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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

LE Silver Surfer -
Critical Mass

Reviewed 10.25.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value 200
Collector's Number 222
Rarity LE6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Majinxstar Today we have the LE Convention Exclusive Silver Surfer. He could have been yours at any of the summer conventions that Wizkids was at, at their booth. All you had to do was spend 100 dollars. A Heroclix that costs 100 dollars? So he can kill everyone right? Hmm maybe. At 200 points(27 points more than the other
surfer) he should be a match for at least Magog right?
Wrong! He is a very bizzare package though. For 200 points you get a 12 movement, 9 attack, 17 defense, and 3 damage. He also only has one starting power which is invulnerability. He sounds pretty crappy for 200 points right? Right! Except his damage and attack go up and max out at an 11 attack and 4 damage on his fourth click. Most of his powers however are defensive moving into impervious for 3 clicks after the first two of invulnerability and then that again for one and then toughness for two more and then he ends with regeneration. If you roll regen right he will go almost back to his best. Its his Team Ability however that makes him rule. The Power Cosmic Team allows him to take no push damage and his powers can't be countered with things like outwit or pulse wave.
Thor, Magog and KC Supes can still hurt him, but in 200 point games he can really shine just go after the blades people first. I once saw this guy get shredded by a Carnage. Great in 500 point Marvel Games.
vizier_usa Silver Surfer (Convention LE)

Rank: Unique
Point Value: 200
Team: Power Cosmic
Range: 10
Ranged Attacks: 2 Powers
Speed: 12/12/10/10/10/9/9/8/8/8
Attack: 9/10/10/11/11/11/10/9/9/8/7
Defense: 17/16/16/16/15/15/15/14/14/14 Inv, Imp, Inv,
Damage: 3/3/4/4/4/3/3/2/2/2 Clicks 9-10 Support

Background: Picture this: A giant weirdo with a purple dress who treats the universe as his own buffet line comes to your planet with the munchies. You re a pseudo hippie/bald/artist DUDE with delusions of heroism. What do you do? Why, let forkhead change you into a bald/naked/silver-skinned DUDE on a surfboard so you can lead him to MORE midnight snacks OF COURSE. Aside from the fundamental ethical dilemma of saving your own planet by sending the big fat guy to eat other people, IT S ALL COOL!!!

First Thoughts: Wow, the convention LE version of Silver Surfer. To the people who could actually go to the convention to get him: I HATE YOU!!! Anyway, this version is different from the Critical Mass unique in several ways, which I will shortly get into.
First off though, as a 200 point, 10-click figure, he IS your team. Is he worth it?

Strengths: For 200 points, what do you get, other than the nice and shiny paint job? Is that a 9 I see as a starting AV? Well yes, BUT you ll notice that it gets better once you go down the dial. In other words, this is a SS version of the Hulk, which means he better have good clicks down the dial. AND he does, going up to 11 AV and 4 damage on his fourth click, and staying until his sixth. Plus with Power Cosmic TA, he gets to push without damage and shoot at 10 Range with 2 Ranged Attacks. OH, did I mention the fact that Power Cosmic TA means all of SS s powers is UNCOUNTERABLE? That s right folks, no outwit, and last I checked, Exploit Weakness and Psychic Blast doesn t work, too. Definitely a one-man wrecking crew for straight damage, and he ll be able to last long too, what with the long dial, plus Regen at the end.
If necessary, SS will also be able to help other members of your team with his Support ability at the
end of the dial.

Weaknesses: The trinity of Invulnerability, Impervious and Toughness are available, but I hate to say this, this actually detracts from the usefulness of SS. Look at it this way: Figures that HULK UP, that is, go deeper into their dial for the best clicks, must either push or have a weak front dial.
With Power Cosmic TA, Silver Surfer cannot take push damage, and therefore, his controller cannot force him into his best clicks. That s the reason why all the Hulk figures in the game don t have Willpower. Which takes us to the second part, the weak front dial:
Does 17 Defense with Invulnerability look like a weak front dial? Guess what? More often than not, SS is going to be stuck on his first click for a long time, because he can t be pushed, and since most people who face him know at the very least that he s got a long dial with tough defensive abilities, they re not going to want attack him. Even if they do, they ll have to deal with a 17 Defense to start with plus UNCOUNTERABLE INVULNERABILITY, IMPERVIOUS AND TOUGHNESS. Good luck getting to that 11 AV folks.
Oh, BTW, Silver Surfer sucks against any and all Stealth, just so you know .

