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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Loki - Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 01.13.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  160
Collector's Number  096
Rarity  --

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 

Quick random fact: The sculpts are getting better and Loki is no exception. Even though some are good I could not find the will to review anything but Loki. This is my first review everyone so please just let me get the hang of this. Anyway back on to the subject at hand: how good is Loki?

Variety of Powers
Decent stats
Worth it's point cost
Wild Card team ability

Variety of Powers
Some stats are not decent

His first stats are quite good mixing phasing, psychic blast, and probabilty control was a great idea. Not only can he escape from combat and get to safety in case some one rushes him. He can make a ranged attack and just let the damage slide through. Also if something does not go your way probability control it and your still in good. However with an attack of 12 or even 11 the odds of you missing are slim. I would imagine these combined powers are the reason for his extremely low defense for a piece of such a great point value. And as well dumbing a god (his character) down to suit his other powers without increasing the point value. Onto playing him, basically if you pull him in draft thank your good fortune cause you will most likely win with him. In constructed you can play him but in all honesty he relies more on either sealed and casual play. Casual play he must be a blast to play with, if only I could get my hands on one.

Casual: 4.5
Constructed: 3.7
Sealed: 4.5
The reason for the formation of the Avengers. The bane of Thors existance. An overall unpleasant guy, today we review Loki, god of mishief. A unique from the Mutant Mayhem set, Loki clocks in at a healthy 160 points. Is he worth it? Read on:
Movement~ Loki, a flyer,  opens up with at a very pleasing 12 move with phase/Teleport. This will allow you to get him around the board quite easily in the opening moves of the game. After a click, he drops the Phase/Teleport and his movement falls to a quite average 8 for a couple of clicks, then 7's. But in the final 2 clicks, he regains the 12 movent, and the Phase/Teleport! Makes it QUITE nice to get back to the medic for some much-needed healing.
Attack~ Loki excels here. Opening up with a 12 AV is nice, coupled with Psychic Blast for 5 clicks!  After that, he gains incapacitate for the final 3 clicks, which aids in his retreat to the medic. He also has a range of 8 and 2 targets, which makes him a little more versatile.
Defense~ 16 seems a little low for a God, but he runs the gamut of invincible for 2 clicks, toughness for 2, barrier for 2, and finishes out with Energy Shield/Deflection on the final 2. By the time he gets down to the end of his click, His Defense has dropped to a very healible 13.
Damage~ More versatility. 3 damage for his 2 clicks of Probability control, 3 Damage for his 3 clicks of Outwit, and 2 damage for his final 3 clicks, where he has Perplex.
Sculpt- The pose is quite good, it makes him look daunting. However, the paint and detail work leaves a lot to be desired. He's quite a large piece, you would have thought they could have managed more detail with him, and he has a 2 color paint job which makes him look very cartoony.
My thoughts on Loki is that he is a truly great character. Defense is his only low point, and even there he is above average. He can be used as a ranged hitter, and has great support ability with the Prob Control, the Outwit, and the Perplex. Very worth his cost, I know he'll be showing up in many tournament teams. And if you pull him in a sealed draft, you have a very major advantage.

Overall Rating~ 
8.5 / 10
Lets start today off with a who the heck is loki anyway's? I mean i know him as far as mythology goes but is that who he is in the Marvel U? A walk over to whoclix (http://hometown.aol.com/thefightingfury/whoclix/guide.htm) says that he is. Let me jsut say that I'm not a big fan of this click. I am not exactly sure why, he seems decent enough but still. For 160 points you basically get a glorified destiny. He has phasing so he can move for free just like she does, but unlike destiny he has an actually attack and damage. He has a pretty good defense so he'll stick around, but really is he worth it? After the two clicks of PB he gets some outwit and then some perplex. So yes you have a great support piece, but id rather have a destiny, black panther, and a con artist. With that you can use them all at the same time, and for a lot less points too. With 12 attack you will be hitting often enough, especially with the PBC, but really is he worth it? I don't think so. In the typical 300 point game this guy is taking up over half of your points. For those points you could have a good solid attacker, with a better defensive power. The psychic blast is helpful but I think he's far too unfocused for a 300 point game. Yes this review is a bit shorter than the last one, deal with it guys.

