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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Angelica Jones
Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 02.03.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  50
Collector's Number  203
Rarity  --


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Angelica Jones. A frenzied career, she started off being heavily pursued by Emma Frost to join the Hellions. She declined,and wasn't really seen until she was used briefly on the cartoon "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends." She seemed to have found a home with the New Mutants, but that fell apart with bad writing that led to the cancellation of the book. Then she and fellow New Warrior Justice managed to snag roles with the Avengers.....Until again, they were tied out. Now she floats in comic limbo, and we only have this piece as anything new. Lets look, shall we?
Cost~ 50 points, 5 clicks of life, Avengers team ability
Movement~ Starts at 8, ends with 6. Also has a range of 6
Attack~ Starts off with 8 and 3 clicks of poison.
Defense~ 15 with a couple of clicks of energy shields/deflection, then 3 clicks of Barrier
Damage~ 2's throughout, though se begins with 2 clicks of ranged combat expert
Sculpt~ Decent enough. It represents the character well enough, i've just run into several cases of club-toe, where her foot is melted into the peg and it won't fit on the flight base.
Final Thoughts~ Use the experienced or veteran versions. A little more expensive, but way better. Firestar is a great character, but the LE is just a neutered version of the real thing.
I really hate how the mutant mayhem LEs are so close to one of the REV versions. Angelica is no exception. For two points less than the EXP (shes 50 while EXP is 52) you get three clicks of barrier towards then end of her short dial instead of two clicks of energy shield. Does this make her better? Yes. Does this make her good? No, well shes decent I guess. Two damage with RCE is fun. The attack is low though. You also get the avengers TA instead of the wildcard TA. This is where they manage to save points. Really i guess its a bit of a bargain since at the very least you be paying 4 points (jarvis) to give free movement to a wild card, but were already all running a destiny so the points are wasted. Its a trade off barrier or wildcard? They're so similar its tough to choose between them. Poison can be very fun when used effectively but you need some sort of defensive power or at least a high defense and she doesn't have either. Shes an OK piece, as have been most of the pieces were reviewing lately. I only get them a week at a time so i dont know if next weeks click is better, but tommorows is worse.

100: 1.032/5 Just no.
200: 2.453/5 shes ok i guess the late barrier can help you turtle into a win
300: 2.118/5 better pieces you can yse
400: 2.011/5 shell get stomped, fast
500: 1.250/5 KC supes, nuff said.

So said the spy.

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