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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

NuíBia - Unleashed

Reviewed 05.21.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  69
Collector's Number  091
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: NuíBia
Set: Unleashed!
Number: 91
Rarities: 6 - Unique
Costs: 69
Health: 8
Powers: Charge, Flurry, BCF, Incapacitate, Super-Senses, Combat Reflexes, Toughness, Battle Flurry
Ranged Attacks: 1Ranged 4
Team: None

NuíBia is an amazon, what else do you need to know? She occasionally appears in Wonder Woman comics. More Amazons are never a bad thing.

Now letís look at that dial. WHOO HOO Look at all the pretty colors, and the costÖ69 points? I can get that on a LOT of teams. No TA though. 10 Attack doesnít suck, with a 16 Defense too. That 2 Damage bumps UP to 3 when when you get Incap, but then you also have Battle Flurry, so you canít use Incap at range, which SUCKS! I like Combat Reflexes and the rest of her powers fall right in line. Plus, again at 69 points, how can you go wrong. At first glance she may not appear to be a great clix, and maybe she isnít, but sheís a great second tier soldier, one that I might use with a Wonder-Woman themed team, or heck, any team for that matter.

Nuíbiaís sculpt isnít anything to write home about, itís passable, but I prefer my warrior type figures in some sort of action pose. Her pose is just static, sheís standing there defending her base. The armor is well done though, so props for that. NuíBia is selling for virtually the same amounts as Mr. Bones from the other day. 42 Auctions have been completed in the last 90 days (and 16 didnít sell!) with an average final bid of $8.42. Highest was $14.95 and lowest was $3.99. One caveat though, only 18 figures sold for more than that $8.42 average, so sheís skewing low right now. Thatís a good price for a figure that is actually somewhat useful!

My ratings Ė
Playability 4
Collectability 3

Next time Ė Iím hoping we can look at the revised figures from Marvel Universe. If not, itíll be something less fun.
Monger Nuíbia
DC Unleashed #091

Youíll be hard pressed to find a figure in DC that offers charge and Blades/Claws/Fangs on the same click. Alot of you are probably aware of Cheetah having this ability and nobody else. Well, along comes unleashed and a rather unknown figure by the name of Nuíbia. Not only does she offer these two abilities side-by-side, but they gave her super senses and some range. Thatís unheard of for a figure from DC you have BCF. Maybe this figure is worth playing, youíll have to decide.

Speed / Range: First click is actually nice, I was somewhat impressed. Not only does she offer charge, but they gave her a nice base ten number to use it with. Itís a shame she canít charge and then make a ranged attack Ė guess Iím asking for to much there. On Nuíbiaís third click, youíll notice another ability that isnít offered very often when it comes to heroclix Ė Flurry. You know, this third click is pretty deadly, flurry and BCF, wow that can deal some serious damage (12 clicks possible). After you get past her 4th click however, youíre stuck without any options.

Attack: Blades/Claws/Fangs was the most popular ability when Indy was created, yet Wizkids never shared the love with DC. There are not many figures that have this ability, but luckily for Nuíbia, she happens to be one. Three clicks of this means she can deal some serious damage, even after sheís been pushed a few times. Drop past her first three clicks and youíll fall into incapacitate, probably the most abused ability by Wizkids. I swear Ė if they have no clue what ability to give a figure, they give them incapacitate. Itís a useful ability, but itís placed on pieces WAY too often. Who am I to complain though, its better then nothing! Try to keep Nuíbia in her starting three if you are looking for offense, she drops off the charts pretty fast!

Defense: Super Senses is one of the top 15 abilities in my book. Itís underrated and should be looked at from a different perspective. Sure, itís not as grand as impervious, but itís a very strong ability for low cost figures. It only takes one roll of 5 or 6 to make a person fall in love! Anyhow, youíll notice Nuíbia offers this on her first two clicks. Although her defensive numbers are somewhat low, she does have a chance to avoid being hit altogether, and with her offensive capabilities, Iíll take the chance. On her third click, we stumble across combat reflexes. Iím not a fan of this ability at all, I think Wizkids could have done a lot better. There are only certain times when this ability would ever be usual and itís not common enough to create an ability around it. I donít agree with this ability, they should of gave her 5 or 6 clicks of toughness and been happy.

Damage: This is the one stat that you really shouldnít worry about. A majority of the time youíre rolling a D6 to decide damage, so the base stats arenít of great importance. Now Nuíbia does offer a small range, so you might end up using this stat someday if youíre forced.

Overall: A very strong offensive piece for her points. I expected her to drop a little quicker then she did stats wise, so I was somewhat amused with her. Will I ever use her in tourny play? Probably not, but I might give her a shot in a few casual games here and there. Overall, I would say sheís definitely playable, but try to keep her within the first three clicks, where her damage dealing abilities are at their max.
This was probably the least recognized figure in Unleashed, even for some DC
junkies. However, Nu'Bia is bound for lots of play, thanks to her very red
dial (Flurry, Super Senses) and one of the favored combos in the game
(Charge+Blades) on her first two clicks. The Amazon makes for a great
close-combat attack piece through her first four clicks.

What to do with her after that point, though, is a puzzle. She has the nice
3 damage clicks mid-dial, but that's coupled with Battle Fury, Incapacitate,
Combat Reflexes and Toughness. I have yet to see Combat Reflexes come in
handy (though it will), but it's probably not going to be utilized much on a
battle-furious character, who wouldn't be able to fire back a ranged shot.
The common rationale is to help the character race off to a medic, but those
few spaces of knockback probably won't make much of a difference.

Nonetheless, Nu'Bia is a welcome addition to the DC game, which had been
lacking BCF. Here's hoping expansions bring about Artemis and some generic
amazon warriors and healers to do a theme team around Nu'Bia.


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