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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Dagger - Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 01.21.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  69
Collector's Number  051
Rarity  --

Average Rating: 4.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Moveability - All three versions of Dagger start with a move of 8. The Rookie plummets to 6 on the second click while the Experienced and Veteran drop to a 7. The only thing standing out about Dagger for movement is Running Shot, which will be mentioned in regards to her Damage.
Attackability – All three start with an Attack of 9 and only the Veteran keeps an Attack of 8 for 2 clicks. This is a good Attack for the Rookie, but about average for the Experienced and Veteran. All three also have a Range of 6 and the Rookie and Experienced get 2 Ranged attacks. The Veteran gets 3 Ranged attacks. The multiple attacks are really what make this character special.
Damage – Now we get to the bread and butter of this figure. In our last review we mentioned how Cloak has 2 ways to deal damage. Well I consider Dagger to have three. Her main power is Psychic Blast. The Rookie has a starting Damage of 2 while the Experienced and Veteran start with 3. In other figures like the White Queen you simply stand and fire using Psychic Blast to punch through Impervious and similar powers, but Dagger takes Psychic Blast to a whole new level. First you can use it with Running Shot, which gives her an effective range of 10 squares (6 range + 4 move). If several figures are already in range then use multiple ranged attacks (Psychic Blast is just like Energy Explosion and can be used with multiple ranged attacks). This allows you to aim for more then one target and then choose whom you assign the damage to. After she takes a couple of clicks of damage she gains Incapacitate so make good use of your multiple attacks. The Vet alone can tie up 3 figures every time she uses her ranged attack.
Defendability – She only has 5 clicks of health and her Defense is lower then Cloak’s, but she has some good benefits. Her Rookie has a Defense of 15 to start and the Experienced and Veteran 16. The Rookie also has 3 clicks of Super Senses while the other two have 4 clicks. Like Cloak Probability Control is Dagger’s best friend. The other interesting twist is at the end of her dial on each version she gets a click of Support. So if you can prevent her from getting KO’d you can use her to boost back up your other figures. Not to shabby.
Miscellaneous – Like Cloak the Veteran is a member of the Spider-Man TA, while the others are not associated with any team. Dagger can benefit from such abilities as Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men, and in cross over TA’s such as Mystics, Batman Ally, etc. Other then that her sculpt doesn’t really appeal to me. Her costume seems pretty 70s, but I kinda like the light daggers (or whatever they are) that she is throwing.
Playability – The Rookie is good but outshone by her other versions. With her low defense and short dial she can get knocked around to easily. On her later clicks it will be hard to land some of your attacks. The Experienced for only 7 more points really benefits from the higher starting Damage and Defense. The Veteran really is wicked with the 3 ranged attacks and the Spider-Man TA. She could be a very nasty piece to play against. Just try to keep all three on their starting click as long as possible and don’t push her unless you have a very good reason. Overall the Experienced and Veteran are jut plain sweet. Psychic Blast with Running Shot and 2 or 3 Ranged Attacks as well as some Perplexers make her irresistible to play.

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Rookie Dagger – 3.5
Experienced Dagger – 4.0
Veteran Dagger – 4.25

Yin Yang Dragon
Well today's review is about dagger. Cloak's "light" partner, literally. She has the ability to throw life absorbing daggers at her opponents and she keeps cloaks hunger in check. As for her click her abilities are shown to a tea. You'll see why.
Range/targets: 6,2; 6,2; 6,3.
Point cost: 53, 60, and 69.
Life: Rookie 5 clicks, Exp. 5 clicks, Vet. 5 clicks
Powers: running shot on the first click, support on the last, super senses, incapacitate, and psychic blast. Exp. and Vet. versions gain nothing, except veteran has the Spiderman TA.

Speed: The rookie starts off at 8 with running shot. At 6 range this is a good thing. You can use running shot move 4 and hit 6 away at 2 targets with 2 damage. The Exp. and vet are the same except the vet hits for 3 targets.

