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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Invisible Woman - Critical Mass

Reviewed 10.29.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  50
Collector's Number  221
Rarity  LE6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 

Majinxstar Today On Clix of The Day its the LE Con Invisible Woman...

This Piece, like the Silver Surfer, was only available at the summer cons at the wizkids booth.

She could be had by only spending $50 though. The Invisible Woman is the fourth dial only clix ever, the other three are Yellowjacket, Ant-Man and The Atom.
She too costs 50 points like them, but instead of a 20 defense she only has an 18. However she has Defend and an attack power called Energy Explosion. So She is slightly more offensively capable unlike the other marvel dial boys. She only has an 8 attack though.

Team her up with someone like Ultimates Thor though and she becomes a horror the likes of, well Ultimates Thor. She should never be thrown out there to choke someone like The Atom, she should be carried around by the likes of, Thor, Iron Man, KC Superman, Deathbird, or her bro the Human Torch. Try to keep her in hindering and make your opponents fear every move you make or at least think, how do I get around this?
Have fun and keep clicking!
vizier_usa Invisible Woman LE

Rank: Unique
Point Value: 50
Team: FF
Range: 6
Ranged Attacks: 1 Powers
Speed: 8/7/6/6/5/5 Stealth (ALL)
Attack: 9/8/7/7/6/6/5 Energy Explosion (Clicks 1-4)
Defense: 18/17/17/16/16/15 Defend, Toughness,
Barrier (2 Clicks Each)
Damage: 1/1/2/2/1/1 NONE

Background: Ever wonder if a superhero family will stay together or not? Look at whether or not the partners have complimentary attributes for romance.
Let s see: Vision and Scarlet Witch? Doomed! Why?
Well, because, she s human, and he s an android, and when they, you know, get intimate, she s actually uhh.. let s just say there s not much mutual satisfaction. Peter Parker and Mary-Jane? Wanna know why she keeps going back? Let s see, guy can stick to ANY surface for ANY amount of time. NUFF SAID!
Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic? Let s see: 1) typical blond bombshell with a thing for leather (see the Malice storyline a while back) + 2) Man with ability to stretch ANY part of his body = 3) the both of them will be together until the end of the Marvel Universe. (Yes, I m bored with doing basic background

First Thoughts: There s already a review for R Invisible on pojo.com here, at:
To tell the truth, the previous review pretty much said most of the stuff I would say about this figure, plus the previous guys did a better job with the background info, so I would suggest that if anyone wants to appreciate our esteemed writers from the past, please go check out the link. I ll just elaborate a bit on the extra stuff Wizkids tacked on to this figure to make you pay big bucks at the convention.

Strengths: If you read the link from above, you ll know why 18 with Defend with Stealth is so good, it s almost broken. This figure is a staple of a lot of teams, to the point where a lot of players I know really hate this figure. In addition to what the R IG does, this LE gets Energy Explosion with 9 AV, which, with the 6 Range, gives IW a bigger offensive punch.
The end dial Barrier is still a pretty good last ditch defense in case anyone manages to get through IW s defenses and wants to finish the job.

Weaknesses: Typical add more stuff to make the figure more interesting LE. Sometimes, however, its
better to let sleeping dogs lie, as they say. See, R
Invisible Girl was good because she did only one thing, but she did it very well. Some variations in LE form may help a figure, but other times, like for this figure, its more like . It s not that the figure is bad, but what it comes down to when a team is built is, should I just take the 37 pts for the 18 Defend or use 13 more points for the extra garnishes?
Other than that, this figure is still pretty solid for what it does.

Opportunities: Well, since Wizkids took the time to make IW more of an offensive piece, why not make it count? Whereas R Invisible Girl was a mainstay for turtle teams or a security blanket you could carry around, for the 50 pts you spend on this LE, you should definitely integrate her into your offense.
How? Basically, she still fulfills some of the same functions, but now, when you taxi, instead of hiding this figure behind the figure that carried, it may be possible to position this figure for an open shot.
Forget the 1 damage, the main function for this piece is to use EE on offense, make sure she comes into Range of whatever you need to target. IW LE is particularly good against bunches of weenies, since with such a high Defense, they will rarely be able to hit you, while you can hit them with the EE. Other than that, for teams that turtle, it may be possible to stick her in front of the line sometimes to take a shot rather than hide her behind all of your other guys.

Threats: Your opponent will become so angry at you they will HULK UP! and trash your stuff for using such a #$%#@ cheap figure. Seriously though, with the high AV floating around these days, plus with all the new TA that can see through stealth, boost AV and such, in the current environment, this figure has lost some of its dominance. It s still a threat, but it s not nearly as frustrating to face an R IG team now as it was before Ultimates came out. (Although I do know a new combo these days using R IG with U Thor, a tactic that s been called the new @#$%$ing CHEAP team combo, but that s another story).

Conclusion: The LE version of Invisible Girl is an offensive upgrade over the basic Rookie package. If you need more punch in your team, and you can put up the extra points, I say, go for it. Otherwise, it s not like it does R IG s job any better than she already would. Since I would give a 4 to R IG for tournament play, I have to give a 4 to the LE as well.
For Casual, same deal, as she s just as useful.

Tournament: 4
Casual: 4

If you have any comments, criticisms and/or feedback otherwise, feel free to contact me here:



Without Victory, there is no survival...


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