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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Logan - Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 01.27.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  65
Collector's Number  215
Rarity  --

Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 

Francesco Rook WOW! Another Wolverine character. I just couldnít wait! (dramatic pause while I let the sarcasm sink in)

I understand that heís Marvelís most popular character but would someone please let Wizkids know that they donít need to include him with EVERY expansion. Off the top of my head, I can list 8 different versions of Wolverine. I think we get the point.

On to the review.

Wolverine is an improved version of a simple slasher. Everything about hi is very ordinary but his combinations of powers try to save him. More one that later.

His low attack rating and defense means that this is going to be a disposable character. Push him, attack, attack and attack. Your opponent will probably hit him on the first try (low defense) and since he has Toughness on his first click only, his 7 clicks of health will not keep him around very long.

Logan does have at least one positive point. By putting Blades/Claws/Fangs on the dial at the same time as Charge, he begs to be used as a very aggressive piece. With a TKer on your team, he can attack with B/C/F up to 14 squares away and still land that possible 6 clicks of damage.

All in all, I think that there are better pieces out there to choose from. But Hey, thereís always room for another Wolverine right?

For those who follow my reviews you can tell that I rate most of my characters as average to slightly above average. I also seem to rate more characters as great rather then lousy, but I think thatís because we mostly want to review the awesome characters and ignore some of the forgettable ones in the sets. Well today we are reviewing the Limited Edition Logan from Mutant Mayhem and I can say that I do not like this figure.

Moveability - Speed of 8 for 3 clicks with a starting click of Stealth followed by Charge. Typical for Wolverine, but he has to take a click of damage before he can Charge and then everyone can see him so it doesnít work as well as you would think. Battle Fury helps keep him from being Mind Controlled, but he also canít be carried. Very typical for a Wolverine figure though.

Attackability Ė Starting 10 Attack followed by a couple of clicks with an Attack of 9 is pretty decent actually. This is almost identical to the Experienced Ultimate X-Men Wolverine from the Ultimate set.

Damage Ė Typical Wolverine fashion with Blades / Claws / Fangs for 6 clicks. He can deal some damage, but so can about 40 other figures in the Heroclix game with BCF. Iím not saying itís a bad power, because I find it very useful, but you have so many choices now for BCF figures that you didnít have with the first few sets.

Defendability Ė This is where I have to stick up my nose at this Limited Edition Logan. A starting Defense of 15 is mundane, but I can buy it since so many other Wolverine figures have a similar defense. But 1 click of Toughness! I hope I saw that wrong, because that is just pathetic. Then on top of that 1 click of Regeneration! This is Wolverine! This guy can take a beating then get up and take some more. He is the Rocky of the comic book world. He should have at least 2 or more clicks of Regeneration and more then a single click of Toughness. Bah!

Miscellaneous Ė His sculpt I find kinda silly as well. I donít know where this figure comes from in the comics, but someone told me it was when he was a pirate or something. The X-Men team ability is typical, nothing much to say. This figure is still a Limited Edition so if you are not a serious collector then you should enjoy any LE you can get and donít let my review stop you from being happy to have this figure especially if you earned it in a tournament. I play some lousy figures simply because I either won them or just followed them in the comics. There is more to Heroclix then playing nothing but tournament worthy figures.

Playability Ė There are better Wolverine figures out there. I think my favorite is Logan from Clobberin Time. The Veteran at 60 points is 5 points cheaper, but he has a higher Defense, higher Attack, 4 clicks of Toughness, 4 of Regeneration and 2 clicks where he can use Flurry and BCF at the same time. That is what a Wolverine figure should be.

Limited Edition Logan Ė 1.75

Wolverine...best there is at what he does. And what he does isn't very nice. Today, we find ourselves reviewing his LE, Logan, from the Mutant Mayhem set. Now realize, the MM version is based off the timeframe after Magneto ripped the adamantium of Wolvies bones, and it was revealed his claws were bone before he was Weapon-X. On with the click
Cost~ 65 points, has 7 clicks of health
Movement~ Starts out at 8 with a click of stealth, then 3 clicks of Charge. Ends out with 5. Not too bad, especially for a ground piece.
Attack~ A very nice 10, and 6 clicks of B/C/F's to boot! The attack doesn't drop off horribly either, rounding off at a respectible 7.
Defense~ Starts at 15 with a single click of toughness, ends at 13 with a single click of regeneration. Truly the figures weak point.
Damage~ starts of at 3, and after the first click has battle mind through the rest of his dial. This I imagine was to show how feral he got during this time period.
Sculpt~  I can't help but laugh. Don't get me wrong, the sculpt is detailed, and fairly well-painted. It just looks so darn goofy! I HATED when Marvel did this to Wolvie, and now I have a click to immortalize that time. The bone claw thing was actually a cool idea, but the "make him trip down the evolutionary ladder, and put a do-rag on his face rather than his mask" idea sucked hard.
Final Thoughts~ It's actually a pretty decent figure for the cost. I could see it used in any setting, so long as you don't mind your opponednt laughing at the appearance of your team with this piece as a member of it.
Overall Score~ 3.05 / 5 any setting
Ah its the good ole logan, weapon x, wolverine, or what ever the heck hes calling himself these days. Is this guy better than Tuesday? Yes. Is that saying much? No. Im having some trouble looking up the stats. They are showing up the same as the experianced version which isn't right is it? How am i supposed to review it i dont even know which stats are right but im guessing its the experianced version one. Unless he offers something spectacular like range dont use him. BCF figures that are above 50 points dont deserve to see play unless they offer something else. With most wolverines your paying for a high damage value that you will probably never use anyway. 3 damage or 0 it really doesn't matter your going to be using the BCF. I cant add much more to the review because i dont know what else he has. I checked both heroclix and hcrealms and they both show up the same. Beware of other reviewers today that review him according to those stats.

So said the spy

Well, my first day on the job, and I review the wrong fig! >_< Ouch. Well, hopefully not a lot of people noticed. ;-)

Today's Click O' Da Day is: Logan (FROM MUTANT MAYHEM)

Overview: This is the outfit Wolverine used while on a trip to Japan, after Magneto removed the adamantium from his body. Wolverine found out that his claws were actually bone, meaning he was born with them.

Points: 65
Range: 0 (0 inches)
Team: X-Men

Health: 7 clicks. An OK amount, but one less than the Vet version from this set.

Speed: Pretty much the same as the Vet, but with one more click of charge. Not exactly a game-breaker.

Attack: What?! A Wolverine with B/C/F?!?!?! O_O

Defense: Same powers as the Vet, but lower values.

Damage: Same old, same old...

Overall: These LE pieces are pretty pointless. They are the same as the nons, but just weaker. These are really only good for collecting. I wish they would give the LEs a different sculpt, though. :\

Playability: 2/5 - There are better versions of Wolfy out there, this one is just too boring
Collectibility: 3/5 - Since this isn't a very well known costume, it's not that desirable.



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