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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Snowbird - Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 01.14.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  93
Collector's Number  066
Rarity  --

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Today we take a look at Snowbird’s REV, one of the Alpha Flight members in Mutant Mayhem.

Moveability  - Snowbird is an odd bird when it comes to Moveability.  Her Rookie starts with a Speed of 9 combined with Flight and Stealth.  Not to bad.  She can easily move around and hide in cover as well as carry someone. On her second click though she gains Earth Bound and so loses Flight (don’t be Soaring if you push her).  For the next three clicks she can only run around like a Dodo before she can fly again.   She does gain Stealth on her last click, but I don’t know how much that will do.  Her Experienced and Veteran are similar except the Veteran has a starting Speed of 10. 

Attackability  - All three versions have a Range of 0 so you will have to do your damage face to face.  The Rookie’s Attack starts at 8, but goes to 9 on the second click before it begins to drop again.   It seems the first click is sort of an activation click (someone who has read Alpha Flight can probably tell you) so when you go into combat its best to have her on her second click. The Experienced starts with an Attack of 9 and keeps it for 3 clicks which is nice, while the Veteran starts at 9 goes up to 10 and back to 9 for 2 clicks.  Overall though Snowbird has a slightly below average attack with the Veteran seeming to get the most even for a 93 point figure.

Damage – Forget the 2 that each of the REVs starts with because their Damage doesn’t really count until the second click.  There they all get a Damage of 3 with Blades/ Claws / Fangs.  I would always prefer a Damage of 2 with BCF because it makes choosing to use BCF easier.  Anyway they all get a fairly deep dial of BCF and as the natural Damage drops it becomes more effective to use BCF.   She really takes the form of a typical BCF slasher so use her accordingly in that department.

Defendability – Again ignore the 15 with Toughness that each REV starts with. Her Defense is defined on her second click where all three have a 15 Defense with Invulnerability.  Reduce damage by 2 is good, but Defense where almost anyone can hit you is bad.   Only the Veteran gets more then one click of Invulnerability and all of them follow it up with 3 or 4 clicks of Toughness.  With only a 13 or 14 Defense towards the end of her dial though she won’t stand up to Damage long.  Overall her value will depend on how long you can keep her on a click with Invulnerability.  Otherwise I think she will fade fast.

Miscellaneous – I have to say that I really like the sculpture for her.  It stands out as different then some other figures and gives her a pronounced presence.  The Avengers team ability gives her a free move action so it can be useful but nothing major.  As for game play experience I used the Veteran once, but I hung her out to dry and so she got KO’d so quickly I didn’t get a feel for how effective she might be.

Playability –  I just don’t know about this figure. I look at her and see a slightly puffed up version of a BCF brawler that can be found in abundance in the Indy set.  I think the Rookie can be used effectively to get your point value out of her, but the Experienced seems too pricey for what you get. The Veteran looks nice, but then I look at her cost and at 93 points I just think that Defense of 15, no matter if she has Invulnerability or not, is her Achilles heal.  Still if you want to play a themed Alpha Flight team she is a must.

Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Rookie – 6.3
Experienced – 6.1
Veteran – 6.2

