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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Colleen Wing
Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 04.22.2005

Rank Bystander
Point Value  10
Collector's Number  B005
Rarity  Token

Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review the POG Colleen Wing from the Fantastic Forces Set

A WORD ON POGS: (same as all my reviews) Personally I hate the Pogs.  I dislike the idea that they can be used in competitive play to tie up figures or hide behind with trick shot.  Nubula with 10 Aunt May Pogs and trick shot, pretty much can not be killed.  The Fact that a veteran Superman needs to “break away” with Iris West-Allen seems ridiculous to me.  I love getting that something extra in the pack and I love the idea of doing a “save Ben Urich” scenario, but if we are taking competitive tournament, the Pogs can be way too abused.  I hate playing with them, but I do when I really want to win.

Cost and Abilities: 

POG = 10 Points, 1 clicks of life

Movement: 7 in movement.  You will probably have to telekinesis her or you will have to wait for later game to move her in range.

Attack:  8.  With Blades Claws……yes A POG that could hit Superman on starting click for 4 clicks.

Defense: 15….isn’t that the best defense from any character in DC’s Hyper time set?   J

Damage:  2….2!  Oh come on…why make it two.  She is ten points for goodness sake and has blades claws, but if you want to make something broken you have to brake from the norm.

Sculpt:  My favorite POG sculpt ever.

Team Ability:  NONE. 

Overview:  I think the reason that I hated POG’s so much is because I knew they would go too far.  This character makes every criminal and thug ever made look terrible.   I always loved the 20 point Vampire Lackey.  She had blades claws and could surprise people.  Now we have a 10 point character that can hit people for a major amount of damage or just 2 if she so chooses.  Not only that, but the 15 defense is ridiculous.  Basically she is in line if Legacy and some of the newer sets, but this character makes the older sets look retarded.  Still she only has one click and that is not too hard to deal with.  So while I dislike the idea of her, I hope to pull a lot of Wings and team them up with my Mary Jane POGs that will all be copying the Morlocks team ability and will be Mystics too.  This was a little bit of a rant and she is not actually that broken, but if she was 8 points she would be on every team.   She does make it pointless to even think about playing an 80 point Wolverine that is basically the same thing.

Feats and Conditions:  She is very good just because of her really low point cost.  Do not waste a feat on her.  Conditions are something you don’t want to play around her with.  Earthquake obviously would kill her and if you are making teams of people like her then I suggest darkness.

How to Beat Her:  Use anybody and hit her just once.  You can not ignore her though and that is truly her major power over you.

How to Play Her   I think her best use is to use her like an object for a telekinesis character.  I think mid game when your Jean Grey doesn’t have too much too do have her throw a Colleen Wing at her opponent and hope for a lucky roll.  Characters with one target are vulnerable to her as well.  They must target her and they must deal with her that turn.  Feel free to push her and make those 10 points hurt your oppenents bad.


Overall Score:

300 Point Games 3/5 (10 points could probably be used better)

400 Point Games 4./5 (10 points seem easier to come by)

500 Point Games 3/5 (8 attack is really hard to use here.)

Fun Games 0/5 (Does anybody have tons of fun with tying up their friends Heroes with Pogs)


= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)


Unlike my fellow reviewer i really like pogs. I also have trouble getting my reviews done on time unlike him. Anyways this is one of the better pogs, personally i prefer harvey bullock over her, but she is awesome. She does have shortcomings that prevent her from being "the death of heroclix" as some people are crying. 7 movement, not bad but not great. 8 attack isnt gonna do much. 15 defense is good for 10 points, heck its good for 110 points if you look at some older figures. The two damage is irrelavant, 9 times out of 8 youre gonna be using the blades claws fangs. I wont go into the semi-coplicated math of it all but with three or less damage you always want to use BCF, unless you know the figure is on its last click, or two in coleen's sakes. Now for her short comings. BCF is obviously a close combat action. So she walks up to a person. Presume they miss. Next turn you have to rest, because if you push her, she dies. Sure 10 points isnt alot, but its still better not to waste it. Next turn, lets say they miss again (or fail to break away). Now you can attack and not die. With 8 attack you are probably gonna miss. I lost count of how many oppurtunities that is for something to go wrong using her. Sure you can circumvent most of this with a TKer and a probability controler but that is at least another 41 points (mandroid rookie + destiny rookie) and with that much support you are alot better for with a figure with some charge. Strategy over, take a look at her pic, its fierce. Almost looks fierce enough to do 4 damage to superman on his starting click...

100: 3.765/5 Gooood, especialy in multiples. Impervious virtualy does not exist in this format so your damage is gonna get through.
200: 3.867/5
300: 3.776/5
400: 3.555/5
500: 3.222/5 Your probably gonna miss, assuming you actualy make it up to the fig, but then again 10 points is a drop in the bucket here.

~So said the spy.

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