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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Dr. Bruce Banner
Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 02.10.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  92
Collector's Number  216
Rarity  --

Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Sean McClure Dr. Bruce Banner

LE # 216
Point Value 92
Range – 0 spaces
Sculpt - Same as REV Mutant Mayhem Hulk
Affiliation - None

Review : Greetings true believers! Aside from the fact that most of the LE’s are for the most part the same sculpt as their REV or unique counterparts, with the exception of clicks like Boon and Arwyn, they can still serve a useful purpose. Dr. Bruce Banner starts off like all the other Hulks, peaceful and minding his own business until someone makes him angry. When this click gets angry he gets quite useful especially since he is under 100 points and available in Boosters now. If you are lucky enough to pull him in a draft of some sort you would be wise to use him. He fits nicely into a 300 and 400 point army and since he possesses much of the same abilities as the very playable veteran version this one isn’t too shabby.

Let’s talk attack first, shall we? When activated he starts at 9 peaks at 11 and doesn’t drop again below 8. Damage is pretty standard on this hulk as with the Universe hulk. Starts at 2 peaks at 4 and then drops to 3 and then back to 2 at the end with battle fury all around. Mind control that MODOK! HA! Anyways….. The defense is pretty standard Hulk, starts at 15 with toughness switching to invulnerability with a 16 and 17 defense and then back to toughness for the last 4 clicks of 15, 14, 14, and finally 13. The mid section of his dial makes him a target for larger damage dealing pieces but not for those pesky Dominos or those annoying Vanisher type pieces unless they roll a critical hit. I would have liked at least one click of impervious but that’s the way it goes with Wizkids. Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you get Cyclops Unique. Charge on this piece for the first two clicks is nice followed by leap climb for easy breakaway and mobility. Super strength lasts for 6 clicks and then quake comes in for the last two. This piece is not the best out there but it does have some good qualities and with only three clicks of KO he isn’t all that bad for 92 points.

The Good – He’s 92 points and he has super strength for BOTH of those 4 damage clicks along with invulnerability.

The Bad – Activation clicks stink and one good shot from someone doing 5 damage and he races right past the good parts of his dial.

The Ugly – NO IMPERVIOUS. This is an LE WizKids! Sheesh!


300 point – 7/10
400 point – 8/10
500 point 6/10 only because he could lost in the shuffle here with other Nefarias, Gladiators, and Lokis out there.

See Ya’ Next Time!

Today we review the Dr. Bruce Banner Limited Edition Hulk figure from Mutant Mayhem. This review has inspired me to rank all the Hulks currently out for Heroclix. Look on Pojo.com for this review if your interested in where you Hulk figures may rank.
Moveability - Identical to the Experienced Hulk Dr. Bruce Banner starts with 2 clicks of Charge after his activation click and then follows out with 4 clicks of Leap/Climb. A lot of people have wanted Hulk with Charge, but frankly a Charge with a Speed of 8, Attack of 9, and Damage of 2 isn’t really that exciting to me. If you can give him a Heavy Object it might make it worth the extra cost though.
Attackability – Identical to the Experienced Hulk. Attack goes up to 11 on his 4th click and down to 8 before he is KO’d. For a 92 point figure the Attack value is pretty decent, but nothing outstanding.
Damage – Identical to the Experienced Hulk. Damage starts at 2 after activation click goes up to 4 for 2 clicks and back down to 2. He has Super Strength down to his last 2 clicks where he gains Quake. Use objects as much as possible with Hulk.
Defendability – If the Wizkids Heroclix site is right (and it isn’t always, making reviewing figures I don’t have tricky) then the only difference between the Experienced Hulk and Dr. Bruce Banner is that his Defense on the 2nd through 4th click is all a point higher. So the Experienced has a Defense of 14-15-16 where the LE has a Defense of 15-16-17 on those three clicks. This may seem like a small change, but if an Attack against Dr. Bruce Banner misses by 1 then you won’t think so. The 3 clicks of Invulnerability are nice in the middle surrounded by Toughness, but he doesn’t get a click of Impervious like the Veteran
Miscellaneous - The sculpt is identical to the Mutant Mayhem Hulks. He has no team ability. Nothing else really to note.
Playability – If the Wizkids stats on this figure are right then for basically 1 extra point you get a better Defense on 3 clicks. Is this worth it? Is the Pope Catholic? How many teams do you have that are at least 1 point shy of 300? For a single point the higher Defense makes this figure a better choice over the Experienced every time. I also think that Dr. Bruce Banner is a more tourney worthy figure then the Veteran because you get more for the price you pay for him. I think this is a good solid piece that can be a good hitter in smaller point games and a nice secondary fighter in larger point games.

