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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Flash - Hypertime

Reviewed 09.15.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  98
Collector's Number  105
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Flash

Set: Hypertime

Numbers: 103-105, (128)

Rarities: 3-(6)

Cost: 68, 82, 98, (101)

Health: 8, 8, 9, (9)

SSADD: 10/9/17/1, 11/10/17/1, 11/10/17/1, (20/10/17/1)

Powers: Hypersonic Speed, Force Blast, Super Senses, Energy Shield/Deflection

Exp & Vet add Outwit

Unique ONLY has Hypersonic Speed

Ranged Attacks: None (all versions)

Team: Justice League (REV), None (Unique)


Arch Enemy – Gorilla Grodd (REV), None (Unique)


Wally West started out his adventuring career as Kid Flash in an extremely similar fashion to his uncle Barry, he was hit by a bolt of lightening in his uncle’s Police Lab, and given Flash powers.  (Little did we know at the time that Barry was ACTUALLY the bolt of lightening, but that’s a whole other story).  When Barry, the Silver Age Flash was killed in the Crisis, Wally stepped up to the plate and became the new Flash.  He’s had TONS of cool adventures in the recent comics, most notably written by Mark Waid, and he’s held his own since 1986, which is a good thing too.


Interestingly enough, WK decided to go with the Golden Age Flash as the Unique here, and that’s an odd choice for sure.  Especially since he doesn’t have the JSA TA.  But first, let’s look at those REVs shall we?


Nice stats, a bit pricey, but hey, this set came out a full two years ago (if not longer, the older I get the worse my memory is).  All three versions are still playable, if, for nothing else, you get Hypersonic Speed!  For under 100 points!  Out of 16 total figures that have the HSS capability, only 7 are under 100 points, and only three others are cheaper than the rookie cost of 68 (those would be Jesse Quick).  So if you want to TRY HSS without going the costly route of a Nightcrawler, check out Flash here, he’s reasonably priced in the secondary market.  Those Exps and Vets will be hard to come by though, because they are the most playable of the set, especially when you add in the Outwit and longer dial on the Vet.


The Jay Garrick Unique is a strange figure to be sure.  The ONLY power it has is HSS, but with that 20 movement he’s in a class all by himself.  In fact only the vaunted Nightcrawler has a speed higher than 13 and HSS.  Unfortunately he has no other powers, which makes him a limited use piece indeed.  If your opponent sees Jay on the field of battle, he pretty much knows your strategy, and that’s never a good thing.


And now…you’ve missed it, and I know it…here’s it’s return!!!!!


WildWill’s Patented Pricing Reviews!


Flash REV Completed Auction Review – 9-13-04

# of Full Set Auctions: 9

High Amount: $19.50

Low Amount:  $ 6.50

Average Amount $11.41

# Auctions Above Avg: 4

# Auctions Below Avg.: 5

 # Auctions with no bids: 0

Price range of no bid Auctions: $ na


Pricing Commentary – Wow, for an REV set that is older than dirt (HC wise), this one is really holding up it’s value.  It’s hard to believe we hadn’t reviewed him before.  Founding member of the JLA and all.


Flash Unique Completed Auction Review – 9-13-04

# of Full Set Auctions: 16

High Amount: $26.51

Low Amount:  $ 9.99

Average Amount $17.75

# Auctions Above Avg: 7

# Auctions Below Avg.: 9

 # Auctions with no bids: 1

Price range of no bid Auctions: $ 9.99


Pricing Commentary:  I’d be really surprised if there were a more valuable Unique from the Hypertime set…maybe Bats and Supes, but both of those versions were far from good.  This one has a high trade value AND a high secondary market value (for a two year old set that is).  Very nice.


My Ratings Playability, then Collectability


Rookie 3,3

Experienced 3,4

Veteran 4,4

Unique 3,4


Next time:  More DC, and the last two for the week have a theme…something about it being painless…I wonder how many people will get that?




*Unique Jay Garick version:

The golden age flash is a hypersonic speedster all the way [literally, he has 8 clicks of HSS] with a whopping speed of 20, a high defense of 17, a mediocre attack of 10 that becomes worse and worse with each click of damage and a low damage of 1.

*Experience/ Veteran Barry Allen and/or Wally West version:

With his quick wit, fast reflexes and super speed, Flash has been given very useful powers such as super senses [3clix], outwit [1click] and Hyper Sonic Speed [5-6clix]. He barely differs from the unique version in stats; he still has mediocre attack, high defense, low damage but only a speed of 11, which is still great but not as devastating as 20. Also because of the JLA team ability this version of the Flash has “free” movement.


*Clix with good synergy:


Rok-Conartist, rok- Harley quin, exp- DEO agent: [perplexes damage or attack]

Vet-Avalanche:[pushes perplexers such as conartist with pulse wave][can barricade Flash in Barrier to keep opponent attacks away]

Vet-Blizzard:[pushes perplexers such as conartist with puksewave]

Exp-Green Lantern:[ Taxi and TK]

LE-Jane Foster [ can heal and or move with out taking pushing damage because of willpower]

Rok-Destiny/ exp-Black cat[ can re-roll attacks]



Unique Jay Garick version:


20 Speed with HSS all the way

17 defense

Olde Timey helmet



A little pricey but worth cost.

Mediocre attack

Low damage

Only 1 ability

Not flying---can be stopped by smoke cloud or barrier


*Experience/ Veteran Barry Allen and/or Wally West version


11 Speed with 5 clicks of HSS

17 defense




A little pricey but worth cost.

Extremely low ending stats and abilities

JLA team ability

Mediocre attack

Low damage

Only 1 click of outwit

Not flying---can be stopped easily by smoke cloud or barrier


Rating in a scale of 1-5


  1. ****(near)Broken*****Unique Jay Garick version:
  2. ****Playable******Experience/ Veteran Barry Allen and/or Wally West version
  3. Okay
  4. Not worth using
  5. Good luck champ


Final Verdict: Jay Garick Flash is near broken with 20 speed and HSS; he can smack someone from a far distance and can come back to safety. Although lacking in attack and damage those aspects can be changed by using this figure with perplex. The only real down side to this figure is that he is not flying so he must watch out for smoke cloud or barrier, but with 20 speed he can just go around them most of the time. My only complain is why he was not given super senses since one of his powers  in  comics include the ability to catch bullets.

      The Experienced and Veteran version of Flash are very playable pieces. They include a myriad of abilities that help them tackle many situations despite low damage values. These versions of flash are more susceptible to smoke cloud or barrier.



Without Victory, there is no survival...