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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Logan - Clobberin Time

Reviewed 09.08.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  60
Collector's Number  069
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Godwin James “Logan” Hewitt is the real name of the X-Men Wolverine. Like Spider-Man, Elektra, Daredevil, and Hulk he has had quite a few variations done in the heroclix world. Logan was a REV from the Clobberin Time expansion set. I pulled the E Logan in my very first Clobberin Time booster and have collected all three of his REV so I know him well.

At 40 points Rookie Logan makes a very solid support piece for additional close combat muscle. His move of 8 is pretty good, but the first click of Stealth gives him a good chance to move around the board unseen by ranged combat snipers. Also even though he has Battle Fury, he doesn’t get it until his third click so you can carry him on the first few turns. His Attack is above average starting at 9 for his first 2 clicks. These first two attacks are also paired nicely with a Damage of 3 for those same 2 clicks. His second click also gets Flurry so now you have 2 close combat attacks on the same turn for a potential 6 clicks. Pretty solid. His Attack drops after that but he gets Blades / Claws / Fangs (BCF) for the remainder of his dial so he always has the potential to do some damage. His Defense is average starting at 15, but 3 clicks of Toughness help soften the blows he takes. No version of Wolverine would be complete without Regeneration and he has it for his last three clicks so Logan can fight on if you roll just right. Overall the Rookie is a good support piece, but can be overmatched in combat if your not careful. Remember he is only 40 points.

The Experienced Logan only goes up 9 points to 49. His starting Attack goes up to 10 for his first click and he still gets two clicks of 9 to follow. This is a really good deal on a 49-point character. His dial deepens a click and where the value shows is that he now has Flurry on his second and third click and it overlaps with BCF on his third click. So now your potential damage goes from 6 to possibly 12. You won’t always land on this click, but when you do you can do some serious damage. Keep track of your dial and do what you have to land on his third click. With Regeneration you can bounce right back to it after taking some blows. Overall the Experienced Logan becomes a very deadly killing machine considering his point cost.

The Veteran Logan jumps up 11 points to 60. His starting Attack goes to 11 and his starting Defense to 16. His third and fourth click now both have Flurry and BCF so your chance of getting to use this combo increases. He also now has 8 clicks of health and can still jump back up to his starting click if you are using his first click of Regeneration. If not he can at least reach his deadly Flurry / BCF clicks. This version is even more deadly then the Experienced and is pound for pound one of the best secondary support figures you will find.

I have all three versions and have had success playing all three. I think the Experienced and Veteran stand out as very tournament worthy pieces. I really use them interchangeably in putting together teams. If I can afford the Veteran I go with him. If I can’t squeeze him in I take the Experienced. Out of all the versions of Wolverine I have he stands out. I don’t have any of the original Infinity Challenge Wolverines (or Universe for that matter except the starter). But he stands head and shoulders above the Patch version and Ultimate version. My LE Berserker Wolverine is in the mail so we will see how it compares. For the price of either 40, 49, or 60 you really can’t go wrong.

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Rookie Logan – 6.89
Experienced Logan – 7.42
Veteran Logan – 7.79


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