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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Blade - Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 01.18.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  41
Collector's Number  024
Rarity  --

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Today we review the Mutant Mayhem REV of Blade. I will be reviewing only the Experienced and Veteran since I didn’t have enough time to look up the stats on the Rookie.  

Moveability  - Nothing fancy, but exactly what Blade should have in my opinion.  Both the Experienced and Veteran have an ok Speed of 7 to start with and 2 clicks of Stealth. I think that Stealth is a necessity for any Blade figure.  Throw in a couple of clicks of Willpower to start (3 with the Veteran) and Blade should be able to get around fairly easy on his own.

Attackability – The Experienced has starting Attack of 8, which is right on the average for a 34-point figure.   He does keep 8 for 2 clicks but it drops after that. The Veteran starts with an Attack of 9 followed by 2 clicks of 8.. The Experienced has a Range of 4 while the Veteran gets a Range of 6.  This is nice to have since Blade can hide in Stealth and nickel and dime an opponent forcing him to move into close combat. Overall I think the Veteran has a little more well rounded Attack for only 7 points more.

Damage – Blade is a straight Blades / Claws / Fangs (BCF) slasher.   Unless you’re using a Ranged combat his starting 2 Damage should be ignored and BCF used instead.  His Experienced has 4 clicks of BCF while the Vet has 5 so you should be good to try to get in a couple of good licks with Blade even after he takes some clicks of damage.

Defendability – His Defense of 15 is mundane, but what do you expect from a figure under 50 points?   On his first few dials Stealth is his best Defense since Willpower won’t reduce any damage he receives.  Later on he gains a few clicks of Toughness to soften up some of the blows, but his saving grace is that both the Experienced and Veteran have 2 clicks of Regeneration.  If you can heal him back up to his Willpower levels then Blade can continue to do some damage without missing a beat.  Against larger foes or outnumbered Blade will succumb, but for a figure under 50 points he can last for long time if the dice fall right.

Miscellaneous – The sculpt of Blade is pretty cool, although the old Infinity Challenge sculpt was pretty cool as well.  I played Vet Blade in a 1200-point game to test a bunch of new figures I had. He actually stood against Unique Hellboy for quite a few turns before getting bowled over.   I was rather impressed even though he wasn’t able to deal a lot of damage and not got any support. 

Playability – I think that Blade is a very playable figure.  His combination of powers makes him versatile enough to be an offensive piece while still having enough of a defense to be able to hang around for awhile.   The Experienced is best used on a 200 point team, or unless you absolutely can’t squeeze enough points for the Vet. Otherwise for 7 more points definitely take the Veteran.    As for comparison, the old Blade from Infinity Challenge wasn’t a bad figure, but this one gains Willpower, Ranged attacks, and Regeneration and that makes him more useful in my book. 

Note- I haven’t tried it yet, but if you have Taunt you might want to try to use it with Blade.  In Stealth an opponent would be forced to move next to Blade.  With his Willpower he could taunt a figure, make them move into close contact and then Attack with BCFs the next turn.  For 15 points it’s a little pricier, but if you have the points to spare it could be fun if not at least annoying to your opponent.


Overall Score Out of 5 (1 = Expensive piece of Moving Terrain, 5 = This figure is a God among Insects)


Experienced – 3.5

Veteran - 4

Ah, another Blade movie is out, so we have to have a new blade figure from the folks at WizKids. For those of you who are unaware of what Blade is, he is what is called a Vampeal...Half human, Half Vampire. He's referred to as the daywalker, because he has the benefits of being a vampire, but none of the weaknesses. On to the review.
Cost: Rookie: 29 Points, has 5 clicks of life
         Experienced: 34 points, has 6 clicks of life
         Veteran: 41, has 7 clicks of life
Movement~ Starts at 6 for the rookie (7 Exp. and Vet.) with 2 clicks of Stealth. This (to me anyways) seems to be really low for a character like blade. That combined with the short range (4 on the Rookie and Experienced, 6 on the Vet) means he's gonna have to get up close and personal to be useful.
Attack~ Starts at 8 (9 for the Vet.), and runs Blades/Claws/Fangs until the final 2 clicks of the dial. The drop-off is rather considerable, as he finishes out with an attack of 6, making it really hard to hit anything.
Defense~ Willpower, then Toughness, then Regeneration. Blade is never without a power on Defense. Problem? That defense is 14, 15 on the Experienced and Veteran versions. and that drops steadily til he's down to 12 by the final click.
Damage~ 2 for a click or 2, then 1's down the dial...no powers.
Sculpt~ Far superior to WizKids previous Blade effort, but still rather plain when held in comparison to other figures from this set.
Overall~ Blade is a decent figure when you take into account his cost. The B/C/F give you huge damage potential in a rather inexpensive package. But there are far too many other factors that hurt him too much to be considered a big-time Tourney Piece. I would not, however, shy away from using him should I pull him  in a Sealed Booster Tourney.....
Rating:  1/5 Touney Play
             4/5 Sealed Booster Play
So what do we have today? The part vampire part vampire-hunter blade. What do you get? You get cheap blades claws fangs. For 28-34-41 points you get blades claws fangs with will power, and that's about it. Well you get stealth too, which helps but something like charge would have been a lot better. He has a range of 4-6, which isn't great but it is nice on a figure that is otherwise meant for close combat. He has a natural 2 damage which is actually good because you dont have to wonder wether or not to use BCF. With three damage you have a 50% chance of doing more damage then you should and 50% of doing the same or less so its a choice. anything above you dont want to use it and anything below you do. He has regeneration which is always a plus especial with the new automatic regeneration feat. Are there better figures that do what blade does? Yes, there are but he is still nice. The willpower is a nice touch, I dont think I have ever seen on a fig with BCF before. You could walk up to a fig and base them, then attack next turn without pushing. The points are a lot to loose either so you dont have to shed a tear when he takes damage. I would have preferred to see Blade be a stronger, more expensive figure. Its sad that with a lucky roll a rookie vampire lackey could take out blade, whereas in the comics/cartoon/movie he is easily dusting dozens of them. Anyway onto the rating.

100: 3.155/5 The fact that he actually might end up being the most expensive figure on the board will let him shred through a lot of support pieces like a hot knife through earwax.
200: 3.012/5 Well you might run into a nice 75 point fig in this game, and hes gonna have more range than Blade.
300: 2.877/5 You're gonna be facing Thor, Iron Man, and maybe even a superman in this format, Blade won't last long.
400: 3.001/5 A team of Blades and other BCFers in this point value could do pretty well, especially because most people will be running really expensive figs they won't be able to handle an onslaught of potentially 6 damage figures.
500: 3.444/5 Again only if you're running a team of inexpensive BCF pieces. If you just slap him on as a point filler he wont be helping you much.
600: 1.001/5 Really nothing other than Galactus can score high in this category.

So said the spy
Majinxstar I'm Baaack! back at school and back to review.

Today we look at Blade from the new Mutant Mayhem expansion. He is just horrible. Sure he has stealth and willpower and blades, but he is just too weak and too slow to keep up in todays environment. One slam from a brand new Wonder Man E/V or Simon Williams with a heavy and he is gone. He might make good bait for said crush, but he is way too expensive for that.
Robin makes a much better born to die heroclix. He can even hunt medics. All in all I'd say Blade rates maybe a 1, but I wouldn't give him that much credit.


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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