure is pretty good. Just simple and straightforward. I like the Canadian Maple Leaf on the uniform. 

Playability – In my opinion the Experienced is the best for the price.  The Veteran gets another click of health, but the stats and powers on his first 5 clicks are almost identical.  I only have the Rookie and Veteran though, and I have no quarrels using the Vet.  Any smaller point games the Rookie can be nasty, but in large point games upgrade to the Exp or Vet.

Bonus Review-  In Mutant Mayhem Wizkids started allowing you to pull Limited Edition figures from boosters.  I was fortunate enough to pull the LE of Northstar with is Jean-Paul Beaubier.  I love this figure!  For 1 point more then the Experienced I lose a couple of clicks of Toughness, but start with 2 clicks of Incapacitate.  Now I can run up and hit a figure with Impervious or Invulnerability and make them take pushing damage. This guy is easily one of my favorites I have pulled from Mutant Mayhem.


Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Rookie Northstar – 4.0

Experienced Northstar – 4.50

Veteran Northstar – 4.5

Limited Edition Jean-Paul Beaubier – 4.75


Northstar. Formerly of Alpha Flight, Now of the X-Men, this character caused a huge stir for Marvel in the 90's when it was revealed that he was a homosexual. Thankfully, the character survived the hype, and has quietly become one of the more well-rounded characters in the Marvel Universe. On to the click.
Cost~ Rookie: 52, with 5 clicks of life, Avengers team ability
          Exp: 61, with 5 clicks of life, Avengers team ability
          Vet: 72, with 6 clicks of life, X-Men team ability
          LE: 62, with 5 clicks of life, no team ability
Movement~ All the versions start out with 12 movement, and three clicks of hyper-sonic speed. then they all get 2 clicks of flurry of blows. Quite a decent package, to get an HSS character at a lower cost than previous times.
Attack~ a bit low, marking 9 on all versions (except rookie, which is 8), and no powers except on the LE, which has 2 clicks of Incapacitate at the beginning.
Defense~ starts out at 16, and keeps toughness through a majority of the dials. You'd think with him being so fast, we might have gotten super senses, like Flash. But I guess the idea was to make him a little more cost-friendly for his abilities.
Damage~ mostly 2's, with a few ones at the tail end of all but the Vet. Nothing too suprising, But I wonder; Shouldn't he have exploit weakness? In the comic, he managed to bloody an invincible character, just by punching him several times super-fast. 
Sculpt~ Pretty weak. Wizkids sometimes change up the look for characters between their REVs, and Northstar definitely should have gotten that treatment. He should have had his black and white maple-leaf for the rookie, the outfit he has for his experienced, and the new, almost armored looking outfit for his Vet.
Final Thoughts~ I like the piece, and have found it useful to my team when i've used it. The low attack value stops it from being a 2nd tier character, but he definitely makes for a great taxi with benefits.
Score~ 3.25 / 5

Today's Click O' Da Day is: Northstar (Vet)

Points: 72
Range: 0 (0 inches)
Team: X-Men

Sculpt: This guy's sculpt isn't all that good. It's like KC Supes, but less intimidating.

Health: 6 clicks. Not a lot to work with.

Speed: This guy's speed never drops below 10, and he has HSS for the first three clicks. Northstar's speed is really what makes him. You need to move in, hit, and get the heck outta there before he gets creamed. After he takes a couple hits, you might as well Flurry do the death, cause there's not much else you can do.

Attack: His highest attack is 9, and for only two clicks. I definitely wouldn't recommend using a HSS attack with this guy, it's a waste. His sub-par AV is what makes this piece below average.

Defense: Not that high, starting at 16 with toughness. You either need to carry a medic around with you, or just plain run away. :\

Damage: 2 damage, all the way across the board. Your only means to do more than this is with the HSS attack, which is extremely hard to use because of his low AV.

Overall: This guy is a little overpriced IMO. HSS is nice, but not if you can't hit anyone. And with low AVs and DVs, this guy just doesn't cut it.

Playability: 2/5 - There are better harrassers out there
Collectibility: 1/5 - Only for hardcore X-Men fans


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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