100: 0/0 ERRR cheater!
200: 1.1/5 NEIN!!!!!!!!!!!
300: 2.11/5 I guess you could but really there are better pieces
400: 3.41/5 This is where he shines, he's a good enough attacker and in this format true support pieces are usually lacking
500: 2.88/5 He drops a little here because he's easy to kill

So said the spy.
skilanky64 Review of Loki

Okay, Loki is the pain in the butt villain that everybody faces in some way or another, and everybody can just barely beat him, if at all.

The Heroclix representation of Loki makes him kind of like that.

First of all, his point value is 160, mostly because of the minions of Doom Wildcard ability

8 clix of life

He has 12 speed with phasing on his first click and last two clicks- ba ba boom, phasing finish!

5 clicks of psychic blast and 3 with incap, his attack starts at 12 and ends at 8, pretty good attack

Defense, a bit low: 16 for 2 with invulnerability, 16, 15 with toughness, 15, 14 with barrier, and 14, 13 with ESD.

Now his damage, holy hell his damage!

Starts at 3, ends at 2!

2 clicks of 3 with prob control, 3 clicks of 3 with outwit, and 3 clicks of 2 with perplex

So overall, I like Loki

He is very good, especially in sealed, and constructed with an invisible girl rook and an Alfred pog (DC map set).

Sealed 5/5- devestating

200 1/5- no! stay away!

300 3/5- maybe with an alfred and an invisible

400 4/5

500 10/5- DOOOO IT!!!
Nicholas Wright Loki (Unique)
Mutant Mayhem

Team Ability: Minion of Dr. Doom
Powers: Phasing, Psychic Blast, Incapacitate, probability control, outwit, perplex, toughness, invulnerability, barrier, and E/S/D

Speed: 12,8,8,7,7,7,12,12
Attack: 12,11,10,10,9,9,8,8
Defense: 16,15,16,15,15,14,14,13
Damage: 3,3,3,3,3,2,2,2

Well here is one of the best uniques in Mutant Mayhem. I have yet to pull a Loki yet, but I'm hoping to soon. He's a Minion's of doom so he can copy any power which is pretty useful. He is the only Minions of Doom to be released in the last two sets which makes him pretty unique.

With a starting speed of 12 with phasing he can basically get anywhere he needs to go. He can also carry someone, like a veteran Uman to get the enhancement, or maybe even a medic to heal after he has been damaged. With a starting attack of 12 he can basically hit almost anything with relative ease, against a Veteran Deadpool he would only have to roll a 5 to hit, which is pretty good.

His damage is pretty average until he dies never dropping below 2 which isn't too bad, and the clicks he has 2 damage he has perplex so he can just perplex it back to 3. His defense isn't too low but it's still pretty easy to hit, but he has invulnerability to reduce the damage.

His powers are what really makes Loki shine, with psychic blast he can hit through any damage reducing defense, and with probability control he can reroll the dice if he misses. With 8 range he can hit pretty far away. Down his dial he gets incapacitate which works well with his 8 range and two targets.

Probably one of the best things i like about Loki is how he gets outwit in the middle of the dial. Outwit is probably one of the best super powers and it works well with Loki.

Overall: 4.1 / 5.0

Francesco Rook Francesco Rook's Loki COTD

At long last, we have Thor's evil half-brother as a heroclix. Wizkids
chose to make a Mr. Fixit unique but only now do we get access to Loki.
Even fans of The Hulk are ashamed of that period in The Hulkís history but they chose him as a heroclix before making Loki. Someone should be dragged in the street and shot.

In the comic world, Loki was never a straight forward person but always preferred to get to his goals by putting others to task. We owe the existence of The Wrecker and the entire Wrecking Crew, among others, to Loki. Rarely if ever has he confronted Thor face to face. He is a man of manipulation and plotting. And yet, Wizkids chose not to give him Mastermind. He does not have at any point on his dial the Mastermind power.
I said it before with MODOK and I'll say it again here : Not putting this power on we stupid. I would love to sit in to one of those design meetings and see who the hell makes these decisions

Anyway, before I get too emotional, let's get to the character we DID end up with.

