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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Collateral Damage

Reviewed 12.21.2005

Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Today we review superman, a figure I chose. There is more variety in this rev set than just about any other. Which is best? Well they are all so different it really depends on what you are looking for. They do work quite well together on a team as well. I am going to review them all seperately.

Superman Blue

For 105 points you get a 4 damage nova blaster, for less than half the price of nimrod. Now sure he doesnt have as much range, or any move and attack options till click 4 but he does have 18 defense with supersenses. He doesnt have quite as much regeneration as nimrod but on the plus side, he isn't a piece of pink buble gum. That's gotta be worth at least 20 points. Late dial he gets psychic blast, dont use it. His attack is a little on the low side throughout the whole dial, but a little in contact with oracle will help him and his angry brother.

200: 2.001/5 no move and attack powers hurts the most here, and youll have trouble making full use of his pulse wave but not too shabby
300: 3.221/5 best format for him.
400: 2.894/5 too much HSS he cant manuver properly to get a shot off
500: 2.776/5

Superman Red

For 15 more points than his calm and collected brother, you dont get a better figure, you get a different figure. Again his attack is a little low, so the in contact will be nice, especially after click 5 where he hits 7 attack. His defense is a little lower than blue, and he gets invurnarability instead of supersenses. is that good or bad? well thats really up to you. His damage starts at 3 unlike blues 4 but he has psychic blast, something that is just different from pulsewave, not neccessarily better or worse. The running shot on click 2 is definitely nice, especially in combo with psychic blast. The shape change at the end is nice to protect him.

200: 2.112/5 he gets running shot early enough, just move and next turn push to attack and your all set.
300: 3.221/5 hes a good fig, get him some support and you have a pretty good centerpiece.
400: 2.911/5 he has a slightly better chance of surviving than blue
500: 2.665/5 be careful, that 17 defense will get pierced quickly and hell be down to an unuseable attack


Or as I like to call him, superman purple. I never really understood why red+blue=blue superman, but it does so i guess ill have to deal with it. Once again we have a different figure that isnt neccessarily better. Though this one comes close to being better. the only thing that keeps him from being flat out better is that psychic blast doenst work with hypersonic speed. This figure starts out essentialy with reds powers, then after some damage gains blue's. Another problem is that when he hits pulse wave his damage is at a measely 2 not fun. He is an intresting figure, requires alot more finnes than previos superman figures. For the points id really prefer to use one of the other supermen because they are more cost effecient.

200: 3.114/5 just a little bit of healing and hes all set.
300: 3.001/5 carefully played hes killer
400: 2.758/5 hell get knocked to useless clicks too quickly
500: 2.454/5

Clark Kent

I really would have prefered the clark kent LE being red, that way there would be an equal amount of red and blue. His powers are also more inline with the red superman than with the blue one. ALOT more inline. This is why if i get him and use him, i will be putting a red superman on his base. This is essentialy a weaker version of the veteran, that accounts for the psy blast. I actualy prefer him over the vet. Starting with running shot instead of HSS is actualy an advantage on him. He also has the superman TA which is helpful. The toughness and low defense are a deterent yes, but thats what medics are for.

200: 3.222/5 running shot psyblast the biggest threat and you have the game won.
300: 2.645/5 the lowe defense is a killer
400: 2.776/5 he will probably die fairly quickly BUT the higher score is because he will most likely be able to pull his weight and take out something roughly equal to his point cost.
500: 2.776/5 again same as above, except hell die quicker and be more likely to kill something bigger.

so all in all it really depends on your tastes. i for one will be runing red and blue together with in contact with oracle the first chance i get.

~so said the spy
Dario Now it’s the turn for Collateral Damage… Superman! Yes, yet another version
of this cool dude… this time we are taking a look on a R/E/V of the Supes
that separated in 2, a Red one and a Blue one, on a maxi saga at the end of
the 90’s. That wasn’t very popular, but it wasn’t so sucky… I guess :P
Anyway, onto the figure… I think the rookie is the best one. It’s clearly
best than the Exp. (the exp. costs 15 more points, has the same range, and
very little upgrade on his dial) and while the Vet. has a way better Speed
dial, the Defense dial is not really better and the Attack and the Damage
dial have not a decent enough upgrade… besides it exchanges the Supes Ta ofr the JLA TA! No Way! How much more it costs? 63 points… Well, enough of that, onto the rookie! It’s 105 points, it’s the Supes TA, 8 range 1 target, and 7 clicks of health… and:


Speed: 10, 10, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7. Starts with 3 of Phasing, follows 2 of Running shot, and then is Phasing again until the end

Attack: 9, 9, 8, 8, 7, 6, 6. It’s Pulse Wave from the 1st to the 5th click,
then 2 of Psychic Blast.

Defense: 18, 17, 17, 16, 15, 15, 15. Starts with Super Senses, then follows
3 of Toughness, then 1 of Super Senses again, then 1 of Energy
Shield/Deflection and finishes with 1 of Steal Energy.

Damage: 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1. No Powers

Analysis: Colorful, isn’t his dial? His defense dial is just great, I like
it a lot, although it’s kinda hard heal him. On the speed department, not
bad values or powers… just, I guess I’d like the Running Shot first, but
hey, no biggie… besides, he’s cheap, so probably you can make room for a
TKer… his damage dial… not bad, but not really good… I wish he had some
powers there… at least RCE on the last 2… but well… Finally, his weakest
part, the attack dial: the PW and the PB are pretty cool with the 8 range,
but the values are rather low… a bit too low…

Conclusion: You have to use ICWO to make up for the attack, and maybe
Perplex either there or for the damage… but he is worth a shot, he’s cheap
for a First attacker, and a 18 defense with Super Senses is amazing,
specially for his cost… if you have Probability Control on your team, this
dude will live forever!

100 – N/A
200 – 1.75/5 Lack of space for the support…
300 - 3.75/5 I feel this is the place for him.
400+ – 3/5 His brightest spot, the defense, means less the higher the points of the game are…

This is Dario

mails to darioferni@hotmail.com

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