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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Captain Atom

Reviewed 04.04.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  154
Collector's Number  072
Rarity  5

Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Majinxstar Today we look at Captain Atom from the new Legacy set.
Captain Atom was a a disgraced millitary man who underwent an experimental test and was imbued with amazing nuclear superpowers. His Arch-Enemy is Major Force from the new set. Anyway the new REV of Captain Atom was probably one of the most used figures in the Marquee weekend. I don't think he will see as much play in constructed since his rookie and experienced have those horrible activation clicks. The Vet really only has a place in higher point games and most people will break out the KC Green Lantern. The rookie is
104 points of secondary stats. After you get past his activation he has a nine attack. That is just stupid.
The experienced still has the activation click, but he has a 10 attack and the JLA TA. That jumps his cost up 43 points to 147. He is just not worth it IMHO. The Vet finally gets rid of the activation click and has a 12 movement with Running Shot. He still has the same 10 attack and this makes him a great secondary attacker in huge games since he costs
154 points. At this level you should be able to find someone better. If you love him as a character, by all means use him I just can't get behind him.

Rookie: 1.5
Experienced: 2.5
Vet: 3.0/In high point games: 5.0

After a short vacation I return, to review for you Captain Atom. Lets get on with it, shall we?
Cost~ (R) 105 pts, no team ability, 9 clicks of life, 8 range / 1 target
          (E) 147 pts, JLA team ability, 10 clicks of life, 8 range / 2 targets
          (V) 154 pts, no team ability, 10 clicks of life, 10 range / 2 targets
         (LE) 161 pts, no team ability, 11 clicks of life, 8 range / 2 targets
Movement~ All versions but the Vet start out with a 7 movement and earthbound as an activation click.then it jumps nicely and gains a click or 2 of running shot, depending on the version you have.
Attack~ after the activation click, the good captain has several clicks of super strength. I personally think his numbers could have been just a tiny bit better here for his cost, but the rest of the figure helps to make up for that.
Defense~ gets a boost after the activation, including clicks of impervious, invulnerable, then a healthy string of toughness all the way to the end.
Damage~ Bounces around considerably! goes from 4, drops to 2 with Ranged Combat Expert, then later pops back to 3, then down to 2.
Sculpt~ Pretty nice, I suppose. The pose is quite basic, but i'm a bit of a sucker for chrome.....
Final Thoughts~ Overall, I think Captain Atom is a pretty well designed figure. He isn't overpowered, but gives you good punch for his cost. I would definitely consider using him not only in frindly play, but as a solid piece in a 500 pt tourney. I don't think I could use him in 300 pt. play though, his cost would lead to too many holes in my strategy.

Today we review one of legacy's many high cost bruisers. the veteran atom comes in at 154 points with no team ability. His archenemy major force, while slightly weaker, is actualy playable. Two archenemies, both playable, you might actualy score arch enemy bonus poitns with something other than a sentinel. Anyways 10 range is always good. 10 range with 2 targets and 4 damage is better. 17 defense, two clicks of impervios always nice. Then he switches to 2 clicks of invurnerability, and toughness the rest of the dial. After two clicks of 4 damage he gets 4 clicks of 2 damage with RCE. Like most bruisers he has super stregnth, though since he is the epitomy of ranged combat its wasted points. the running shot is nice, especially with 12 movement, he can run out as far as a sentinel on the first turn. I like this guy, though as far as bruisers go, there are better options. The rookie and exp both start out with an activation click of earthbound and battle fury, but the exp has the benifit of the jla ta.

100: NA
200: 3.532/5 the rookie can do pretty well here
300: 3.898/5 Rookie and exp are both good here the vet is a gamble but still would work
400: 4.001/5 one of the more cost effective bruisers
500: 3.553/5 too many non cost effective bruisers to knock him out
~so said the spy


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review Legacy’s Captain Atom

Captain Atom a good solider type similar to Captain American.  He had an experiment done to him and gained super powers, similar to Captain America.  He is a Captain….Similar to Captain America.  He’s made of Alien Spaceship Metal and shoots energy blasts out of his hands similar to Capta….uhh….Me.  Yeah, I can do that, just don’t wanna right now!

Cost and Abilities: 

Rookie, Exp., Vet, LE = 105,147,154, 161 Points: 9, 10, 10, 11 clicks of life

8, 8,10,8 range / 1,2,2,2 targets, JSW team ability JLA (on the experienced version only)

BEST OF:  Captain Atom LE is just terrible.  It is more points then the veteran with lower range and a push click.  If you are playing this figure there is no logical reason to use this over the veteran.  Thus, there is no reason to review that portion of the figure.  The Rookie is clearly inferior to the veteran, but for the point cost is not a terrible 105 point figure.  The experienced is close with the free move from the JLA, but the opening push click is wretched.  The Veteran is the one to play if you can afford him on your team.  The rest of this review will focus on the Veteran.

Movement: 12 with Running Shot and a 10 Range with 2 targets.  Wow.  That is money.  He will be able to hit you and there is no doubt about that.  This is really his finest point.  If he gets past the first two clicks he loses the Running Shot and has no more movement powers.

Attack:  10 with Super Strength. 10 is the starting attack of any character I will play with.  Personally, with the new higher defenses, I just can’t deal with a nine.  However for 154 points I would have preferred an 11 or 12.  This means you should run probability control on your 300 point teams to make sure your heavy hitter hits every time.

Defense: 17 with Impervious.  Great! 17 is a very nice Defense, hard to hit and then 1 out of 3 times Imperious will make sure nothing at all gets through.  He has 2 clicks of Impervious so push him once to go for the kill.

Damage: 4 on the first two clicks, 2 with ranged combat expert on the next 4.  Because he is a flyer he can use ranged combat even when based.  So 6 down the dial he will hit four clicks.

Sculpt:  Sliver figures are cool and the Legacy set is pretty much all great sculpts.  This does not wow me, but it is a good B+ effort.  Fun Fact:  I have pulled 5 Veterans in 10 packs that I have opened of Legacy so far.

Overview:    Captain Atom is a good figure on his veteran form and is definitely a house in draft or sealed.  He is not game changing though and really nothing new in general.  He is a beat stick.  You can build a team around him, but there are probably other characters that are even better to do that with.  He is no Ultimate Thor, but he is much, much cheaper to buy.

How to Beat Him:  Outwit is great against him.  Start with his Impervious, then Outwit his Ranged Combat Expert.  This will chop him down to just Private Atom.


How to Play Him:  I say you have him carry around a Hydra Medic or Easy Company Medic.  Push the heck out of him to waste opponents, use the medics’ team ability to boost your attack then heal later on.  Try to hit from a far so the medics can do their job.

Overall Score:

4/5 Sealed

4/5 Draft

3.8/5 300

3.5/5 400

3/5  500

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)

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