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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Fantastic Four
feat card

Image from heroclix.com
feat card

Image from heroclix.com

Yin Yang Dragon
Hello everyone, Dragon here. Today we re doing something different. We re reviewing the new rules/cards that come with the FF set. We are looking at the new ability: Alternate team abilities.

So far all we have are the Fantastic Four ability and the avengers. The fantastic 4 abilities card changes from the previous F4 T.A. to more of a defenders ability that is, to share the defense of a friendly character. This makes a lot of sense for them because in the comics the Fantastic 4 would always defend another one of fallen friends and try to protect them.

The new card allows this to happen but you have to pay a cost per character receiving the ability switch.

The Avengers ability card is much better. It replaces the old Avengers ability with the new Thunderbolts Team. It basically states that any avenger that uses this card has the new ability of picking any TA they want except wildcards and abilities that say can t be copied by wildcards. Essentially your scarlet witch from the old or new set can use the ultimate team ability to see everyone she uses PC for. Wizkids did this because many characters that are in the Avengers general affiliation are part of separate teams, such as Alpha Flight and Thunderbolts. This makes the playing of the game better for people who want to recreate original teams they watched or liked.

Fantastic Four card: 4.0/5
Thunderbolts card: 4.5/5
Theme team: 5.0/5.0

If you guys want to rant, rave, send hate mail, comments, or anything else to me, send it at grizzly0420@yahoo.com

Today we are reviewing feat cards for a change. Two new feat cards have been previewed for fantastic forces: Fantastic Four, and thunderbolts.

Fantastic Four:
This card costs zero points, and replaces the fantastic four team ability with a defend ability that doesn't require members to be adjacent. Any member can use the defense of any other member. Early game this is good because it allows you to copy invisible womans high defense. Late game it is good because it allows you to copy alica master's defense for healing. Speaking of alicia, her and mary-jane just became extremely effective 5 point tie up figs. But this new team ability is far from broken, especially when you consider the relatively low quality of fantastic four figures.

100: 1.885/5 Not enough points to utilize
200: 2.001/5
300: 3.563/5
400: 3.778/5
500: 3.996/5

Brokeness! And i dont use this term lightly. Ive seen many people griping about the news pogs with powers and how they are going to ruin the game. How certain figures like con artist are killing the game. Ive never joined them. Now i think i will. For 9 points you can add any team ability you want to your team, and you can change it every round. Thats right, is your opponent playing a batman team? Use ultimates. Is he playing a swarm team? Copy mystics. Does he have no way to deal with stealth? Copy kabuki. Just play a team full of wild cards, and jarvis. Maybe another good avenger or two just in case but its really unnessasary. I applaud what wizkids is trying to do but they really dropped the ball on this one.

100: 4.544/5
200: 4.888/5
300: 4.899/5
400: 4.911/5
500: 4.965/5

~So said the spy


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review the The Newest Game Mechanic also known as a Feat Card (s) from Fantastic Forces.  Find out more on this link,  http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/marvel/products.asp?cid=39839

The RUN DOWN Two Feat Cards have been previewed by Wiz Kids.  Both of these cards change the team ability of your character. It changes either the ability that the team would have, such as the Fantastic Four or changing the team type itself, such as the Avengers.

FANTASTIC FOUR:   This Changes all your Fantastic Four team member to Fantastic Four team members that can share the defense of any other Fantastic Four Member.  The immediate thought is this has been done before; Invisible Girl had Defend and an 18.  However, this is not how it works.  You do not have to be adjacent to the figure to gain their defense.  Also you do not have to settle for a very hittable 18 defense, more on that later.  How much does this feat cost you ask?  0 points and all you do is lose the gain one click ability.

AVENGERS TEAM:  The fast version is this, for 5 points per Avengers team member you use it on, that Avenger loses his team ability and gains any team ability you want (except wild card).  This ability has two or three ways of looking at it.   First is, it sounds just okay to pay 5 more points to make your Wasp gain the Mystics team ability, not too bad.  Then there is the wild card abuse, Jarvis who is an Avenger and is only 4 points can be changed to any team ability for 5 more.  Thus all your wildcards can be mystics or Ultimates for only 9 points…unreal.  However this is not the main abuse that this card can see.  The third and most deadly is the combination of cards.  Antman has a 20 defense and the Avengers Team Ability, use the Avengers Card for 5 points to turn him into a member of the Fantastic Four.  Now all your Fantastic Four members have a 20 defense….OH MY GOD!  Want an ever sicker idea?  Same thing with Antman, but use the Avengers card on any Avenger with Energy Shield/Deflection and now they will have a 22 defense.  To put that in perspective, if you are playing with Mighty Galactus, on his starting click, with a 16 attack, Galactus would have to roll at least a 6 to hit you.  Now ask yourself, how often do I get to play with a 16 attack?  Maybe you play with a 12 attack character….if you do you’d have to roll a 10 to hit.

OVERVIEW:  Unless there is a rule change, these two cards will change the game and perhaps the world FOREVER!   Not to sound too dramatic.  PS:  BUY JARVIS POGS SOON, BEFORE THEY START OUT PRICING NIGHTCRAWLER!

- This is Cramcompany  (Please no Hate mail.)


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