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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Cloak - Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 01.19.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  75
Collector's Number  048
Rarity  --

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 

Yin Yang Dragon
Hi everyone at pojo land. I'm a new writer here but I'll try to make this new transition as easy for you and me as possible. Well seeing how this is my first review let's see how I.

Today's click is Cloak from Mutant Myahem.
Lets look at his stats:
Speed- The rookie version starts at 10 on the first two clicks, then goes to 9 for two click, and finally ends at 8 for two more, then ends at 0 . This seems to be really good for a rookie. The exp. is slightly better with speeds at: 12,10, 10, 9, 9, 8. This is much better since the clikcs of speed gives you a better bit of an edge. And finally, the veteran has: The 12,12,10,10,9,9 speed seems to be much better for a piece who costs 75 points.
Attack: Rookie: 9,8,8,7,7,0
The attacks seem to be quite reasonable for the many powers your getting. What is really good is the poison ability on all three. The vet. of course is the best with the 10 attack. You can phase/teleport him out next to a large group. Wait the turn then next turn deal poison damage and either stay to fight or run away where youll then get stealth on the next click.

Defense: Rookie: 16, 15, 14, 14, 13, 0
Experience: 16, 16, 15, 15, 14, 13
Veteran: 17, 16, 16, 15, 15, 14

All three have really ood defenses and will be hard to hit. On top of that they all of supersenses. If I were you I would keep at least one probability controller nearby to help with the rolls.

Damage: R: 2,2,1,1,0
E: 2,2,2,2,2,1
V: 2,2,2,2,2,2
All of them have exploit weaknesses to hit your opponents without any problems. Make sure to have a perplexer, or a u-men, or a shield agent close by to increse the damage. Heck for a 75 point piece the veteran version can deal up to 5 points of damage and still keep ticking.

Rookie: 3/5
Exp.: 4/5
Exp: 4/5


Moveability - All three versions of Cloak will have no problem moving around the board. All three start with Phasing with the Rookie having a starting Speed of 10 and the Experienced and Veteran a 12. After the first click all three switch to 2 clicks of Stealth. Iím not sure how often this will be handy since you will have to time it well or push Cloak to take advantage of Stealth. After Stealth all three versions switch back to Phasing for the remainder of the dial. This makes it very easy for Cloak to break away from unfair fights or get to safety before he is KOíd. A few clicks of Smoke Screen in the middle of his dial will also help him hide if he still has Stealth or allow another figure to use their Stealth effectively.
Attackability Ė Both the Rookie and Experienced start with an Attack of 9 and the Veteran a 10. The 9 is nice for the Rookie, but about average for the Experienced as a 61 point figure. The Experienced does get 2 clicks with an Attack of 9 so you can push him and still have as good of a chance of landing a hit. All three have a range of 2, which is not worth a whole lot. Basically a figure has to be exactly 2 squares away to use a ranged attack so you almost always will be in close combat attacks.
Damage Ė Cloak really has two ways to hurt you. One is with a couple of starting clicks of Poison and the other is with Exploit Weakness. Personally I donít like Poison because it rarely works. A figure even with Toughness is not affected by it and itís really difficult to position a figure with Poison so that it can effect more then one person and yet not have them gang up and KO your figure before Poison takes effect. Anyway Cloakís real capability comes from Exploit Weakness. All three versions never have less then a Damage of 2 with Exploit Weakness so he will always be able to do a couple of clicks of damage to figures even with Impervious. This makes him a good figure for knocking the heavy hitters off of their powerful starting clicks.
Defendability Ė All three versions have a relatively short dial with the Rookie having 5 clicks and the Experienced and Veteran 6. What helps Cloak out is that all three versions have Super Senses down the entire dial and an above average Defense to go with it. Both the Rookie and Experienced start with a Defense of 16 and the Veteran starts with 17. For added measure the Experienced and Veteran have Steal Energy on their last few clicks to possibly boost him back up a click or two. I have always debated whether I like Super Senses or Toughness more, but frankly a full dial of Super Senses means Cloak should at least be able to dodge a blow or two during a game.
Miscellaneous Ė The sculpt is pretty interesting, but nothing special. I donít really know much about the comics so I donít know how accurately it portrays the character. I havenít used Cloak enough in games to get a feel how well he plays so I canít really give game experience as an example. I should also mention because I havenít yet that the Veteran is a member of the Spider-Man team ability. This could be useful because this allows him to act as a wild card and use any other friendly figures team abilities.
Playability Ė The Rookie is a pretty solid support piece in the fact that for 41 points you can have a figure that can do a couple of clicks of Damage to even the most powerful figures in the game. With Probability Control and a few lucky roles Super Senses could make Rookie Cloak tie up and do some damage to a much bigger figure. The Experienced is a better figure, but for 14 more points its debatable how much better. Use the Experienced and donít be afraid to push to the second click. Then he still has the same Attack, Defend, and Damage, but Ranged Figures canít pick him off with Stealth. The Veteran could be useful if you have some team ability tricks up your sleeve, but otherwise the Spider-Man TA is just wasted points if you donít use it. Overall I like Cloak and he provides a slightly unique combination of powers not yet seen in the game.