Opportunities: OH, you re gonna have fun bringing this piece to a game. People will oooo.. and ahhh at the pretty paint job. They will ogle the utter rareness and value of the figure. They will swoon over the long dial, the powers and the stats. You ll probably kick the butts of a few players that get intimidated by facing such expensive and nasty figures. Yes, Silver Surfer will win you games, and you ll experience fun, glory and satisfaction while doing so. How? Let s see, 10 range plus 9 AV plus 12 movement plus 3 damage + 17 Defense means you re going to be the initiator of combat and your opponent will be the reactor more times than not. If they have a huge pt figure in their team, well, it s going to be a stare-down, and the first person that blinks is going to have the advantage. Make sure SS gets so far into range of your opponent that they cannot run away.
Hopefully, block them from getting around you to your support figures. Remember, you want to get hit, because then you ll get better stats. For once, I say, go for it, consequences be damned!

Threats: The serious player will say: so what? Ok, a 200 pt figure, on a 300 pt standard format, means you have 100 pts left to work with. Whatever you do with those 100 pts, it better be good, because more likely than not you re going to be outnumbered right off the bat. See, SS still suffers from the major weakness all points-intensive beatsticks have: move inefficiency. An experienced opponent will usually have balanced points with movement and number of figures. Therefore, more likely than not, for example, for your 200 point figure, they will have say, four 50 point figures or maybe one 100 pt beatstick with two 50 point figures. In this match up, it comes down to whether or not your high point figure will be able to take out your opponents more numerous figures in the frame of the moves allotted for the game, say three moves for a 300 pt match.
Silver Surfer helps in that regard, with his perpetually uncounterable powers and high defense numbers, he will rarely be taken out. Which comes down to our second problem: Incap. One surefire way of taking on figures with big points is to make sure they don t do anything. By stopping your main weapon from doing what you want it to do, they ve already gained an advantage. Incapping a figure is just one example, as another method of stopping, or at least hindering big point figures includes basing with throwaways, such as Moloid, to occupy your piece while your opponent proceeds to mow down the other 100 pts in your team. Please realize this: To win the game, your opponent does NOT need to take Silver Surfer down, they just need to win on points. Larger formats, the same weakness remains, although there is more leeway regarding support pieces.

Conclusion: Not a bad piece, like most 200 pt figures, you just need to use strategy. In all honesty I can t recommend him for tournament teams, since his low AV to start with and high cost means you have to be really experienced to use this figure. In casual though, heck, why not, you took all that time and expense to go to the convention to get the figure, so GO SHOW OFF AND HAVE FUN!!!
Tournament: 3
Casual: 4

Closest Comparison: The normal Silver Surfer. If you want to build a competitive tournament team, this is the way to do it. 27 pts less, front-loaded dial,
11 AV, move-efficient RS to start with, 14 Movement, high Defense, need I say more? Of course, you still need to make a good team and use your brain .


LE Silver Surfer

Marvel Critical Mass


            Todays review is for that shiniest HeroClix figure ever.  This guy was a very hot piece when Galactus was first released.  Everyone at my local gaming store was amazed by his team ability as it made him immune to outwit and also provided permanent willpower.  He saw a lot of play in my area for several weeks, but talk of the new Thor spread and surfer took a back seat, which is were youll still find him even today.   Well, Im here today to say push that Thor aside for a few games and brush the dust off of Surfer.  This piece has the power to take easily on Thor and talk about it to his friends afterwards.


            Speed / Range:  Outstanding in both categories.  Surfer easily flies from end to end of the board in two turns and has the huge range to keep potential threats away.  Abusing his team ability is the key in this area though taking advantage of his 10 range and dual targets turn after turn will make up for his high point cost!


            Attack:  Not the greatest stats Ive ever seen on a 200 point figure, but they are definitely high enough to get the job done. The late dial is a problem in this area, but Im sure most of the games this figure receives play in; hell have a medic close so not a serious problem.


            Defense:  A dial packed full of damage reducing abilities and regeneration.  All this and it cannot be taken away!  Work this guy as hard as you can on the first two or three clicks try to get him into his impervious if possible!  This is where Surfer is his deadliest and most annoying to opponents!  All it requires is a few good impervious rolls and he can plow through opposing figures with ease.


            Damage:  Its not as mighty as the damage Thor offers, but I can never complain about a figure who offers 3 and 4 for almost their entire dial.  This piece wrecks havoc on opposing forces and when you think hes donehe picks up support and heals all his friends.  The damage on this figure is very impressive!


            Overall:  When combined with a medic, solid pieces such as Black Panther and/or Jean Grey and also some secondary attackers Silver Surfer is a definite force to be reckoned with.  Best part of all his team ability! This figure has the power to hold a map in the palm of his hand and laugh at all who oppose him.  Great piece!!



Without Victory, there is no survival...


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