Attack: The rookie starts with 9 attack. For a piece with this point cost thats pretty average.
The exp. stays the same as well does the vet. i wished they made the vet have 10 attack. but that would mean some more points and hse's not really your first pick for a supporter type piece or secondary piece. She also has psychic blast and incapacitate, so make sure to use this whenever you can. Plus, you can double incapacitate.

Defense: All three have super senses so this will help her. The rookie has 15, the exp. and vet. both have 16 on their first clicks. This is reasonable for her point cost plus she has the super senses to help her. Make sure to have a probability piece nearby to help with her rolls.

Damage: The rookie has 2 damage and gains support at the end. (Maybe to help her buddy cloak). The Exp and Vet. have 3 damage.

Overall: All three pieces are great for the points you pay. However the vet. is the best especilly b/c of the spiderman ability. If you do use her make sure to use her when needed and when shes on her last click run to a friend and heal, heal, heal, b/c thats all she do at her last click.
Rookie: 3/5
Exp. 3.5/5
Vet. 3.75/5
Sorry guys but personal feelings aside, I don't like her but she is a great piece to use in draft or sealed tournaments. As for constructed, there are better pieces than her.
Majinxstar Today we are looking at Dagger a really great piece if you use her right. She like Cloak was shot up with experimental drugs and gained superpowers from it.
Cloak can control darkness and Dagger can control light. Apparently controling darknes or light gives you super senses. Dagger has a rookie, exp, and vet like Cloak and the vet is also a member of team Spidey, like Cloak. She only has 4 powers though and relativley short dials, the max being only 5. That means one hit from Thor and she is dead. However she isn't meant to be around the whole game. She should be your lead-off piece. Her starting click gives you running shot and psychic blast. On her own this means she can hit anyone for 3 damage within 10 squares as her range is only a six. She only has a 9 attack, but if you team her up with a few perplexers and a tk'er, you have a serious threat to your opponents big piece.
Later she gets incappacitate and on her last click healing. This makes her useful all around. The vet is the best of the 3, having a triple attack and the Spidey TA. If you love and have mastered Black Queen then give the vet Dagger a try. She might make you see the light.

Rookie:4 (For being only 100 points when combined with rookie Cloak)
Experienced:3 (For doing exactly the same thing as the rookie, but costing 7 points more)
Veteran:5 (Support her right and she is a monster)
Grrr so I missed cloak day. Makes reviewing dagger a bit less fun. She is a great piece. For 69 points on the vet you get an awesome second string attacker. Sure its only 3 damage but she has psychic blast. She has running shot too and I believe you can use them together but Im not sure. They all have supper sense so they'll be avoiding some attacks. She also has support on her last click, that's awesome. This chick can be your primary attacker in a 100 or 200 point game. Shes also solid backup in 300. Psychic blast is amazing with three damage for this low of a point cost, perplex that up to six and for some fun damage to superman or thor. On top of all this fun she has a wildcard team ability, move for free, heal when alicia masters is pushed, dont get based (if you have bat sentry on your team lol) Anyways shes a great piece, use her.

100: 3.453/5
200: 4.011/5
300: 3.879/5
400: 4.001/5
500: 4.334/5 Dude do you know how much impervious your gonna run into in this format? With her on your team, none.

So said the spy
Darkstone Alright guys, I am Darkstone. A brand new reviewer for Pojo. Today, I'm reviewing Dagger.

Dagger's real name is Tandy Bowen, and she is the partner of Cloak. She got her powers by the same drugs that made Cloak who he is. However, while he gained a cloak that absorbs people, Dagger got the power of light. She could create daggers made out of light and things like that. They made their first appearance back in Maximum Carnage I believe. Their most recent showing is the comic Runaways. It's a good comic so you guys should take a look at it.
Anyway, on to the review

Rookie 53 pts with 5 clicks of life
Experienced 60 pts with 5 clicks of life Veteran 69 pts with 5 clicks of life

The Rookie, Experienced, and Veteran all start off with Running Shot, Psychic Blast, and Super Senses. I believe Dagger is one of the few figures to have the Running Shot, Psychic Blast combo. And let me tell you, it's a good one. With running shot, you can just run up and fire, while psychic blast nullifies the opposing figures damage reducing powers. Say good bye impervious. And with Super Senses, Dagger has a 1 in 3 chance of dodging the obvious counter attack. But whatever you do, do not push Dagger. If she takes a click, boom you lose running shot. You'll still have psychic blast, but without the Running Shot you lose what makes Dagger great. As you go deeper into her shallow dial, you lose super senses and Psychic Blast in turn for Incapacitate. But as you get to her final click, you get support.
Support is always useful but there is always that chance that you'll get killed before you get to use it.