Well, Snowbird
I don't personally have one, but I have a Narya, not so good, but its a Super Rare so...(hey...)
at 64, 77, 93 points, it is truly not worth its points. I like the Avenger Ability, but mayb for a better character like Wonder Man.
Except for the Vet, they all stink.
The vet has stealth and toughness first click, then it gains earthbound :( but gains blades claws fangs and invulnerability.
Also, its attach and damage raise, but it has no range, so kinda bad
It loses earthbound a little bit later, but its not that good.
I would personally never use this piece, but hey, you might find a use for it!
100 No way
200 4/5 this is where I would use it maybe
300 1/5
400 -500/5
Keep clicking, and I'll have more next week!
Todays click is Snowbird. A member of Alpha Flight, Snowbird is A demi-god with the mystical ability to assume the form of any animal whose natural habitat is the Canadian arctic north. Lets see if the figure stands up to such lofty ambition.
My first fault with the figure isn't directly her, but rather her team ability. I believe a new team ability should have been created rather than just lumping them in with the Avengers. I mean, Alpha Flight is actually way closer to Wolverine and the X-Men than the Avengers. But that's just a minor gripe.
Point Cost: Rookie: 64, with 6 clicks of health
                  Experienced: 77, with 7 clicks of health
                  Veteran: 93, with 8 clicks of health
                  LE: 66, with 7 clicks of health
Movement~ Snowbird starts off with 9 move with stealth in her rookie and experienced versions, and a 10 move for the Vet. The next click sees a drop to 8 move and earthbound on all three versions. earthbound stays for 3 clicks, and signifies Snowbirds transformation from the human form to her own version of Sasquatch. After these clicks, the earthbound is lifted, and the dial weakens until she rounds out with 8 move and stealth on the final click of all three versions.
Attack~ Opening dial is 8 on the rookie, 9 on the experinced and vet. After 1 click, she gains blades/claws/fangs all the way through until her final click at a rate of 6.
Defense~ Starts off at 15, and after 1 click she gains invulnerable for a click (2 for the Vet), then toughness all the way through until her final click at a rate of 14
Damage~ Begins at 2, after 1 click, goes up to 3 for 1 click for the rookie, 2 for the experienced, 3 for the vet. After this it drops to 2 until the final click, where it drops to one.
Narya~ The LE version of Snowbird is very similar to the REV set, with the exceptions of she gets 2 clicks of super strength before she gets the Blades/Claws/Fangs, and she never has invulnerable, only toughness.
Sculpt~I really like the sculpt for Snowbird. It's very simple in its design, but very elegant and eye-catching. Nicely done, WizKids!
Overall, I think Snowbird would be an interesting piece to use in friendly play, but I can't see her becoming a major force in fixed tournaments or even sealed booster. Her stats are a little too low, and the earthbound, while faithful to the comic character, hurts this figure quite a bit.
Overall rating:  6.5/10
Spy 1234
I am the luckiest person on earth! I've pulled three rev sets of her so far, some people want shadow king and modok but not me!! give me snowbird any day (and in case you couldn't catch that sarcasm I'll throw in a "I like her better than superman") seriously what a piece of junk and I dont use that phrase lightly. The rookie is the smallest waste of points so I will focus my review on that. For 64 points you get a free moving BCF piece. You can't even count her as a flier because she's grounded for half her dial. 15 defense with invulnerability ain't bad but it isn't good either. The exp and vet are just longer dialed versions of the same piece of crap. The rookie wolverine from the same set does everything she can but for 49 points in fact any version of wolverine would be a better idea than her, and the rookie one from ultimates can free move if you're into that. Seriously even on an avengers theme team stay away, far far away. She doesn't even deserve a spot on the bottom of the box, throw her away or give her to new players.

100: 1.00/5 Just know
200: 1.01/5 You could win, if your opponent dies laughing
300: 1.02/5 Do you get the idea yet?
400: 1.02/5 Get it yet?
500: 1.02/5 Just stay away unless your playing a game where the looser has to give up a piece of his choice.

So said the spy
This is a hero I've never heard of, most likely since it had to do with the Alpha Force and Avengers.  I never really read anything of their comics.  Anyway it would seem that Snow Bird was a Canadian Super Herione.  She could morph into animals that were mostly native to the Canadian area I would guess.  Also her powers would weaken the farther she went from Canada, reminded me alot of Captain Britain, and his major weakness.  Anyway, she apparently sacrificed her spirit to save her son's spirit and life, by allowing a entity known as Pestilence.  Now Sasquatch now has taken over her body which in my opinon is really weird as she returned home to the Eskimo Gods.  First off why is a Canadian Super Herione going to the Eskimo Gods when she dies?  The second question is the piece any good, well lets find out. 
Set powers giving her a specific task
Flyer which means she can taxi
Avengers team ability meaning free movement
Powers are mediocre except for Stealth and Invulnerabilty
Weak stats
Has Earthbound power
Not worth point value.
All of her versions are very similar at the rookie you have the basic outline of the other pieces except her stats are obviously alittle weaker, and she doesn't have one power: Invulnerabilty.  In experienced form she gets one click of Invulerabilty and in veteran she gets another one for a total of two.  The major problem with this on that same click you have earthbound on the second click.  So if she is placed in flying on her first click of health and takes at least one to three click of damage she becomes earthbound and takes another click of damage.   However the Stealth helps her stay airbourne and immune to ranged attacks as long as she is in hindering terrain and such.  That is about the only worry besides her weak stats, but it is a great big problem that will lead you to defeat.  With one to three clicks of damage and if she is flying she will take more due to earthbound.  This will kill all her good stats and basically hand the victory points over to your opponent.  If you can pull a vet in sealed of this play it and keep her grounded ignore any flying with her.  In constructed there are much better pieces to play with, and in casual do whatever you like just be careful how you play her. 
Constructed: 1 out of 5 (There are way to many better pieces)
Sealed: 2.5 out of 5
Casual: 1 out of 5



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