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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Collateral Damage

Reviewed 12.14.2005

Average Rating: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Its the superdog!!!!!! How long have people been clamoring for krypto? Well luckily for me I wasnt one of them because hes kind of disappointing. No I wouldnt say hes a terrible click but hes not great. The power spike is nice, but poorly placed. The average attacker has 4 damage. If krypto gets hit hell take 2 and then next turn hell take 3. Now thats not even accounting for him fighting vet supes who with one attack puts krypto on hi most useless click. So while darkseid seemed to be tailor made to take out vet supes. Krypto seemes tailor made to get taken down. The flurry IS nice late dial but the battle furry hampers the otherwise good attack. The last click of psyblast is nice, but id rather run my 100 point figure back to mama medic than attack. Long story short, krypto is a piece that requires too much finness and luck to be used effectively enough.

100: 1.4/5 use if you wana lose hey i made a rhymo
200: 2.4/5 this is the best krypto will do. with this point cost you have enough room to support him but you wont likely run into someone who can do 5 damage and are likely to run into people who do 3 and are most likely to get full use out of him
300: 2.2/5
400: 2.03/5
500: 2.21/5 goes up a little as his point value becomes less significant if you are smart you can match him up agaisnt someone to hit his sweet spot
600+ 1.76/5 hes going to get slaughted by superman and his other friends because hes beena very very naughty dog, he pooped on supermans couch.

~so said the spy




Today we'll be reviewing Krypto from Collateral Damage


There was a Batdog as well…but apparently people thought it was dumb for BATMAN TO HAVE A DOG!  Unlike Superman, where having a superdog just makes sense.


LE:  100 points, Superman Team



MOVEMENT:  Three clicks of charge.  Not too bad.  Plus flurry, which is one of my favorite abilities that never really works out well.


ATTACK:  Super strength can really help spike that damage.  9 is not a great attack, but the spike in the middle is very nice.  Oh and out of nowhere, Psychic Blast!


DEFENSE:  Hard to heal, but 17 is always an impressive defense.  This is a tough dog to kill, but also a tough dog to heal.


DAMAGE:  A little low damage, but again the super strength helps.  In Contact with Oracle is probably worth it for this pup.


SCULPT:  Yes…yes that is a flying dog with a cape.



ˇ                     I wish he had a ten attack.

ˇ                     Hard to hit

ˇ                     Very well placed spikes in attack and defense.

ˇ                     He does have battle fury then psychic blast…which is bad to have one after the other.

ˇ                     He only has 1 or two damage during his flurry clicks, so he probably will not be able to hurt people too much.

ˇ                     He’s one of the cheapest Ultimate or Superman ally characters and could see a lot of play for that.

ˇ                     7 clicks and all that damage reducing power makes him very hard to kill.



Krypto is a very nice reason to buy a clix brick.  He’ll only be made this one time and will not also be a unique or something lame like that.  As far as a character goes he’s pretty darn good.  He is not game changing and he is not even the best dog in Heroclix, but he is a nice brick and that range will really help him out.  He’s very reasonably priced, but I’ve found I almost never play charge characters.  It’s just how it always works out.  Running shot and range is just always better.  But he’s definitely one of the better charge characters in the game.




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


Questions, comments, sexually confused?  email me at cramcompany@hotmail.com.

Please no hate mail


  PS:  I missed a few reviews.  So here is a quick review of the ones I missed.


ECHO:  Best is the Veteran.  Rating 4

CAPTAIN AMERICA:  Best is the Veteran.  Rating 3

Black Scorpion:  LE.  Rating: 1.5  and only that high, because he is a mystic/Arachnos

The Le Wizkids' Clix Brick program rages on. In 2006, buying a Collateral Damage Clix Brick gives you the opportunity to pick up a Limited Edition Krypto for just the cost of shipping. For 100 points, you get a flying superdog with the Superman Ally team affiliation (TA), but is he worth it? Let's find out.

For 100 points you get a flying mutt that is better than the 108-point R Supergirl (Unleashed), but not as good as a 115-point Connor Kent (Legacy Superboy). Having the Superman TA is certainly welcome on any figure, but Krypto's 6 range is going limit him some. Let's take a closer look though.

We start out with a fine 2 clicks of life, sporting Charge, Super Strength (SS), and Invulnerability (INV). Speed is good at 10, dropping only to 8, while his Attack stays at a respectable 9 and a very nice damage of 3. Remember, Krypto is flying, which means he can grab an object under an enemy and use it in the same action (normally you have to stop movement) -- allowing him to deal a fine 3+2 damage. Very nice indeed. But more importantly, look at that defense value. 17-16 is very nice, far better than the R Supergirl I mentioned earlier (and even better with INV).

There's the Superman TA of course (with 6 range), but it seems that Krypto is really meant for close combat.

Moving to the 3rd and 4th clicks of life, he still keeps charge for the 3rd click (but not 4th), keeps his SS, but loses INV (and gains Toughness). His Speed is still high, but his Attack value drops to 8-7, defense to 16-15, and damage drops to 2. Certainly not stellar, but still respectable.

Take a good look at the 4th click of life, because this is Krypto's glass jaw. 15 defense is easy enough to beat, and toughness will only go so far. The good news is that he only sports 1 click of this glass jaw.

By the 5th and 6th clicks of life, Krypto is back in action! His movement drops even more so, loses toughness on the 6th click, and loses ranged attacks due to Battle Fury, but lo and behold that's Flurry we see for 2 clicks of life!

Flurry: Give this character a close combat action. This character may make two close combat attacks (making two separate attack rolls) against either one target or two targets that are adjacent to this character.

More importantly, his attack value is up to an amazing 10-9, and his defense has popped back up to 17-16! You don't see that very often on a 100 point figure, at least not this deep into the dial (even the R Icons Superman does not have an attack value this good). There is a downside though, as his damage drops to 1 on that 6th click, so he isn't going to be doing anything to an opponent with toughness.

That is a minor quibble though as flurry makes up for this. And if you managed to grab an object with SS, you can deal 2+2 then 2+0 damage to the same opponent or two separate ones.

By the last click of life (7th) we still have a very good figure. His Defense is so-so (15), and Speed is bad (6), but he still has a very respectable attack value (8) and an extremely potent damage, which pops up to 3! Battle Fury is gone, and just time too because now he has Psychic Blast (PB)!

Psychic Blast: Give this character a ranged combat action. Damage dealt by this attack may not be reduced by any power that reduces damage dealt.

That's 3 damage burned directly into any opponent you can reach. Even against an opponent with a defense of 16, it shouldn't be too tough to roll an 8. Hmmm, but what if Krypto's based with an opponent? No problem! Remember, Krypto is a flyer. Translation: a flyer can make a ranged attack against any opponent he is based with. And if Krypto's not based with an opponent, then all the better thanks to his Superman TA.

Well, there you have it. While I am a little concerned with that glass jaw, I can say that I really like this figure. For a mere 100 points, you have a good bruiser that can go on your front lines easily. Krypto will do well on your team as a primary or secondary attacker.

Rating: 5 out of 5

(For 100 points, he's a great bruiser with a few surprises at the end)

Author: The Le (pronounced Tay Lee)

contact: TheLeGames@gmail.com

website: www.TheLeGames.com

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