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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Peter Parker - Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 01.25.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  77
Collector's Number  208
Rarity  --

Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 

Majinxstar Today we are looking at the new Peter Parker from Mutant Mayhem.
Starting off, his opening dial looks the same as the experienced Spidey from the same set. He costs 20 points less than that Spidey and he loses the Fantastic 4 TA. (Here's hoping for a new FF based set before July 4th) He has a good defense of 17 and Super Senses. He also has Leap/Climb with a 9 and a 10 attack with Incappacitate. He starts out worse IMO than the Ultimates Peter Parker, whom has Perplex and the Spidey TA and Willpower for less. The best thing to do with this Spidey is team him up with the Pounce feat. He can do 3 damage then all the way down to his last 2 clicks. Then you can Flurry, Willpower, and Outwit them to death with his spiking attack. Just imagine him leaping all over the board crashing down on Medics and the like. He can just decimate your opponents support in just a few turns and then flurry to death whatever is left.

With Pounce:3.5
Stormwolf Today, we have the LE version of Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Those of you who don't know who Spidey is really shouldn't be playing this game. This version clocks in at 77 points, and has no team affiliation, and has the 4 range, 2 target that we've usually had. On with the review.

Movement~ Starts of with a 9 move and Leap/Climb, which he keeps for 6 clicks. After that, it's Flurry of Blows for 2 clicks, and by now his movement has dropped to 6. Then it's all over for our favorite wall-crawler. Not too bad, I suppose. Same as all the other incarnations of Spidey we've seen over the years....

Attack~ Starting at 10, we get 2 clicks of incapacitate, then 2 of super strength, then 2 more of incapacitate, then nothing for the final 2. Again, nothing new.....

Defense~ A nice 17 with super senses for 3 clicks, then 3 clicks of combat reflexes, finishing off with 2 will power.

Damage~ Vanilla 2's until the last 2 clicks, where we get some outwit.

Sculpt~ Very nice. Better detailed than Spideys of yesterday, and Wizkids has finally stiffened the little clear stand so the figure doesn't bend when you turn the dial.

Final Thoughts~ I realize Spiderman is Marvels Flagship character. I realize he's the most popular as well. But having essentially the same click with a different sculpt in every set is getting to be too much. Some of the unique spideys have had a little something different to them, but they haven't done the truly outrageous yet. Where is my Cosmic-Powered Spidey, Spider-Armor version, Scarlet Spider, Cyborg Spidey, Phoenix-Spidey, and countless others? At least then we'd get something different in the dial. But the piece itself is useful, can be used in tourneys, and would be nice in a sealed booster tournament

Overall Score~ 3/5 in any use
One word sums up this heroclick pretty well, that word is no. I can think of a lot of other better things you can spend 77 points on, like 7 hellfire guards, or 2 hellfire guards. I mean really what do you get? If he had perplex like some of the other versions then maybe, but no. I mean theres nothing even worth using here. The 10 attack is decent but for only two damage? Incapacitate is nice but vertigo has three targets, and she's cheaper. He has a high defense (17) with super sense so he isnt going to die any time soon. Then again if he had 5 defense and no power he wouldn't die because your opponent wont bother going after him. Im really disappointed, Im actually a fan of spiderman and he really deserves better. the peter parker from ultimates was half decent but this...... Seriously if you pull one cut him to pieces and glue him into Dr Octopuses arms like I did.

100: 1/5 THis rating would be a lot more significant If i had been a reviewer longer. You would have noticed that i always make my ratings extremely decimilized


300: 1.0002/5 Get the picture yet?

400: 1.0001/5

500: 1.0005/5 Your opponent could die laughing so its a little better here.

So said the spy
skilanky64 Okay, Peter Parker

Wimpy Geek turned superhero!

Funny story actually:

I won the Marquee for MM and I picked Logan

then, I bought a pack and got Peter Parker Super Rare....hey!!!

Great pieces all around, Logan was rarer and an X-Man, so I picked him

But anyway.....Parker!

Great for a Spider-Man

I say that because Batman from HT can deal more clicks of damage than any Spider-Man piece ever has....that is, until cosmic spiderman, muahahahah!

But seriously, he's like 77 points, a good piece with super senses, leap climb with good movement, incapacitate with very good attack, good defense with super senses

My problem is his damage!

Spidey can lift over 10 tons!

Batman can't lift up a car!

Now, how come bats can do more damage?

My problem is damage, but everything else, solid gold (especially the SR ring, hey!)

Limited 10/10- would you pass him up anyway? besides, hes a good, rare piece

Constructed 7/10- I would put in a con artist or a medic and a deathstroke vet in his place, but he is still really good!

Until next time, we'll be reviewing the other Marquee LE!!!

Today's Click O' Da Day is........

Peter Parker - LE 5

Cost: 71
Range: (1) 4 inches
Team: Spider-Man

This is the LE version of Ultimate Spider-Man, and is 13 more points than the Veteran version. It has less health and overall its stats drop considerably, including dropping from 2 to 1 damage after the first click. Super Strength and Incapacitate are switched around on this version, with the latter coming first. Willpower and Super Senses are still here, but again, with lower defense values. The only thing you really gain is three clicks of perplex. Although perplex is good, not for 71 points. There are much better versions of spidey out there, the exp critical mass version is the same cost but a lot more bang for the buck. This piece is good for collecting purposes, but not much else. Still, as a spidey fan, I can't complain. This is an "ok" piece in my book. ;-)

Playability: 3/5 - You're better off using the Vet ultimates version with a con artist
Collectibiliy: 4/5 - Hey, it may not be worth as much as other level 5's, but its spider-man! :-)


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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