His beginning stats are very good but for some unknown reason his speed goes from a very good 12 (with phasing) to a very average 8 (with nothing) in one single click! Thatís the fastest drop in stats I have ever seen in a character. I would love to see the reason for that sudden drop.

He is designed as a support character but still retains some very good offensive powers. Probability Control, Outwit and Perplex appear on the dial from start to finish. He is there to help the team out but with a base of three damage and Psychic Blast, he can knock most opponents off their best clicks in one shot. He keeps Psychic Blast for five clicks and his attack rating never goes below 9 with it.

He finishes his dial regaining his 12 move and phasing, just in time to bring his butt back to a medic. The team ability can be quite useful if played correctly. Letís say that the Batman Team Ability would be a great addition to this character or a Franklin Richards Pog with Fantastic Four Team Ability would mean one free click of life for Loki. These are just exemples but you catch my drift.

Loki is a good Heroclix but would keep him off my teams in battle of less than 400 or 500 points.


Today we review the Norse God of Trickery and Mischief and the thorn in Thorís side, Unique Loki from Mutant Mayhem

Moveability  - Loki starts off his movement with a bang.  A Speed of 12 with Phasing really makes him a potent figure to open up a battle with.  Combined with his Flight he now has the capability to carry a figure, even through walls or other barriers. This means he is excellent for helping set up figures you want to advance from your main group.   On his second click his Speed plummets to an 8, but after the first initial few turns Speed isnít as crucial as the other stats.  The loss of Phasing hurts a little more, but on his last few clicks he gains back a Speed of 12 with Phasing. If you donít KO him by the time he gets on his last two clicks you wonít. He will disappear and run to a Medic for healing or hide from you the rest of the game.

Attackability Ė His Starting Attack of 12 is above average even for a figure of 160 points.  Combine that with a Range of 8 and he can command a decent chunk of the board.  Throw in 2 Ranged attacks and you should never miss an attack unless you roll double 1s. Then again with Probability Control the only way you should miss is by rolling double 1s twice in a row. If you do that you deserve to lose.  His Attack does drop all the way to an 8 at the end of his dial, but by then it should be your focus to run and hide rather then stay and attack.

Damage Ė Five clicks of a Damage of 3 is good.  Now throw in 2 clicks of Probability Control, followed 3 of Outwit and 3 of Perplex and Loki has a whole bag of tricks to be able to do some Damage to opponents.  Thatís not all though.  Loki starts with 5 clicks of Psychic Blast so he definitely will be a threat to any figure on the board.  Iím pretty sure he canít use Psychic Blast with 2 Ranged attacks, but if he could that would be awesome.  He also ends with 3 clicks of Incapacitate so there is literally never a click on his dial were Loki canít damage any figure in the game.

Defendability Ė If Loki has a weak point I would say it is his Defense although that does not mean he is easy to KO either.   His starting Defense of 16 with Invulnerability is decent, but nothing special. He does have two clicks of Invulnerability followed by two clicks of Toughness where is Defense jumps back up to 16 before beginning to drop again.  After that he gains a couple of clicks of Barrier which works well to impede your opponent or create a barrier to protect some of your team from ranged attacks.  He also finishes with 2 clicks of Energy Shield Deflection so when he is trying to run away it will take a better roll to shoot him in the back. His major drawback seems to be the average Defense combined with only 2 clicks of Invulnerability and a somewhat shallow dial of 8 clicks of health. Still play Loki smart and you can keep him alive.  Use Probability Control to force your opponent to hit Loki twice and prevent the lucky rolls against him.

Miscellaneous Ė His sculpture is right out of the comics, but nothing special.  The other interesting twist to Loki is the Minion of Doom team ability.  Even though he was never a Minion of Doom (that I know of) this team ability fits him perfectly and gives him some added advantages on the battlefield.  Think Mystic and Cross Gen is your friend.

Playability Ė Loki may be able to be shoehorned into a 300 point team and he would be irresistible to play in a sealed booster if you pulled him, but he really belong on 400 point teams and above.  I think Loki looks like an extremely fun character to play and he may not win you every game, but you can sure annoy the heck out of your opponent with him and go down laughing all the way. If you pull him consider yourself lucky and have a ball.


Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Unique Loki Ė 7.5



Without Victory, there is no survival...


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