Now the rookie starts off with a range of 6 with 2 lightning bolts
Movement 8 6 6 5 5

Attack 9 8 7 7 6

Defense 15 15 14 14 13

Damage 2 2 2 2 2

The 9 attack is okay considering it's only a 53 point figure but the 15 defense is a bit low. The super senses helps but not something you should rely on. I give this figure 3.5/5.0

The Experienced : 6 range with 2 lightning bolts
Movement 8 7 6 6 5

Attack 9 8 8 7 7

Defense 16 15 15 14 14

Damage 3 2 2 2 2

Now were seeing the magic. While it's true we still see that low attack, the defense is bigger and we can do more damage. Oh Yeah.
I give this figure 3.7/5.0

The Veteran: 6 range with 3 lightning bolts
Movement 8 7 7 6 6

Attack 9 9 8 8 7

Defense 16 16 15 15 14

Damage 3 3 2 2 2

The Veteran figures gains something very good, the spider-man team ability.
So that means, she can copy any TA that any of your figures use.
Copy that Ultimates TA and smite that Black Panther in stealth. Dagger also gets another click of the 9 attack, 16 defense, and 3 damage. However, the one thing that would have made her better would have been, one more click of running shot. That would have made her so much better but this is what we get. Now this version gets three lightning bolts, so when Dagger gets over to her incap clicks. She can go and incap 3 figures at once. That's pretty good but the 6 range and low attack will keep her from hitting often. Of course, One hit from Thor or Shazam! will kill her before she goes to the incap click. Anyway, I give this figure a 3.8/5.0 mainly because the Spider-man TA can make her kick some arse if you copy the right TA.

In a sealed booster, Dagger is deadly. I know from experience. An opponent was using Dagger and killed my Giant Man. It was brutal. So for Sealed Play, I give her a 4.0/5.0
Today we get to review Cloaks partner, Dagger. Tandy Bowen went through the same procedures as Cloak, but went to light as he went to dark. Her light daggers are said to penetrate the soul, the very essence of an individual. On to the click
Point Cost~ Rookie: 53 points, with 5 clicks of life
                   Exp.: 60, with 5 clicks of life
                   Vet.: 69, with 5 clicks of life
                   LE: 55, with 5 clicks of life
Movement~ Dagger starts off with 8 movement and 1 click of running shot on each of the versions. not too bad, but she has to get close on the running shot given she only has 6 range. (but 2 targets)
Attack~ starts out at 9 with  psychic blast on every version, which changes to incapacitate after a couple of clicks. pretty good for the point cost of the figure, and works out solidly in gameplay.
Defense~ starts out at 15 for the rookie, and 16 for every other version. And has super senses on all clicks but the final one. This is great protection for such a low-cost figure., and ensures Dagger amy stay in the game at least a little while.
Damage~  all but the rookie get a click or two of 3 daage, then drop to 2. On her final click she gains the support ability, a nice addition to an already great piece.
Sculpt~ Not too bad, but the arm holding the daggers is flimsy, and the daggers themselves would have looked better clear. I've seen better, but have definitely seen worse.
Final Thoughts~ Dagger is another of my favorite pieces from the MM set. Combined with Cloak, you have 2 potent pieces on the table for a bargain price. As with Cloak, I feel the veteran piece is the best, due to the inclusion of the Spider-man team ability. But all 3 versions are very usable, and would be an excellent addition to any team.
Final Score: Tourney: 4 / 5
                     Sealed Booster: 4 / 5 (if only for the support)


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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