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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 04.15.2005

Rank Experienced
Point Value  128
Collector's Number  097
Rarity  7

Average Rating: 2.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

First off id like to appoligize to my fans (lol) for missing the last few reviews, especially flash. I hurt my back and moving around has been a problem. Anyways onto steel. At 128 points she is slightly overcosted. I am going to assume everyone knows the rules for giant figs. Her biggest problem is not being able to be carried, even by telekenises. With 8 range, unlike giant man, she can at least hit people. 4 damage is great, though I would have prefered to see the CCE up front instead of late dial. I am not sure about this, but I do believe that due to her giantness quake affects people a space away from her as well. Her defense is decent at 16 but not great. I would have liked to see at least a single click of impervious on her, she is steel after all. The giantness adds a nice touch, allowing you tie up pieces ver effectively, but at 128 points shes pretty expensive for a tie up piece. Still i like her, plan on using her in some bigger point games.

100: 1/5 blah
200: 1.533/5 too expensive here
300: 2.342/5 she has decent stats but doesnt quite cut the mustard
400: 3.552/5 This is the place to use her
500: 3.114/5 she gonna get slapped around like she owes thor money

~So said the spy


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review the Legacy Big Figure Unique Steel

The real Steel (best known as Shaq if you are a classic movie buff)  died, because he got a little too close to Doomsday.  In true comic tradition, no super hero ever really dies.  Steel’s niece decided she would take up crime fighting and built a suit bigger and badder then her uncles.  She can grow in size with her suit, thus justifying the big fig we have before us.

Cost and Abilities: 

Unique = 128 Points, 8 clicks of life, 8 range with a single target.  Superman Alley Team Ability.        

Movement: 12 movement with charge.  This means she can move six and close combat, but because she is a big figure she is considered based to figures that are within two squares.  So in a way she can move 7 and attack.  Running shot is still a lot better though.

Attack:  10 and keeps falling.  She has quake for the first two clicks then super strength.  Quake is interesting for this character.  Big figures are great at basing many different characters, so you may actually get to use that ability.  Super strength on a big figure without leap climb is useless.

Defense: 16 with invulnerability on her first two clicks.  This is okay for a 120 point figure, but I would have been much happier with 17.  This does make her easily push-able for doing those deadly 2 quakes in a row.  Later she gains toughness so she can be like all the other cool kids.

Damage:  4 damage for the first two then 3 for the next.  After the first four clicks she gains close combat expert with 3, so she can hit for 5 clicks potentially then it drops to CCE with 2.  This is very positive for Steel.  If she is basing a figure, then she will hit for about 4 clicks every time, even on her last click of life.

Sculpt:  Big figures are neat with an extra O.

Team Ability:  Superman Alley.  This is the anti-stealth and hindering terrain ability.  This is one of the best abilities in the game and it helps to build your team around somebody that can knock out stealth.

Overview:  Big figures have been pretty horrible so far.  Bat Sentry is sub par and Giant Man….well somebody at wiz kids must have really hated Giant Man.  Steel passes as okay.  She is fairly priced for her abilities, but does not knock you over as a must play character.  The Superman Team helps a lot and let’s you build a wild card team around her.  The bottom line is this; in competitive play long range is better then basing.  Steel is a basing character (yes she does have range) all her abilities are utilized through basing and that has not proved and effective strategy in Heroclix so far.

How to Beat Him:  Simply smack her from 10 range and that will do the job.  Captain Atom would destroy her.  Leap/climbers and Hypersonic speed characters will foil Steel’s day as well.

How to Play Him:  Telekinesis her into the fray.  Hope your opponent is silly enough to set figures adjacent to each other and move in to quake.  Then push next turn and quake again.  Possibly use a barrier character to put a wall behind your enemys’ and have Steel quake them into the wall for an extra click.  Wild card the Superman Power and have your figures shoot your enemies well they all plug away at Steel.  Indoor maps will work best for you.  Think places where Steel can base everyone at once.  Steel is your hard bait in this scenario and frankly, she will die most of the time.


Overall Score:



1/500 (Quake and minus 2 defense powers are a pretty bad combo)

4/5 Draft/Sealed (Too fun not to draft.)

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)


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