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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Ghost Widow
City of Villains

Reviewed 08.15.2005

Average Rating: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Review by Stormwolf

Todays review is for the Ghost Widow, one of the LEs that will be packaged with the deluxe edition of City of Villians, due out at the end of October. I don't know anything about the character, so lets just go with the review:
Basics: 52 points, 5 clicks of life,Flight,  6 range / 1 target, Arachnos team ability (same as mystic)
Movement~ Starts out at 9, ends out at 7 with phase/teleport all the way through. Pretty nice for a medic, if you need HER to get to the patient instead of the other way around.
Attack~ again we run the 9 to 7 route, but we got poison, steal energy, and pulse wave to sprinkle through here! makes her dangerous to attack (team ability), and dangerous to base (poison)
Defense~ Absolutely incredible! Starts out at 18, finishes at 15, but with a couple clicks of supersenses and regeneration along the way!!!!
Damage~ A 2, followed by a bunch of 1's. But almost a  FULL DIAL OF SUPPORT!
Bottom Line~ I guarantee she is going to be a staple in all teams for people who get her. She is the entire reason I (and probably many others) will buy City of Villians when it is released! Because of her, Xorn will only be used in War Zone games. She has the potential to be a gamebreaker, and at only 52 points she can fit comfortably into any team, any scheme.
Tourney Play (300 pts)~ Hell yes! She belongs on this situation, medic and a little damage too!  5 / 5
Sealed Booster~ won't happen, sadly
Friendly Play~ Oh, I plan to use mine regularly! 5 / 5
 "Wolf is the Grand Teacher. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the radical and the traditional in the same breath. When the Wolf walks by you - you will remember."
~ Robert Ghost Wolf



Today we'll be reviewing GHOST WIDOW from CITY OF VILLANS

Skip the who she is….because I don’t know. I do know that the City of Villains giant, special edition, limited, gold, sealed, super box that has the COMPLETE SET of these Heroclix costs about $100. So if you’re like me and don’t play video games/computer games….you’re basically spending $10 a click. But that’s just for those people that like a complete set….they wouldn’t possibly make them tournament legal….oh they are tournament legal? Well, at least their not broken and must play click?.......uh-oh!

They’re all LE’s…and looking at this one, you’ll thank Zule they are.

POINTS: 52. Flyer with a 6 ranges and single target. City of Villains team…..what team is that you say? IT FRICKIN MYSTICS!!! Already Ghost Widow is one of the cheapest Mystics Available.

MOVEMENT: Phasing through the entire dial. 9 starting movement.

ATTACK: 9, 8 (both with Poison), 8, 7 (both with steal energy), 7 with pulse wave

DEFENSE: 18, 17, 16 (both with super senses), 15, 15 (both with regeneration)

DAMAGE: 2, 1,1,1,1, Support on every click but the last one.

SCULPT: As a man that designs haunted houses for a living (www.the-haunt.com if you’re interested) so a crazy black and white flying chick is one of my favorite sculpts.

OVERALL: I’ve heard good feedback on these lists.

 She’s one of the hardest characters to hit and kill ever. It’s ridiculous how resilient she is. Steal Energy, Regeneration, 18 defense and 17 defense with super senses on the second click.
 Hard to find a great ability that she does not have. Support and poison are two abilities will become even better in the new environments.
 She’s amazing alright, but there is NO CARD that can make anything more then 5 clicks, AKA. Ultimate Thor only needs to roll a 6 to kill her.
 Her damage is still very low, 2 for only a click.
 9 attack medic will heal almost anybody
 They’re biggest gun will have to take a shot at her early on. If she’s alive when everyone has taken some shots,he’ll dominate the game with her high defense and support.
 How often to you have to go out of your way to kill a paramedic, to stop your opponent from healing? What if the paramedic was an 18 defense?

She is the ultimate utility character. She flies, so she can carry. He defense is so high she can tie up support characters then cut them down with poison. Speaking of which, poison is an ability that can be incredible useful in certain matches, such as KC Green Lantern or Sue Storm Fantastic Four Defense sharing team. Running the Widow up to either of these characters will help you out a lot. The problem with poison is you don’t want to spend the points on it… now you can. Don’t forget, she fills the gap for a team medic as well and is by far the most playable medic that is over 20 points. She’s also a mystic so she fits very well on wild card teams. And as a just for the fun of it she has pulse wave, incase you want to go out with a bang.

The biggest crime of Ghost Widow is she can be good support on nearly every team imaginable; there are only a few teams she really would not work for. She’s exciting, amazing and clearly one of the best figures of the year. She’s not game changing like Lockjaw, but she’ll certainly give you a major advantage….now where did I put that $100 bill?


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Thanks to everyone that has been entering in for the contest. I’ve had great responses. I will keep it going and announce a winner by the end of the week.

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