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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Lobster Johnson - Indy

Reviewed 10.14.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  72
Collector's Number 036
Rarity 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Monger Lobster Johnson
Indy HeroClix

Until the release of Unleashed and the printing of Brainiac 5, Lobster Johnson was the only wildcard figure with outwit in all of HeroClix. All three versions of this piece received serious ďopenĒ play in tournaments nation wide. It did not take long for people to realize the potential his wildcard and outwit combo offered when teamed up with a Superman ally or Ultimates ally. He could see through and move through hindering terrain, which enabled him to outwit the stealth ability of opponents Deathstroke, Black Panther, Green Arrow and other figures with stealth, opening them up to attacks! This figure is well worth his pts on teams that abuse wildcard abilities.

Rookie (41 pts): A stealthy outwitter, with decent range and a low point value. This one of those figures you keep around and try to abuse as often as possible. Having the wildcard ability alone makes this piece well worth his points. The only low spot on this figure is his attack value, which is only an eight. Although this is a little low for a figure of his cost, heís on the board to outwit, not fight!

Experienced (53 pts): In this version, we have identical powers on the speed and damage, but he was given a HUGE bonus to his attack values (now up to a 10) and his defense was given a little help as well in the form of toughness. Not only is this piece a solid support piece, he can get into a few rumbles as well, which makes him very useful and well rounded for any form of play.

Veteran (72 pts): The best figure in the group, and one of the most popular figures in the entire Indy clix set. This figure can do it all! He has two clicks of stealth plus three clicks of phasing. This enables him to sneak up on opposing medics and support pieces, even when there is blocking terrain in the way. The attack values are high enough he can make successful attacks on just about anyone, and with his outwit ability, he looks right past those pesky impervious and super senses rolls. Defense wise, this figure is rather shocking. He was bumped from the toughness of his experienced version to impervious! Keep this figure on hindering terrain and out of sight, and youíve got yourself one tough hombre.

Overall: One of the games best outwitters. I kept all three versions of this figure in my gaming box and they received play pretty often. I would suggest giving this figure a try in any team that uses a lot of team abilities. He is well worth his points and you will never be disappointed in his production.

Lobster Johnson is a member of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Development, which was brought into the mainstream with the well-done Hellboy movie that came out this past summer.  I donít know much about him other then he wasnít in the first movie and rumors say he wonít be in the second.  Supposedly he is a ghost or something like that.


His Rookie is only 41.  With that you get a typical hide in cover and Outwit style of figure.  He has 4 clicks of Stealth with a starting Speed of 8.   His Attack is low at 8, but his Range of 6 with 2 Ranged attacks may come in handy.  With a Damage of 2 he can wound someone with Toughness, but not do much else.  His Defense is right on average with a 15 to start, but he has no powers to reduce damage, or avoid it.  Otherwise his dial is rounded out with a staring click of Outwit.  The B.P.R.D. team ability is a wild card, so he plays well with members from CrossGen and Danger Girl.  Iím not really thrilled with the Rookie. For one I can get the same basic thing from Rookie Black Panther at 27 points. 


The Experienced is basically a 12-point higher version of the Rookie. His starting Speed goes up 1, his Attacks amazingly goes up 2, and he gains a click of Toughness.  The higher Attack makes him a much better offensive threat then his Rookie.  The Toughness helps protect him against Energy Explosion and small peons, but not much else. Overall he is a better well-rounded figure and if I had him I would give him a lot more playing time then the Rookie.


The Veteran jumps up to 72 points.   For a 19-point cost increase surprisingly his starting stats donít change.  The biggest difference is that he gains Phasing after 2 clicks of Stealth, and the big change is he starts with a click of Impervious before getting 2 clicks of Toughness.  If he is a ghost then Phasing and Impervious make sense.  The Veteran is an interesting figure because the Impervious is really helpful, but for the price itís hard to use Veteran LJ in lower point games.  72 points is a lot to spend on a simple Outwitter.  If you play him a medic is a must.  After his first click he loses Outwit and becomes a basic support piece. Use his Phasing to get him back to a medic and healed. Outwit combined with Impervious will make him hard to hit so the longer your opponents waste actions trying to wound him the better for your team.


Overall Lobster Johnson isnít horrible, but not great either. I think I like the Experienced the best, but the Veteran would play nice in big point games. I think LJ comes into his element mostly in Indy only games.  In those styles of games Stealth and Outwit are two useful powers to have.   Without a Superman Ally or Ultimate TA he will be safe unless someone moves into close combat, and I donít think Charge is that common in Indy.  In open style games there are to many figures that do the same thing he does, or can take him down to easily.  But if I had the Experience or Veteran I could see myself playing him once in awhile.


Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Rookie Lobster Johnson Ė 5.75

Experienced Lobster Johnson Ė 6.25

Veteran Lobster Johnson Ė 6.25



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