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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 04.20.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  107
Collector's Number  091
Rarity  6

Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Yin Yang Dragon
Today's Heroclix is Prometheus. I haven't been around because of school and work, but I'll be around more now. I wrote this review 3 times now but esach time my computer deleted it so I'm using the computer at a friend's house, he doesn't know I play heroclix. :) Also, today is my 17th b-day so the review will be somewhat short or really long.

Name: Prometheus
Type: Unique
SSADD: 12, 11, 17, 3
Team: Calculator
Range: 8
Targets: 2
Point cost: 107
Health: 8 clicks

Since this just so happens to be one of my favorite heroclix from the new set or even the game, I ll tell you about him. First off, Prometheus is a criminal who uses a energized nightstick, a special helmet that tells him what his enemies will do because he has their moves and powers downloaded into the helmet, and he also had a special ancient key which allows him to enter the Ghost zone. His click isn t far off from hi background. He has many abilities that mimic what his opponent will do and such. He has outwit for 2 clicks, mind control, incapacitate, exploit weaknesses, and super senses. Use these powers to manipulate your opponent and to beat him/her. He also has teleportation/phasing, toughness, and willpower. Use the teleportation early on to get place him where you want for an advantage. Use his late dial phasing/teleportation to get him to a medic, he ll need it. Since Prometheus has mind control and then incapacitate right after, I recommend using this to your advantage. First use mind control to wreak havoc on your opponent by using two clix and then use incapacitate to hit those same two characters. I strongly recommend using the game card Stunning blow, passenger, and/or, armor piercing. You ll use these to sweep your opponent. Prometheus is not a main attacker, unless you make him one, which I don t strongly support. He is more of a secondary or string attacker. He can also be a sweeper to use against medics and con-artists, and the such; but he then gets a little costly to do that. Use his TA to copy either the Ultimate team, batman, superman ally, or even the new team ability CSA. If you do use passenger I recommend carrying around a probability piece, they help. If you use him in a limited game or tournament then definitely use him, he s excellent for limited. In a theme team use him. I made a mythology team with him, he s awesome.

100: N/A
200: 2.4
300: 3.0
400: 3.6
500+: 4.6/5
Limited : 3.7
Theme team: 5.0
skilanky64 Prometheus

Tsk Tsk Tsk, I'm disappointed with you!

107 points with calculators team

I would've gone with fearsome five on that one! Just call it fearsome five, Hive academy, or TT enemies!!!

Anyway, he'res how it goes

I'm not going to list his stats, too tedious and takes too much time
but here's the jist of it:

The movement drops from 12 to 9 in 1 click!!!

Attack drops gradually, nice incap at the end

Decent range, 8, all mind controllers should have 3 targets (they all dont); prometheus has two
Decent Defense, mediocre abilities
good damage, love the little bit of outwit

Ok, lets rate:

Its out of ten, so my categories are out of 2, range, atk, def, damage, speed

Range: 1.5/2
Atk: 1/2
Def: 1.5/2
Speed: .5/2
Damage: 2/2

Overall out of 10: 6.5/10

Nice fig
Catch you later


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review the Legacy Unique Prometheus

Prometheus is one of the Calculators.  He spends his time with a sword and a mask fighting and stabbing and…..okay I have no idea who this character is and Whoclix is currently down.

Cost and Abilities: 

Unique = 107 Points, 8 clicks of life, 8 range with 2 targets, Calculators team ability        

Movement: starts with 12 and phasing.  Then moves to a 9 and mind control for two clicks.  His last two clicks give him phasing again.  So at the beginning you can get within attacking distance of any character you want, but his big bonus is phasing at the end of his dial.  I love that!  Running away to a medic is very important (and yes cowardly) in tournaments.  A lot of competitors do not use medics anymore and that is something I do not understand.  The best and most devastating of all abilities is healing.  Getting your big gun back to full strength will win you nearly any game.  To not value this ability highly is a mistake.  Yes that was a rant…sorry.  Anyway, Prometheus both has phasing and willpower, which means there are very few scenarios where he will not be able to run and be healed.

Attack:  11 to start and drops very slowly.  He gains incapacitate near the middle of his dial so he can still hit bigger threats.  He even has two targets for incapacitating goodness.

Defense:  17 with super senses.  Then he gains toughness and eventually willpower.  His defense stays high until the very end when you would want to heal him.

Damage:  3 damage to start with Outwit.  Then two damage with Exploit Weakness near the middle of the dial.

Sculpt:  I love me some Legacy Sculpts.  This is no exception.

Team Ability:  Calculators team ability, this means Wildcard.  Wildcard is the best team ability…in a way.  You have to build the team around the wild cards of course.  Although 107 points he is very easy to build a team around!

Overview:  It is little wonder that Legacy sold out.  You have to buy packs of these figures, because buying each Unique is too expensive since nearly all of them are good.  I love Prometheus he is fantastic for his point cost and allows you to build around him while including other wildcards on your team.  He has very little weakness and is easy to heal and escape.  In some ways he reminds me of another under-costed figure Amazo; at first he was really under used in tournaments and then people started catching on.  The difference is Amazo is kind of annoying to play with and against, while Prometheus is just plain fun (as are most wildcards).

Feat & Conditions:  Due to popular demand I am adding his category into my articles…frankly I should have awhile ago. J  First and foremost, feat cards are great and they add a lot to the game, but using one just to make a figure a little better is a big mistake.  If you are dedicating the points it better make them unstoppable.  Prometheus is already good and has the wildcard ability, but he does have a weakness in his damage.  Three is low even with Outwit, it will not make people tremble.  I recommend In contact with Oracle, minus Oracle actually on your team.  This will give him and a buddy (Hawkeye?) self perplex.  He will be able to hit for one more click or become even harder to hit if he needs to. Please avoid using Stunning Blow, yes he has incapacitate, but it is at the middle of his dial.  Your goal should be to keep him on the front of his dial.  Poor Teamwork and Ordinary Day are the best conditions for this character.  Poor Teamwork will make his phasing that much better.  The man will have so many abilities that several different condition cards will hurt him and Ordinary day will save you at least once.

How to Beat Him:  Set up a way to hit him several times in one turn.  You will probably need some anti stealth, because Alfred will more then likely be on his team and you should prepare to have your characters hurt since he just may have a mystic around as well.  Beware if you don’t kill him, he will probably be healed his next turn and you will have to start over.


How to Play Him:  I have been waiting for this section all article.  He is all in the support here; with good support he is a cheap character with tons of ability, but with bad support he is just a slightly over priced mid-range beater.  Start with the Alfred Pog or rookie Huntress for your stealth.  Now that he has stealth he needs anti stealth and for that I suggest Veteran Ultimate Hawkeye.  Hawkeye is an amazing piece that hits anybody for 5 damage and can give your Wildcards the Ultimate team ability.  Mystics’ team ability is nice, but use this only when you have the points, such as a 400 to 500 point game.  I recommend rookie Enchantress from Legacy, she is 60 points and has psychic blast.  She has her draw backs, (such as she has only one really good click, but it is an amazing click).  Now pick some other wild cards to back you up.  I recommend Jinx and Experienced Black Cat, these characters are low damage dealers, but when they have all those abilities they become very strong.

Overall Score:

4.5/300 (His low price cost just makes him so playable here)



3/5 Draft

5/5 Fun Play (But really how do you judge fun?)

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)


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