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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Zelda Dubois - Ultimates

Reviewed 11.02.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  21
Collector's Number  206
Rarity  LE4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Monger Zelda Dubois LE
Marvel Ultimates

When Wizkids creates an LE, it seems as though they always make the figure terrible when compared to the REV versions. This LE version of Princess Python is no different. Even though the point cost is extremely low, she does offer a few good abilities and can be a very handy piece against teams that only pack one or two offensive pieces.

Speed / Range: The overall speed and range of this figure are horrid. Iím not sure what the range of two was suppose to simulate, but it will have no affect on the game and it doesnít help this piece at all. The only thing this figure has going for it in this area is the power of plasticity. You can TK this figure adjacent to an opposing figure and try to keep them in check for at least a turn, which can buy your team some time to get into position if possible. She could be useful against teams that pack a single heavy hitter, as they will have to deal with this girl before they worry about everyone else.

Attack: This could have been a lot worse. An 8 attack value is decent and with a good dice roll, you can hit most opposing figures youíll come across. The best thing about this figure can be found here though Ė the blades/claws/fangs ability. Having the capability of dealing six clicks of damage and only costing a miniscule 21 points is a big deal!

Defense: This area will be overlooked by more experienced players and laughed at by newbieís. Although she is easy to hit, he main function will be found in the speed and attack powers. We can look past her low defense as long as she is keeping an opposing Doc Samson or Wrecker in his place for a turn or two.

Damage: Much like the defense, this area will be overlooked and will have little impact on the game. The blades/claws/fangs ability will be used 99% of the time, unless it is outwitted.

Overall: A good little piece for tying up opposing figures. She doesnít have to deal dial and she cannot take a solid hit Ė but when combined with a TKíer she can get into a characters face, hit them for a possible 6 clicks of damage and then hold them tight for a turn or two while you move your other pieces into position.
vizier_usa Zelda Dubois

Rank: LE
Point Value: 21
Team: None
Range: 6
Ranged Attacks: 1 Powers
Speed: 6/6/5/5 ALL Plasticity
Attack: 8/7/7/6 BCF Clicks 1-3
Defense: 13/13/12/12
Damage: 1/1/1/1

Background: Who s Zelda Dubois? Zelda Dubois is real name of Princess Python. Who s Princess Python?
She s a gal who likes to attack people with her giant snake. How s that make her a supervillain? I dunno, I guess the writers were having a really bad week ..

First Thoughts: Wow, they finally made a figure with Plasticity and BCF (No, EV Chameleon doesn t count).
For such a synergistic combination it sure took Wizkids long enough to figure out it was a good combo.
I guess it s sort of like the thing with peanut butter and jelly, you just don t know its good until you ve tried it .

Strengths: It s Plasticity plus BCF for 21 points.
In other words, a tie-up piece with TEETH. Base your opponent, and they will have to waste time taking care of you because they know RED on Attack is BAD.

Weaknesses: 13 Defense. Four clicks. It s a tie-up piece. Please reserve a space in wherever you put your Heroclix, because you re going to be putting this piece back there in a few turns. Oh, yeah the Attack Value is pretty low at 8, but what the heck, what were you expecting for 21 points?

Opportunities: Too bad they took out the Serpent Society TA, or else I would call this the best tie-up figure ever created. As it stands, it s still pretty good. What do tie-up pieces do specifically? They make opponents waste their time, energy and most importantly, moves taking out something that they normally wouldn t bother with. Taxi it next to their beatstick and watch them squirm. TK it in the middle of their formation. Move it next to their Medics and/or Perplexers. Ah, yes, this piece is EVIL. The Plasticity will annoy them, but the BCF WILL make them go to pieces. Oh yeah, you might as well push, since
4 clicks isn t going to stop anyone anyway.

Threats: Of course, leaving this piece in the open is like giving your opponent 21 free points. That s also an option if you want an opponent to waste that action creaming Zelda, but that really isn t using this piece to its full potential. A good player will use this piece as a psychological weapon, holding it back until the moment is ripe to spring it, creating an instant headache for your opponent and preventing them from implementing their strategy.

Conclusion: Again, a great, but often overlooked piece. If you have 21 points and you re wondering what to spend it on, there are worst things you could do. It may be a little situational for tournament play, as its good mainly for melee teams, but it s still useful regardless. In casual, it probably won t be a very sexy piece, but it still does its job.

Tournament: 4
Casual: 4

If you have any feedback, rants and/or disagreements, feel free to contact me here: vizier_usa@yahoo.com

Majinxstar Today we are looking at Zelda Dubois the real name of Princess Python. I have to admit that I cringed at the sight of her name. I have pulled upwards of 6 Princess Pythons and I have started to just throw them away. A phasing incappacitater would seem like a good thing if her attack wasn't so horrible. Anyway Zelda costs 21 points and changes tactics a little now that her identity is revealed. She has only 4 clicks of life, which is just horrible and no defensive powers.
Her defense is a paltry 13 which means she should just kill herself if someone ilke Thor ever bases her. She is very slow with a movement of six, but she has plasticity for all four of her clixs. She has a one damage and an 8 attack. What good is she you ask well she has blades/claws/fangs.

So what can she do exactly. Well she is the ultimate medic killer. However due to the fact that she does not have the Serpent Society TA you have to use a special trick to get her to the medic. I like to call it the TK Cannon. You need 3 people with telekinesis for it to work, but it does work. First have a tk'er tk out another tk'er. Then have the third tk'er tk out Zeldanext to the 2nd tk'er. Then have that one tk her next to your opponets medic, (as long as that medic is not Xorn or Jean Grey), and plasticity will cause the medic to be unable to get away and then Zelda can shred them. Don't expect her to make it back though. Have fun as this seems to be the only version of PP that is playable IMO.

Zelda Dubois is the Limited Edition version of the Princess Python REV from the Ultimate set.  At 21 points her LE version is actually cheaper then even the Rookie version of Princess Python.  The sculpt is pretty decent with a giant python wrapped around her shoulders so it gives it a little bit of a unique flair.


Iím not really sure what to say on this figure.  In regards to her REV set I found them all to be pretty dissappointing.  She basically is an Incapacitate figure with a weak Attack and a Range of only 2.  The Serpent Society team ability is useful, but she doesnít have a large enough move to really take advantage of it.


The Limited Edition version doesnít have either Incapacitate or the Serpent Society team ability. In its stead she gains 4 clicks of Plasticity and 3 of Blades / Claws / Fangs which I assume represents the snake being able to wrap up people and nibble on them.    Her stats are not flattering. Her starting Speed is 6, Attack of 8, Defense of 13, and Damage of 1 with only 4 clicks of life. 


Overall there is nothing really exciting about this figure.  There are other cheap BCF figures out there that are better (V Kobra Fanatic being one that comes to mind).  Plasticity has its moments, but let me get on my soapbox about Plasticity.  This power is a disappointment because it has one serious flaw.  It has no effect on figures with Leap / Climb, Phasing or Hypersonic Speed since they donít have to roll break away.  With the clarification of the rules requiring you to take an action if you fail a break away players are less reluctant to take that chance.  In my opinion Plasticity would be 10 times more useful if it would force figures with powers that donít need to roll a break away to roll a 4, 5, or 6 to break away from a figure with Plasticity. That way the power could really be useful in slowing up opponent figures that move easily around the board.


With Zelda though Plasticity isnít really a big concern, because with a Defense of only 13 if she tries to prevent you from moving just attack her and even an Attack of 8 will hit with a 5 or better.  She doesnít really provide anything to the game I canít get with other figures.  


Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Limited Edition Zelda Dubois Ė 5.0


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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