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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Wolverine - Universe

Reviewed 05.28.2004

Rank Experienced
Point Value  41
Collector's Number  002
Rarity  1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Wolverine
Set: Marvel Universe
Number: 2 (74)
Rarities: Fixed Starter (4- Uncommon)
Costs: 41 (61)
Health: 7 (10)
SSADD: 7/10/15/1 (8/10/15/2)
Powers: Stealth, BCF, Toughness, Regeneration Battle Fury(Same)
Ranged Attacks: None (None)
Team: X-Men (X-Men)

I’m kind of confused as to how WK can justify making these starter figures Experienced, since they are so clearly not even HALF as strong as their previous editions. It’s semantics I suppose, but really, maybe they should have come up with a new ring color…Green perhaps. Meh. It’s really odd that these starter figures are even cheaper than the same figure’s rookie in the same set! And doing just a tad more checking reveals that WK decided to go ahead and put the full unadultered REV set for Spidey, Sabretooth, Wolverine and Hobgoblin (apparently they didn’t reprint the full REV of Elektra and Wasp, though both are available as Uniques).

So Wolvie is…um….cheap? 41 points is probably the cheapest Wolvie figure in any set, so for that alone there’s some die-hard Logan fans that will put him on every team. I might be tempted to do so too, but then again, cheap BCF is now PLENTIFUL (I just did a search on BCF for under 45 points and found there’s 107 different figures!). The real sticky point for me with this fig is the whopping ONE Click of Stealth, which is what Wolvie’s known for. That’s just a disgrace.

My ratings –
Playability 2
Collectability 2

Next time – An über short review for an über tiny figure.
Monger Wolverine
Marvel Universe #002

Now, I thought that – when Wizkids revamped there figures for the Universe starter, they were supposed to be a little stronger and/or more playable. This is definitely not the case when it comes to Wolverine. He lost several key stats all through his dial and several of his abilities got chopped down to size as well. I have to say, I’m extremely disappointed with Wizkids revamping of this figure. He defiantly got the short end of the stick!

From here – I’ll compare the Universe and the Infinity Challenge figures. Keep in mind, these figures have the same point value, and Wizkids told us the new (universe) figure would be better and stronger….lol! The fact that the new Wolverine only has 6 clicks of life compared to the old Challenge Wolverine having 7 clicks is already ridiculous. How do they consider this better? Anyhow…

Speed: The Universe Wolverine has lost a few steps, and he’s not as stealthy anymore. He begins with only a seven movement as compared to the 8 movement of the challenge Wolverine. One the second and third click, you’ll see that the Universe Wolverine has no stealth at all, yet the Challenge Wolverine holds his stealth through these clicks. So far, the old school Wolverine is better!

Attack: Same attack stats to start off, nice 10 attack with Blades/Claws. The Universe holds a 9 attack for his 2nd and 3rd click, yet the Challenge only holds a 9 attack for his second, then drops to an 8 on his third. I can see a little difference here, but wait… What’s this I see? The new Universe Wolverine looses his Blades/Claws on the 5th click? That’s a shame really, because the Challenge Wolverine holds Blades/Claws throughout his entire dial, which is the way Wolverine should be – always a threat. Once again, I’m disappointed with yet another ability and this is not better!!

Defense: Exactly the same as the Challenge version, only lacking a click since he only sports 6 clicks of life in the Universe version.

Damage: Base 1 damage on the Universe version and base 2 damage on the Challenge version? Oh ya, I can see how this is better, defiantly! Thanks for making these much needed changes!

Overall: Wizkids ruined a figure that was extremely playable. Thanks a lot guys for ripping Wolverine apart and making him look like a prissy little kid. I am not happy with this figure and I cannot wait until Ultimates arrives. Hopefully then Wizkids and Wolverine will come to an agreement that he should be stronger then 50% of the field.


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