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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Deadshot - Unleashed

Reviewed 09.16.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  71
Collector's Number  027
Rarity  3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Deadshot

Set: Unleashed

Numbers: 25-27, (209)

Rarities: 1-3, (LE5)

Cost: 41, 50, 71, (67)

Health: 6, 6, 7, (7)

SSADD: 6/9/14/2, 8/9/14/2, 8/10/15/2, (8/10/15/2)

Powers: Running Shot, RCE

Exp & Vet add no new powers

LE adds Leap/Climb & Energy Explosion

Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 8, 2 Range 8, 2 Range 8, (1 Range 8)

Team: Batman Enemy, Suicide Squad, Suicide Squad, (Suicide Squad)


Floyd Lawton, just your normal, average, everyday gazillionaire expert marksman (hmm…sounds a little like Green Arrow to me) who disguises himself as a badguy extraordinaire in order to discredit the Bat and take over Gotham’s underworld.  Didn’t work, needless to say, and Lawton was thrown in prison, where he made good use of his time making hi-tech shivs and zip-guns.  Well, hi-tech guns anyway.  Not sure what a hi-tech shiv might be, maybe a knife with GPS in it?  So then Lawton gets out, and becomes Deadshot, the deadliest marksman in the DCU, well behind Green Arrow, Speedy, Deathstroke, etc.  I guess he’s a low rent version of Bullseye, only Deadshot was created MUCH earlier (like in the silver age.)  At one point he was a featured player in the late, lamented Suicide Squad, a series focusing on a gang of super-villains recruited by the government to go on “suicide” missions.  They really only had one last chance, and that was to work for the man.  Or woman as the case was…unfortunately that series was a victim of the early 90’s comics purge, but its fans live on.  And now we can create our own Suicide Squad battles.  Well we could if we had a FEW more members with their TA, as of right now we have…err…two.  We’ll be reviewing the other one tomorrow.


The REV set for Deaders really isn’t all that exciting.  The TA is an interesting addition, and basically allows you to surround Deaders (or Killer Frost) with scrubs, let them get hammered, and Deaders gets healed.  Or I guess you could copy it with a wild-card, and that would be more exciting.  Only the Veteran is really playable as a secondary attacker, because even with RCE and Running Shot as his only powers, the Rookie and Exp. Just don’t have a deep enough dial or good enough stats to warrant the point cost.  The Veteran does, but just barely.


Then we come to the LE, and find that it’s EXTREMELY playable.  The only thing you give up is one ranged target, and for that you get Energy Explosion and Leap/Climb, not the best powers, but certainly enough for me to drop a target.  If you can still find one, I suggest grabbing him.


And now…


WildWill’s Patented Pricing Reviews!


Deadshot REV Completed Auction Review – 9-15-04

# of Full Set Auctions: 5

High Amount: $1.00

Low Amount:  $0.01

Average Amount $0.52

# Auctions Above Avg: 3

# Auctions Below Avg.: 2

 # Auctions with no bids: 4

Price range of no bid Auctions: $0.99-$2.49


Pricing Commentary – Now that’s just UGLY.  And there were TWO auctions that sold for a penny.  Sad and ugly.  Oh well…moving on…


Floyd Lawton LE5 Completed Auction Review – 9-15-04

# of Full Set Auctions: 2

High Amount: $18.95

Low Amount:  $15.50


Pricing Commentary: Only two auctions, not a lot of data to go by.  I can’t say that I’d pay that much for him, but I would trade something WORTH that much for him…I guess that’s not saying a lot there is it.  Bah.


My Ratings Playability, then Collectability


Rookie 2,1

Experienced 2,1

Veteran 3,1

LE 4, 3


Next time:  One of the prettiest sculpts in any set…you already know who it is if you actually READ my review!




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