Overall Score: (Out of 5. Score of: 1 = horrible, 2 = below average, 3 = slightly above average, 4 = great, 5 = outstanding)

Limited Edition Dr. Bruce Banner – 3.75
Majinxstar Today we look at good old Dr. Bruce Banner. The Super Rare/LE from Mutant Mayhem. Looking at his stats we see he differs little from the experienced Hulk from the same set. He costs one point more and gets a 17 defense instead of 16 on his best click. Is it best to pay the extra point for this guy over the experienced? Only if you care about status over playing and you like your clicks to be bronze, silver and gold over yellow, blue, and red. A much better LE Hulk choice is the Gamma mail-away one because he has more Charge and has Impervious for only a few points more. If you win a tournament and you win him trade him for the true rampaging monster LE Simon Williams.

Another day, another LE. Today we investigate Dr. Bruce Banner, alternate identity of the Incredible Hulk. Lets take a look shall we?
Cost~ 92 points, 9 clicks of life, no team ability.
Movement~ After his activation click as puny Banner with a movement of 6, the LE climbs to 8 with charge, peaks out at 10 with leap/climb, then steadily drops again.
Attack~ fluctuates between 8 and 11 after the activation click, with super strength through a majority of the dial, rounding out with quake on the last two clicks
Defense~ between 13 and 17 at any given time after the activation click, mostly toughness but with 3 clicks of invulnerability thrown in.
Damage~ starts at 2, peaks out at a weaksauce 4 with battle mind throughout. I realize this is the Grey Hulk, which wasn't as physically strong as the Green one, but only 4???
Sculpt~  Meh. I'm not impressed. Hulk should look intimidating, not like he's drunk and leaning to the side. Not a great job on it.
Final Thoughts~ There are way better figures out there with more versatility for less cost. seek them out. Even in sealed booster play this guy's a bit of a bust. He just cost too much for how much effort it takes to make him worth it.
Final Score: 2.0 / 5

One of the few clicks we've reviewed that I actually own.  Dr Bruce Banner is one point more than the experienced hulk in that set.  For that point you get one more defense on the first half of his clicks.  Like all hulks he hulks up and doesn't get his prime clicks until he has taken three damage.  Unlike most hulks however he isn't "hulked out" for very long. In fact, two more damage after that starts his downward spiral.  Of course with 17 defense he is fairly hard to hit but still.  The other big problem is that on his 4 damage click he looses charge and gains leap climb.  Well gains isn't the right word... picks up is ok.  I don't know, but its bad.  The best thing to do is to get him on his 3 click, and then charge in and push him.  You'll be doing a nice 7 damage.  The other problem, and this is the problem all hulks I've seen have, and that's battle fury.  You cannot TK him in to give him a range of sorts.  He really is a decent piece, but you could do a lot better for 92 points.  Yet another example of the eye-candiness of the mutant mayhem LEs.
300: 2.140/5  I guess he could do ok here, the defense is nice and all and you wont run into many pieces that can take him down.  On his last clicks his defense is low enough to make healing him easy.
400: 1.879/5  Thor / KC anyone (even bat sentry) / U Iron man  waaaay to many ways he can get taken down.
500: 1.567/5  Like the hulk himself, his ratings hulk out at 300 points.  Like the hulk, they dont hulk out very much, or for very long.
--So said the spy

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