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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Scourge - Ultimates

Reviewed 09.22.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  21
Collector's Number  009
Rarity  3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Monger Scourge REV #7-9
Justice is Served #203
Marvel Ultimates

You can not help but love cheap figures with great stats! Before this guy was introduced, my favorite below 20 pt figure was the Elektra LE in her ninja suit from Xplosion. She has high numbers, 8 range and stealth. This Elektra was an all around great piece for filling point gaps. But now I have a new favorite point filler – Scourge! The experienced and veteran versions of this figure are just amazing for their extremely low point values of 17 and 21. If you’re lucky enough to have the LE version, your in good hands as well – this figure is outstanding!

The Rookie (14 pts): Out of the four versions, this is definitely the weakest, but that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of dealing crucial damage in tight game situations. His 6 range, nine attack, and 2 damage make for a excellent cheap piece. Give this figure one little push and he’s capable of dealing four clicks of damage! A 14 point figure that can deal high damage – that’s a winner in most everyone’s book!

The Experienced (17 pts): This is the version where Scourge comes alive! He no longer has to hide in the back waiting for his chance to strike. With the addition of stealth, Scourge can now get into positions where the rookie would have been vulnerable. Increase the attack value to a 10 and add one more click of ranged combat expert, and you’ve got yourself a 17 point killing machine.

The Veteran (21 pts): I love this figure! For 21 pts, you get 6 range, an 11 attack, stealth and a base 2 damage. After one click, you still have your stealth, a 10 attack and ranged combat expert! This figure is a must have for tournament players and casual players alike! There is no other figure in the HeroClix line anywhere that comes close to mixing low point cost and high stats like the veteran Scourge!

Justice is Served LE (31 pts): The stats are comparable to the veteran version, only this one lacks the early stealth (he gains it on his 3rd click). To make up for this, Wizkids gave this version super senses, a increased base 3 damage and exploit weakness. A little TK and this figure can deal damage to anyone he chooses! And with his 11 attack, making a successful attack roll will never be difficult. When compared to the veteran, I would say the lack of early stealth hurts this figure, but if you can make some successful super senses rolls when being attacked, he is well worth his points!

Overall: One of the best low cost, high stat figures in the game – if not THE best. I’ve worked this figure into several of my 200 and 300 point constructed teams and I cannot say a bad word about him. He is capable of taking down figures over twice his point value and he can do it with ease. If you are looking for a solid figure to fill your 20-22 pt gap on a team, reach for this figure, you will NOT be disappointed.


Scourge is a REV from the Ultimate collection. He was a normal vigilant human who went on a killing spree against criminals and would always shout “Justice is Served” when he killed another. He was stopped by Captain America, but others have taken up the Scourge persona afterwards. Scourge seems to be your basic cheap clix that you put in the game when you have points left over.  The cost of his figures are 14, 17, and 21 points respectively so he won’t take up a lot of room on your team.  You might be prone to throw him in the scrub pile with the Henchmen, Thugs and Lackeys of the Heroclix world, but take a closer look.


His starting Speed on all three version (Rookie, Experienced, and Veteran) is mundane with only the Veteran getting a starting Speed of 7.  The Experienced and Veteran both get a starting click of Stealth so he can hide in the shadows. 


His Attack is what makes Scourge stand out.  All three have a Range of 6, which isn’t bad for a figure this cheap.   What is amazing is this. The Rookie has a starting Attack of 9,the Experienced 10, and the Veteran 11.  Good god.  I know a lot of figures over 100 points who only have a starting Attack of 9.   Who wouldn’t find a figure of 21 points attractive who could hit a figure with a Defense of even 17 over half the time?  All three also start with a Damage of 2 so he isn’t going to do a lot of damage, but you only need to Perplex up by 1 and suddenly you can wound figures with even Impervious and Invulnerability. Plus all three get RCE on the 2nd click, the Experienced carries it to his third and the Veteran to his 4th. So after taking a click of damage he now can deal out 3 at distance.


For a figure this cheap with one stat being that grossly out of proportion you know that there must be something that suffers. Well let’s just say that Scourge won’t stick around in the game for long if your opponent wants to take him out. All three have a starting Defense of 14, and the Rookie and Veteran only have 3 clicks of life so one blow could knock him out.   They all start with Shape Change which most of the time will fail, but even one roll of 6 could change the scope of the game. Still don’t expect Scourge to hang around forever.  Do your damage fast and furious if you can.


Overall Scourge is a fun and intriguing piece for his point cost.  The Rookie is limited because with Stealth he is a sitting duck. The Experienced and Veteran if you can get them into hiding could be quite an annoying piece.  If your opponent wants to take them out quickly they can, but that means he is not focusing on your more expensive figures and that gives you an edge.  Overall I like the Experienced the best because the Veteran gets a tad pricey for a scrub to throw in the game and really for a figure this cheap isn’t an Attack of 11 a slight overkill? Alright well there is no such thing as overkill in Heroclix.


I also took a quick look at the Limited Edition version called Justice is Served.  For 31 points he is 10 points more expensive then the Veteran.  What changes is he now has a starting Damage of 3 and his entire dial has Exploit Weakness.  Plus with the addition of Super Senses he has a better chance of dodging some blows.  This character would not be good to base unless you use Charge.  Plus this is an excellent figure to use with Telekinesis and smack around some figures 4 times his cost.  The downfall is he doesn’t get Stealth until the 3rd and 4th click so he can’t hide in the terrain like the Experienced and Veteran.  This limits him, but he would still be awesome to use in the right strategy.


Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Rookie Scourge – 6.75

Experienced Scourge – 7.5

Veteran Scourge – 7.25

LE Justice is Served – 7.25




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