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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Clobberin Time

Reviewed 02.16.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  100
Collector's Number  089
Rarity  6

Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Woo-Hoo!! Finally, we get to dig into the past and review classic clix, rather than being stuck with the LEs of the new set. Today we have Mojo, from the Clobberin Time expansion. Mojo is from another reality where he uses television programming to enslave the entire Mojoverse. He usually likes to use brainwashed/blackmailed heroes from earth for his programming needs....

Cost~ 100 points, no team affiliation, 6 range, 8 clicks of life

Movement~ Starts out at an 8, with 5 clicks of mind control. That stays pretty much in step with how the character is.

Attack~ Starts out at a reasonable 10 with 2 clicks of incapacitate, followed by 2 clicks of poison, then 3 clicks of steal energy. Quite a decent blend.

Defense~ begins at 16 with a couple of clicks of toughness. It makes sense, the yellow blob doesn't have the greatest agility in the world, and has to rely on tiny metallic legs to move.

Damage~ Starts at 2 with a couple clicks of leadership, followed by 3 clicks of perplex.

Sculpt~ It's gross to look at, but accurate to a tee. I don't know that a better sculpt for him could have been made.

Final Thoughts~ Mojo is a pretty good figure. A little costly to use in a 300 point army, and not strong enough to build a team around though. It does in my opinion emulate the comic character quite well. Probably would work best in a theme team, or friendly play.


Unique Mojo – 100 points

Moveability  - Mojo is not the quickest alien in the Marvel world. His starting Speed is only 8, but he does have Flight, which lets him get around a little better.  He also gets Leadership to give your team some extra actions and starts with Incapacitate if you want to slow up your opponents.  Also Mind Control can be used if you want to move around your opponent’s figures.

Attackability – Attack of 10 is not bad for a 100-point figure and he keeps it for 2 clicks so that redeems his Attack a little bit.  A Range of 6 gives him some distance to use Incapacitate and Mind Control over.  

Damage – His natural Damage of 2 is not that great so he is best served to use Incapacitate or Mind Control. Look for opponent figures that can attack their own teammates and take advantage of that.  I don’t use Mind Control as much as I used to, but it still has its uses.  Further down his dial he gains some Poison and a couple of clicks of Perplex could pump up his Damage or other values as he sees fit.  Overall for a 100-point figure his ability to do Damage is a little weak for me and he relies on too many support figure type powers. 

Defendability – Starting Defense of 16 is respectable and a couple of clicks of Toughness help, but that’s about all he gets. His Defense drops steadily, but his dial is 8 clicks deep so he can take a couple of hits.  He gains 3 clicks of Steal Energy, but with a Damage of only 1 he can only affect figures without Toughness or other damage reducing powers.

Miscellaneous – His figure is pretty cool and looks like what a Unique figure should look like. I never read about him in comics, but I did see him on the X-Men cartoon and his figure looks like a dead on match.  He has no team abilities.

Playability – Mojo is an interesting figure, but he doesn’t quite live up to his billing as a 100-point figure in my opinion.  He plays too much like a support figure and doesn’t have the ability to deal a lot of damage other then through Mind Control.  I would suggest playing him in larger point games like 400 or 500 where you can afford him as a secondary piece.  Still teaming him with Spiral would be fun although I don’t have either. 


Overall Score: (Out of 5.  Score of: 1 = horrible, 2 = below average, 3 = slightly above average, 4 = great, 5 = outstanding)


Unique Mojo – 1.75


Wow its mojo jojo err I mean mojo. An actually pretty decent click, he might be a bit over priced at 10 points but he isn't bad. If his range was 8 or better he'd be great but 8 range mind control is pretty uncommon even now, back in clobbering time mind control in general was a big thing, especially before the rules were rewritten to make it not cause push damage. You can always perplex that range up a bit though. What is this figure good for? For easily augmenting your team when you accidentally bring your 300 point amazing team to a 400 point tournament. His attack is nice and high so he will be mind controlling most of the time. He has incapacitate so he can damage those pesky units with impervious, force them to rest, then mind control them the next turn to use them to take out your opponents other units. The leadership is definitely a plus, an extra action never hurts. The main complaint I have is his crappy defense. 16 defense with only toughness? On a 100 point figure? Surely you jest. One good hit will knock him out of incapacitate and into poison, a relatively useless power. It will however know him into perplex, which late game is a lot more useful than leadership. All in all a decent piece but id rather use someone like N'Strth or morgan la fe.

100: 1.563/5 Well hell be your only figure so youll be pushing him fairly often, but you wont run into any pieces he cant handle. No impervious means he can probably do full damage to most clix.
200: 2.355/5 Decent enough of a click but you can do better.
300: 1.547/5 His lack of range becomes a serious problem
400: 1.546/5
500: 1.356/5

--So said the spy
skilanky64 Mojo

Mojo, Mojo Mojo...I always wanted one for my X-Men collection, but then I found that it wasn't very good...

100 points, unique, no team, no team isn't that good in Heroclix

first, 8 movement with mind control

10 attack with incapacitate for 2, then poison, then 3 with steal energy, then nothing

low Defense, 16 tougness, 2 clicks, thats it.

low damage too, 2 with leadership for 2, 3 clix with perplex, then nothing

I will never use it, and I don't reccomend it

Constructed: 1/10
Sealed: (Impossible to do, Clobberin Time has been completely retired, unlike other retired that there are still alot of, but...) 3/10- thats ok

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