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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 02.18.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  29
Collector's Number  024
Rarity  3

Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating


Rookie Destiny – 20 points

Experienced Destiny – 23 points

Veteran Destiny – 29 points

Moveability  - All three have the exact same move with a starting Speed of 6 that drops to 5 and then 4 on her last two clicks.

Attackability – Destiny has no Range, which doesn’t matter because she has no Attack. Actually that’s incorrect. She has an Attack, its just zero.  You could conceivably Perplex it up to 3, but then you would need to roll a 12 to hit a figure with a Defense of 15.

Damage – Like her Attack her Damage is zero on her entire dial.  So even if you hit you couldn’t hurt anyone.

Defendability – Horrible starting Defense of 13 and it drops to 12 on her second click and 11 on the last 2 clicks.   Her only saving grace is that each version has at least some Super Senses with the Rookie having 2 clicks, Experienced 3, and Veteran 4.  Still if someone can do 4 clicks of damage and she doesn’t roll Super Senses she is toast because each version only has 4 clicks of life.

Miscellaneous – Her figure is ok, but nothing special. She does have the Brotherhood ability so you never have to worry about using an action with her since she won’t ever Attack anything.

Playability – Basically this figure is only in the game because she has Probability Control.   The Rookie has 2 clicks, Experienced 3, and Veteran 4.  So the major question you have to ask yourself is 20, 23, or 29 points acceptable for a figure that only has Probability Control (PC)?  Some people say yes, but frankly I say no and I don’t really like this figure.  There are other figures that have PC that are much more versatile. Black Cat is only 32 or 36 points.   Domino even though her Vet is 52 points has Stealth, which is perfect for a PC figure.  In smaller games Destiny takes up too many points for someone who is one dimensional, and in larger games she can get KO’d too quickly. Still its always nice to have Probability Control so if you have the room on your team or you don’t have any other PC figures then by all means use her. I just simply don’t. Personally if I did the Experienced I feel gives you the most for your point cost.


Overall Score: (Out of 5.  Score of: 1 = horrible, 2 = below average, 3 = slightly above average, 4 = great, 5 = outstanding)


Rookie Destiny – 1.5

Experienced Destiny – 2.0

Veteran Destiny – 1.5

Majinxstar Today we look at one of my favorite pieces Destiny!
She is a great asset to any team. How is this possible you ask when she has 0 damage and 0 attack?
She is the cheapest Probability controller around.
she clocks in at 20-29 points and has 2-4 clicks of Prob depending on the rank. She also has Super Senses to keep her alive. One of the best things about Destiny is that she will be ignored by most opponents due to the fact that she has zero offensive threats, but she does turn the rest of your team into really brave attackers. Use her and your chances of doing well increase 50%.


Todays click is Destiny from Explosion. She was Mystiques guiding light in the comics, a woman who could forsee the future in visions. She was also a 60+ year-old in light blue tights (ick!) On to the click
Cost~ Rookie (20), Experienced (23), Veteran (29). All have four clicks of life, all have Brotherhood team ability.
Sculpt~ Basic, not very detailed. Decent enough I suppose
Final Thoughts~ Normally I would break down the blow by blow stats, but that really isn't necessary with Destiny. She serves a solitary purpose: Probability control. No version can do any damage. It all comes down to what you can afford for your team. The rookie has prob control and super senses for 2 clicks before becoming worthless, the experienced has them for 3, the vet all four. She's worthy if you have the spare points and need a probability control figure. In an unrestricted sealed draft, she's golden because probability control can mean life and death on a much greater scale there.
Overall Score~ 4.0 / 5

Today's click is destiny. Can you say staple? Yes? Good. Yes I know its a yugioh term, so sue me. There really aren't many staples in Heroclix which is why I like it better than yugioh but this is one of them. For 20 points you get the power to re roll any dice roll. that is freaking amazing. Sure she has 0 attack and a defense so low franklin richards can put the smack down on her but super sense should take care of that. She has the brotherhood TA so she can move without using one of your actions, that too is great. Really what more could you want? Heck I like putting two of her on my team because I have really bad luck. the experienced and veteran version just give you an extra click of PBC and super sense for a few more points, not really worth it in my opinion because with only 4 clicks of life when destiny gets hit, she's going to go down hard. So go ahead and use her even though she has no attack or damage PBC is an awesome power. I love the fact that were actually reviewing an awesome click for once.

100: 3.864/5
200: 4.004/5
300: 4.736/5
400: 4.868/5
500: 4.224/5 You could probably find a more expensive figure that also brings osmething else (like an attack and damage) in this point cost but she's still awesome.

--So said the spy

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