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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Baron Zemo - Ultimates

Reviewed 10.21.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  90
Collector's Number  086
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Godwin Baron Zemo is literally the face of the Masters of Evil. No seriously! His face is what is used for the Masters of Evil team icon. I always wondered whose face that was, and the Marvel Ultimate set showed us. (Well those who didnít know him from the comics that is)

Baron Zemo comes in at 90 points. His starting Speed is 8, which he keeps for 2 clicks while also having Running Shot for his starting 2 clicks. His Running Shot is somewhat limited though with his Range only being 6 squares. To help with movement he also starts with Leadership and has Willpower throughout his entire dial.

His Attack starts at 10 and he keeps this for 2 clicks before it starts to drop off. This is not too shabby. Normally I would say this would make Baron Zemo a good figure to Push if needed, but with Willpower you donít have to worry about that. Another nice addition that Baron Zemo has is a good Damage value. His natural Damage starts at 3 and he keeps that for both of his Running Shot clicks. He also starts with a click of Blades / Claws / Fangs so if someone moves close he can either do the normal 3 damage, or go for the big gusto. Granted rolling a 6 is always nice with BCF, but then again remember those times when you roll a 1. You might want to have someone with Probability Control if you take that leap of faith. After he loses BCF he gets Incapacitate the rest of his dial. So even though his damage drops off you can still cause Pushing damage to those figures with either Invulnerability or Impervious.

His Defense is average. I like Willpower, but it also leaves you vulnerable to damage when you get hit. His starting Defense of 16 is average, but it drops from there. He only has 6 clicks of life so he canít suffer a lot of hits. He does gain Outwit on his last two clicks, which always comes in handy to try to salvage your game if you are losing, or put the finishing touches on your opponent.

Overall Baron Zemo looks to be a solid figure, but not spectacular. His low range hurts him with Running Shot and against stronger close combat figures he wonít hold up. The Masters of Evil ability is also not really all that useful unless you are playing with a lot of figures that happen to have the team ability. Still he would be a nice figure to play once in awhile and I wouldnít mind if I pulled him.

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Unique Baron Zemo Ė 6.5
Majinxstar Its can't escape the Masters of Evil week. Today we have the infamous Baron Zemo.

With a 90 point value and the MOE TA Baron Zemo might look like a wast of space in the face of Klaw and Ultron, but he can be very useful. On his first clix he has an 8 movement with running shot and a 10 attack with Blades. These two powers don't work together, but he also has willpower and 3 damage. So maybe you can ruuning shot a flyer and then shred them to death next turn and not take any push damage. On his second clix he has incappacitate and running shot. These two powers work very well together. You can't push him into the second clix, but team him up with a pulse waver and some Con-Artists and he can make sure even Superman isn't going anywhere. Final Evaluation is that he is a much better leader for the Masters than Crimson Cowl. If you get him run him or maybe you can trade him for an Ultimates Phoenix like I did : )
vizier_usa Baron Zemo

Rank: Unique
Point Value: 90
Team: Masters of Evil
Range: 6
Ranged Attacks: 1 Powers
Speed: 8/8/6/6/5/5 Clicks 1-2 Running Shot
Attack: 10/10/9/8/8/7 Click 1 BCF, 2-6 Incap
Defense: 16/15/15/14/14/13 All Willpower
Damage: 3/3/2/2/1/1 Clicks 1-2 Leadership, 5-6 Outwit

Background: Ah yes, Baron Zemo II, the son of super uber evil Baron Zemo I, of which the only thing I remember is he had a mop for a mask and he tried to (Wile E. Coyote moment) roll a boulder on top of Captain America and ended up accidentally squishing himself. I don t know why BZ II would want to live up to that, but anyway he became your basic daddy s boy supervillain. Anyway, BZ II is the front man for the Masters of Evil, whom he formed to take down the Avengers, led by the aforementioned Captain America.
The only thing I remember in the latter years is that he tried to disguise the Masters of Evil as superheroes after the whole Onslaught mess (Less said, the better..), and formed the Blunder.. I mean


First Thoughts: Whenever I have a figure near the 100 pt range, the first thing I consider is whether or not I can use that figure as centerpiece of my team. With tournament teams set at 300 pts these days, a 90 pt secondary attacker/support piece is really not cost-effective, unless it does something or a bunch of things so well I have a reason to use them (i.e. V.
Raven, R UL Green Lantern. Etc.)

Strengths: Astonishingly enough, BZ II is the only figure in the game with two very rare combinations stuck together in one figure. BZ II has RS, BCF and Willpower together on the same first click! Does this combination work though? For starters, RS for 6 range with 8 movement means that BZ II has an effective range of 14 for 3 damage, which rocks with Willpower.
BCF is rarely complimentary with RS, but for this figure, it actually works, since more often than not, you ll be going toward your opponent when you RS, which gets you into their range or leaves you vulnerable to be based. Well, you don t need to worry about the last part too much, since anyone who actually bases will risk getting BCF in their face.
This combo didn t work for Deathbird and Terrax, the only other two figures with BCF and RS, because they both had to push, but for BZ II, this isn t an issue.
After BCF comes Incap, which isn t too bad if you want to stop someone from smoking you after a hit. Oh, yeah, uhh.. Leadership. Free actions are nice I
guess, but you have to roll for it.

Weaknesses: That dial!! Six clicks. For 90 pts.
With only Willpower for Defense. Remember how I said BCF would help against people who could base your figure? Well there are two problems with that: 1) No defense against Range. Since Willpower takes up the slot for the whole dial, you re left the basic defense stat of 16, which isn t exactly high. For 90 pts, you better believe people are going to try to shoot you up. 2) Remember how I said people wouldn t want to base you? It won't matter if they have a figure with Charge to knock your figure deeper into his dial. Also, shooters like BZ II suck against guys with Stealth, so if you see someone with a Stealth team, better get your favorite dice for BCF, because you re going to be basing a lot.

Opportunities: For the front man of the Masters of Evil, BZ II is actually to useful in a theme team.
One of my opponents a while back basically set up a little wall of MOE figures in front of Zemo so I couldn t get to him without first taking them down, and while I was doing that he was using RS to his advantage. Since I really didn t want to base because of the team ability, it got really annoying. Using BZ II is all about taking advantage of his 1st click, because anything after that, like the late-dial Outwit, is basically a smokes screen he uses to run home to daddy for TLC. (Low Blow!) RS and/or BCF, Willpower, repeat.

Threats: Well, anyone with a decent AV and Range is going to be licking their chops when they see BZ II, because an easy 90 pts is pretty sweet. The key to using BZ II, as with all things in Heroclix, is to know when and where to use him. See a bunch of fliers with Range? Sit back, Leadership, let your flunkies do your work, and wait for your opening.

Conclusion: I really can t recommend Baron Zemo for serious tournament teams. He s not all that bad, but he just doesn t last long enough to be a factor in most games, and when does go down, your opponent is up 90 points. However, for casual situations, especially for a theme team, why not? Have FUN, it s a game!

On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being lowest and 5 being highest (See my guide for the scale from my first Review if you want more detail about the ratings)

Tournament: 2
Casual: 3

Closest Comparison (New Feature): I ll try to find a similar figure if the featured item is rated under a 4. For Baron Zemo, why not try Veteran Bron, who doesn t have RS, but is 1 pt less, has an 11 AV and has 2 more clicks plus Invulnerability to start out with?



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