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Rookie Cloak Ė 3.5
Experienced Ė 4.0
Veteran Ė 4.0
Majinxstar Today we look at good old Cloak. If you don't know about Cloak well then find someone who does because I don't either. I only remember him doing things in Maximum Carnage. He looked bummed a lot because he thought Dagger was dead. I also know he and Dagger got their powers because they were shot up with experimental drugs. Anyway he is a great click. He has phasing, poison, super senses, and exploit weakness to start out. he also has some stealth thrown in there. His vet is most noteworthy since it has a 10 attack and the Spider-Man TA. He can take down characters much bigger than himself. He is hard to hit and hits hard right back. He has a glass jaw though so watch out for that. I give the rookie Cloak a 4 for his amazing abilities and the fact that when teamed with the rookie Dagger they only cost 100 points. The experienced gets a 3.5 rating since he has less synergy with Dagger and no TA. The vet gets a 4.5 for being a member of team Spidey and for being a semi-bruiser with that 10 attack and poison and expoit weakness. Drool!

Ah Cloak. Once a scared kid who was experimented on with drugs, causing him to become a living embodiment of the darkforce dimnesion. He now must feed on the light of souls to survive. On to the click.
Cost~ Rookie: 47 points, has 5 clicks of life
          Exp: 61 points, has 6 clicks of life
          Vet: 75 points, has 6 clicks of life
          LE: 55 points, has 5 clicks of life
Movement~ Cloak starts out with a 10 movement on the Rookie and LE, 12 on th Exp. and Vet. He begins with Phase/Teleport, switches off to stealth, then back to P/T to finish off his dials. This is absolutely outstanding for a figure of this cost. However, it suits purpose as Cloak needs to get in rather close, he only has a range of 2.
Attack~ Starts at 9 for all but the Vet, which is 10. He starts of with poison for 2, but this is where the variation of the versions begins. The rookie finishes out its dial with smoke cloud, the Exp and Vet take smoke cloud for  a couple clicks before picking up Steal Energy. ANd the LE never bothers with smoke cloud, just gets steal energy after the poison. Again, pretty nice stats and abilities for this figure.
Defense~ starting AV of 16 for all but the Vet, which is 17. The beautiful thing is, all versions keep super senses all the way through the dial! This'll make it easier to keep him on the field. and by the time he does get battered to the end of his dial, he's got a very easy to heal 13 defense.
Damage~ 2's most of the way, then a couple of 1's to round out the dial. he also has exploit weakness through the first 3-5 clicks (depending on the version), which makes sure that damage gets through on anybody!
Sculpt~ I really like the design....but he's too short! CLoak is supoosed to be an intimidating individual, and in clix scale he's about the same size as mole-man.
Final Thoughts~ Cloak is a simply amazing piece for the cost. above average stats, hart to consistantly hit, can be just support, can be a striker makes for a versitility that i'm sure will be exploited in tournaments. Particularly useful would be the Vet version, which is the only one with a team ability, and it has the Spiderman Ally ability. Just....wow!
Overall Score:  Tourney Play: 4.5 / 5
                         Sealed Booster: 3.5 / 5


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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