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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 04.25.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  115
Collector's Number  093
Rarity  6

Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Majinxstar Today we are looking at one of my favorite new pieces, KC Hawkman from Legacy. If you disliked the original Hawkman from Hypertime, then this one should be your favorite. He starts with Running Shot and a 12 movement. He has an awesome 12 attack which means he will hit you with that spear. His defense is a 17 with toughness and he has a base 3 damage. On his next two clicks he has charge and a 10 movement. His attack is an 11 aatack for both those clicks and a 17, then 16 defense with toughness. His attack, at this point, is what I love about him as it rockets up to a
4 base. That mace really hurts! He has toughness the whole way on a 9 click dial. He also has 3 clicks of Close Combat Expert! All this and he is only 115 points. Use him in a 200 point game sometime and you will be amazed at how he can crush the competition.
Just a really good piece.

100 Points: N/A
300:4.0 (will have problems with Flash)
400:4.0 (Watch out for KC GL)
500:3.0 (Magog will destroy him)
600&Up:5.0 (Be a big suprise to your opponents)


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review the Legacy Unique Kingdom Come (KC) Hawkman

Based obviously on Alex Ross’s Kingdom Come Storyline.  Hawkman is much more of a Hawk now days and is big into ecology.  However, he never talks in the Alex’s story so I have no idea what he is really like.

Cost and Abilities: 

Unique = 115 Points, 9 clicks of life, 6 range with a single target, Kingdom Come team ability        

Movement: 12 with running shot.  Then charge on the next click.  This is how I would like all figures to start.  He moves closer into range while still hitting from about 12 away.  He is a push past first click character so you use running shot twice to hit him within 5 of your next planned attack.  Then once he clears you can charge up to 5 squares and hit for 4.  Or I supposed you can just keep using his 6 range.

Attack:  The attacks on the Kingdom Come figures remind me of the attacks of the old days.  Hawkman starts with a healthy 12!  Then drops at a very slow rate.  12,11,11,10,10,9,9,8,7

Defense: 17 for the first two clicks with toughness for his entire dial.  Once again making him a must push character.  17 is almost a low defense for Legacy…but not for the rest of the Heroclickdom so I say it is great!

Damage:  3 to start then moves to 4.  Then drop to 2 with Close Combat Expert. 

Sculpt:  One of two characters that comes as two pieces.  Hawkman is huge and a character that stands out in your collection…making me wish I had one in my collection.  But alas Legacy is $12 a pack in my areas and Hawkman is getting farther out of my reach.

Team Ability:  KC Team Ability.  One of the rarest team abilities.  If you want to move adjacent to this figure you must roll a die.  On a 1 or 2 you can’t.   So unless Hulk has a bazooka, he is a bad match-up for the ol’ chicken beak with wings

Conditions and Feats:  I think Feat cards are great, but they drive up the points of your team, so often they are not worth it.  A rookie Con Artist is probably best, but if you must use a feat Incontact with Oracle is great for having Hawkman hit for a little more.  You may see his Close Combat Expert and think Damage shield, but I would avoid it.  He only has CCE for about 3 clicks and who knows if he’ll meet the requirements at the right time. Deep Shadows seems good for Hawkman with his 6 range and big running shot, but no other conditions really hit. 

How to Beat Him:  He only has toughness so he is not a hard character to crack.  Understand that Hawkman will probably push a lot and if you hit him for three clicks (not factoring in toughness) from a range he will not be able to do much.  He will have to run up to you for close combat expert, but since he will not have charge, you can probably kill him before he reaches you.

How to Play Him:  Even on a 300 point team Hawkman is not a good heavy hitter.  He is your secondary attacker in a game that is 400 points.  He will be ignored more then likely for a few turns.  If they are running a 20 defense character use Hawkman to attack them.  He has a GREAT attack for his price and only needs an 8 to make Green Lantern look mortal.

Overview:  For 115 points Hawkman feels just about right.  He has a long dial and with a 12 attack will hit more then not.  He will usually get to attack from the first time you move him and is built to be pushed.  His starting 3 damage is weird, but again he is built to be pushed.  If you don’t own him, he is not a must have figure seeing as a veteran Havok does 4 clicks of damage for 44 points, but if I can get him for about $10 it would be just right.

Overall Score:

2.5/300 (too expensive)

4/400 (Great wingman….sorry the joke was too easy.)

3.5/500 (his attack it worth it.)

4.8/5 Draft/Sealed (His attack value is good and he is relatively low priced for a Legacy Draft)

4/5 FUN  (Great sculpt and fun stats dial make him a piece a would play with)

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)


Ah mediocrity. KC hawkman is actualy relatively low costed compared to the other bruisers in legacy. I personally do not like him all that much. Sure hes only 115 points so you cant really expect greatness, and his dial is suprisingly consistant, but he just does not cut the mustard. My main problem with him is his defense. In a typical 300 point game hes over a third of your force, and he wont last long. 17 defense is aboe average, an average attacker with 10 attack would need a 7 to hit him, 50/50 chance. The thing is, he only has toughnes, so if he takes a hit, he takes a hit. Now fortunately, if he takes a hit he wont be much more worse for the wear, but he isnt good to begin with. His defense drops fairly quickly, making healing him alot easier, but killing him is also alot easier. 12 movement with running shot is great, but still. KC Hawkman is not terrible, and he deffinitely is an improvement over the original one, but he still isnt good enough to run.

100: weee/5
200: 2.134/5
300: 2.567/5
400: 2.788/5
500: 2.555/5

~so said the spy

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