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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 04.08.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  75
Collector's Number  086
Rarity  6

Average Rating: 2.9

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Majinxstar Today we are looking at the new Hush unique from Legacy. I never got to read the Hush story arc, but I did get told to pick up Jim Lee's next work on Superman, which I did. I AM HELL I AM ***! Almost spoiled it there. :) Hush doesn't seem as cool as that villian in clix form. He has a lot of stealth, but a slow movement. He has a lot of willpower as well so I guess thats good. No attack powers, but he does have leadership, perplex, and outwit in that order. I'm sure the late outwit represents his ability to get out of being captured or something.
Since he starts with leadership I guess that makes him the leader of The Batman Enemies. I would prefer to take my orders from Lex Luthor. One hit from Batman makes him useless and a good hit from most of the people Batman keeps company with will end him. With the starting 7 movement, 10 attack, 16 defense and 2 damage he just can't do anything for me. I like my secondary attackers to be able to finish people off or tie them down. I think I've ragged on him enough.
The plus side is that he can lend his 10 attack to any other Bat-Hater or wildcard. His sculpt looks awesome, but his pose makes him look like the criminal from Hypertime. It would have been awesome to see him look more menacing. I give him a 2.9. On a theme team he gets 3.8. Keep Clicking

Hush. Perpetrator of one of the coolest psychological attacks on Batman in all of comics. Actually his childhood friend who's ticked off because batmans father managed to save the life of Hushs' mother, when he had tried so hard to kill  both his parents to inherit their fortunes. On to the click
Cost~ 75 points, 7 clicks of life, batman enemy team ability, 6 range / 2 targets
Movement~ Hush gets 2 clicks at 7 movement, then 2 clicks at 6, then 2 at 5, and ends out with 4 movement. All clicks have stealth. A little on the slow side, but Hush was designed as a support piece rather than an actual attacker (just like the comics)
Attack~ Starting out at a decent 10, finishes out at 6, with no abilities throughout.
Defense~ 16 at the start, 13 at the finish with willpower throughout
Damage~ 2 throughout with 2 clicks of leadership, followed by 2 of perplex, and rounding out with 3 clicks of outwit.
Sculpt~ Average. It's clean and detailed, but the pose is very uninspired.
Final Thoughts~ I can't see myself using Hush very much, outside of a theme team. I prefer a little more utility in my pieces, and rarely have need of leadership. I can't push him to the goodies (perplex and outwit) due to willpower, so I have to stick his neck out for those to come into play, and then his stats lower, making it harder for him to hurt anyone. If only they had put outwit or perplex at the beginning of his dial, I would have been a lot more excited about him. As it is, doubtless he is one of the many uniques that I have that do nothing but gather dust in favor of the the ones that are actually great to use.

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