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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Wrecker - Ultimates

Reviewed 09.20.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  131
Collector's Number  081
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Monger Wrecker REV (#79-81)
Marvel Ultimates

Wizkids has released A LOT of heavy hitters for their DC and Marvel lines. With Marvels’ newest set - Ultimates – we are given a few more bashers and brute strength figures to work into our casual games. One of these pure power fighters is the “Wrecker”. Now, there’s nothing fancy about this figure in the ways of sculpt or flashy abilities. He is just a smash mouth figure with a dial full of super strength and high damage – just like we all expected.

The Rookie (87 pts): Every click on this figures dial includes strength based abilities and damage reducing abilities. The actual numbers are a little low for a piece of this point cost, but when holding an object, he’s always a threat to deal massive damage. For the points, I would rather play Hercules, but in a sealed tournament, this figure will be one of your main threats, as long as you keep him out of trouble.

The Experienced (119 pts): This figure offers a long dial, high damage and a great defense. The attack is still low and this will hold him back from any serious play. For the points, the rookie seems to be a little more team friendly, as he carries stats that are about the same and is 32 points cheaper.

The Veteren (131 pts): The dial is almost exactly the same as the exp and rookie versions. Although this figure has one extra click of impervious and the new addition of close combat expert. I’m not sure if I like this addition, as it is easily outwitted and doesnt work well with perplex (rule of 3 applies to CCE).

Overall: The attack values are low and drop fast. Because of this problem alone, I have a difficult time considering Wrecker a playable figure. There are cheaper / Meaner figures out there and you should play them before reaching for this guy!

It is ironic that we are reviewing Wrecker today because I have been unable to do a review for the past week as Hurricane Ivan wrecked his own path of destruction through my area and I had to flee like a rat.  Isn’t it ironic how we can find the irony in anything?


Ok on with the review. Wrecker was the founding member of the Wrecking Crew and his most famous battle in the comics was where he stood against Thor and survived an attack against Thor’s mighty hammer. Wrecker carries an enchanted crow bar that allows him to deflect bullets and what not.  Only in the comics.


His Rookie comes in at 84 points. He is an amazingly slow bugger with a starting Speed of only 6. His starting Attack of 9 is ok for a figure of his point cost, and his Damage of 3 is good.  Add Super Strength and he can lay some smack down with a Heavy Object.   He gets Quake in the middle of his dial so if he is being surrounded you can try to shake your opponents off.  His Defense of 15 is mundane, but with 4 clicks of Invulnerability followed by 5 of Toughness he can hang around for a while assuming he avoids Outwit.


The Experienced jumps up to 119 points and is the only version of Wrecker I currently have. He joins the Masters of Evil, which is not one of the better team abilities in the game.  For an additional 34 points you would expect a big difference, but only his starting Speed and Damage go up 1.  Granted a 4 Damage is a must have for a big bruisers and is a welcome change, but the Attack of 9 really hurts him at this point value. He does gain a click of Impervious to start, but still has that Defense of 15 so really avoid Outwitters.  Now he also has 5 click of Invulnerability, so he can take a pounding and stay on his feet (which he will with that low Defense).


The Veteran becomes unaffiliated again and goes up to 131 points. His starting Attack goes to 10 which is helpful and his starting Defense goes to 16, now with 2 clicks of Impervious, 6 of Invulnerability, and 2 of Toughness (10 clicks of life).  Veteran Wrecker can really take a pounding and still stick it out in a fight.  You’ll be lucky to land a hit deeper on his dial, but hey you never know.  Play him like Rocky and try to get your opponent to pull an Apollo Creed and get frustrated that he can’t take you down. Maybe he will roll a few double 1s.   The downside to the Veteran Wrecker is that his starting Damage of 4 is replaced with a 2 and Close Combat Expert (CCE).  What were they thinking?  With the Experienced I can do 6 clicks of Damage with a Heavy Object, but with the Veteran you cannot use CCE and Super Strength together. This really limits his effectiveness and makes him a very weak character for the point cost.


Overall they all fall a little short.  The Rookie might be appealing, but if you have her use Titania instead for 1 point more.  Starting Speed of 8, Attack of 10 (w/ Super Strength), Defense of 15, and Damage of 4 makes her a much more playable figure.  The Experienced falls short with his attack and he is not balanced enough for the additional 31 points. Still Impervious is always handy and can really influence the outcome of the game. The Veteran could have been fun to play if they didn’t ruin him by giving him CCE over a natural 4 Damage. What a shame!  Play him in friendly games, but avoid tournaments. There are better for cheaper.



Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Rookie Wrecker – 5.5

Experienced Wrecker – 6.0

Veteran Wrecker – 5.5



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