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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Bishop - Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 01.12.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  86
Collector's Number  054
Rarity  --

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Moveability  - All three of the Bishop REVs have basically the same powers throughout their entire dials. For movement they all start with Running Shot and a Speed of 8.  The Veteran gets a second click of Running Shot with a Speed of 8, but otherwise they are almost all identical. 

Attackability –  His Range of 6 on all three versions gives him an effective range with Running Shot of 10 squares.  Its not to bad, but that means you have to start within range of Outwitters and Perplexers so your opponent can limit his effectiveness with Running Shot if he so deems. The Rookie starts with an Attack of 9, which he keeps for 2 clicks.  A 9 is about average for a figure of 61 points, but his Attack stays relatively steady.  He keeps a 9 Attack for 2 clicks and never drops below a 7 so he doesn’t become completely worthless at the end of his dial.  The Experienced gains a starting Attack of 10 and the Veteran keeps this 10 for 2 clicks, but otherwise they follow the same mold as the Rookie.  Basically when it comes to Attackability Bishop is about as average as you can get.

Damage – The bad news is that he never has a natural Damage above 2.  The good news is that he does have some ways to make that 2 as effective as possible.  All three versions start with Outwit. The best use for Outwit with Bishop is to use it with Running Shot or a straight ranged attack and take out your opponent’s Defensive powers. That way his Damage of 2 can cut through powers like Invulnerability, or Impervious.  After his first click he gains Ranged Combat Expert. Without Running Shot he is now best off to stand and blast away with RCE.  The Rookie and Experienced have 3 clicks of RCE while the Veteran has 4.   Otherwise keep Bishop out of close combat because he won’t do a heck of a lot of damage in a scrum.

Defendability – His mundane starting Defense of 15 is only slightly covered up by Toughness.  The Rookie and Experienced have Toughness for 4 clicks while the Veteran gets an extra click of health and keep Toughness for 5 clicks.  Basically Bishop will take damage quickly if your opponent decides to go after him.  When Bishop gains RCE he really has no choice but to stand and fire and without Stealth and a limited Range of 6 he will be sure to be fired back upon and won’t stand very long.  His saving grace is 2 clicks of Regeneration which on a roll of 6 can get any version back to Running Shot.  Still in larger point games don’t expect him to be around for a long time.

Miscellaneous – The figure sculpt is pretty much what I would expect for this figure, but its nothing special.  The Experienced and Veteran both gain the X-Men team ability, which may be useful to keep Bishop on his top click.  I’ve already pulled the Rookie and Experienced so he is not too difficult to pull. 

Playability – Ironically for the first time I gave all three versions of Bishop the same score.  I could not find one that I felt was better then the other.  For 10 points the Experienced gains basically an Attack of 10 versus 9 and the X-Men ability.  Is this worth 10 extra points?  The Veteran gains an extra click of Running Shot and a deeper dial for 15 more points?   Does this make him a better figure at 86 points versus 61?  Overall I think they are all solid figures, but until I really use one in a battle I’m not sure if they are going to stand out. 


Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Rookie Bishop – 6.2

Experienced  - 6.2

Veteran  - 6.2

My first review for Pojo, and I get the time-traveling mutant, Lucas Bishop
His rookie runs 61 points, and you get Running shot with a move of 8, an attack of 9, a defense of 15 with toughness, and a damage of 2 with outwit. after his first click, he loses RS and outwit, but gains ranged expert. Toward the end of his 6 clicks of life, he gains 2 clicks of regeneration.
The experienced costs 71, and all you get is a starting attack of 10, with a slower bleed of his stats. No more life.
The vet weighs in at 85 points, and gets you an extra click of life, and an extra click of rs and rce.
The LE, "Bishop of XSE" Runs 65 points, loses the click of Outwit, but gives you a click of imperviousness instead. This one seems closest to the comic character of all the versions
Overall, I found Bishop to be under powered. The short range of 6, combined with a low Defense limits his usefullness, though he might be decent in a sealed booster tournament. I just don't find him all that great as far as a tournament piece would go. But for you X-fanatics looking to expand your X-men armada, here you go! 
Welcome to me, russianspy1234. Some of you may have seen me around the pojo forums, though that's doubtful since I haven't been active in a very long time. Anyways on to my review. Today's click is Bishop. I have looked over bishops various versions and I have determined that the experienced version is the best, so I shall focus my review on that. Take a look at the stats.

I was lucky enough to pull one of these babies in the Mutant Mayhem draft event at my local store, and I was pleased with the results. So lets see what you get for your 71 points. 8 movement with running shot, spectacular? No. Good? yes. The range six is also not all that good but also not that bad. 15 defense, again nothing spectacular. 10 attack is great. 2 damage on the first click with outwit, this is fine and dandy. So what should you do with this Bishop? You should send him up against support pieces. He isn't strong enough to take on a primary attacker but he can take out some good secondary ones. So outwit superman's impervious and running shot into some other unit while your primary attacker puts the hurt on Superman. Bishops second click is also interesting. His speed and attack drop by 1 and he looses running shot so his range effectively drops by 4 as well. He looses outwit and gains running shot. Four damage is good, but it isn't great. But then again, 71 points isnt enough for a great attacking piece. Still he can put the hurt on the weaker pieces or even some stronger ones. Outwit, attack. Outwit, push to attack, rest, kill. That should work on even some of the 100 point range figures. I cant think of any clicks off hand that keep impervious for more than 4 clicks so you wont need out with at that point. So you can fairly easily deal 8 damage to a tough click. The rookie is just a weaker version, to weak to attack, to expensive to just support. The VET is preatty decent as well but not for 300 point game. Maybe in 400 or above otherwise just use the EXP. The unique is interesting you loose outwit but gain impervious. Bad trade off in my opinion. You just went from a good supporting piece to a crappy attacking piece. Now for the basic ratings

100: 1.042/5 Just no, none of the versions.
200: 2.64/5 Maybe the rookie but id stay away.
300: 3.24/5 Sure there are better clicks out there but he's still decent.
400+ 4.23/5 Outwit is good and you can put on another half decent Xmen to swap damage

Thus ends my review
Justin Tasolides Bishop is my favorite X-Man, and a darn good piece.
At 61, 71, 86, he won't be your main powerhouse, but when played correctly, he is a huge pain to deal with.
He starts off with outwit and running shot in all forms, and continues on to gain RCE.
And, just when your opponent deals four or five clicks to him, and thinks he's dead, think again! This baby gains regeneration! 6 range on all pieces, so if your opponent slaps down a Darkness feat, no problem. An excellent piece, but he could use a little bit of stealth, but I'm not complaining abour running shot!

Sealed: 4.5/5
200 pt Tournament: 5/5
300 pt tournament: 4.5/5
400 pt tournament: 3/5



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