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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Selene - Critical Mass

Reviewed 02.xx.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  71
Collector's Number  81
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Black Queen/Selene
Set: Critical Mass
Numbers: 79-81
Rarities: 3-5
Costs: 51, 59, 71
Health: 7, 8, 9
SSADD:8/9/15/2, 8/10/16/2, 9/11/17/2
Powers: Rookie –Mind Control, Phasing/Teleport, TK, Energy Explosion, Steal Energy, Toughness .
Experienced adds no new powers.
Veteran adds no new powers.
Ranged Attacks: All three have 1 Range 6 attack.
Team: None

Origin from Whoclix (since I really don’t know who Selene is…)”In past ages Selene was a sorceress whose power was feared and respected by practitioners of black and white magic. She eventually came to live in the hidden Amazon city of Nova Roma where she led the dreaded Cult of Fire as its Black Priestess. After an encounter with the New Mutants, Selene traveled to New York where she became a member of the Hellfire Club. She rapidly rose to the high rank of Black Queen of the Inner Circle.”

Yeah, this is one of those pieces that changes name. The Rookie is known as “Black Queen” and the Experienced and Veteran are “Selene”. Confusing, I know, but it could be worse.

Can you say broken? Well, almost. TK and Mind Control are two of my personal favorite powers, The rookie has a weak attack, but that’s because she’s pretty cheap. By the time you get to her Veteran version, that attack is pumped up to 11, which isn’t too shabby. I’m not real fond of Phasing/Teleport so that doesn’t do anything for me, but I love Energy Explosion and Steal Energy. Add in toughness for a few clicks, and she’s a monster. Cheap too…If I had one, I’d definitely look at playing her. Good thing there isn’t an LE version of her too, because if there were, she’d be broken as well.

REV sets of Selene/Black Queen are selling for CHEAP on Ebay right now. No idea why, since she’s a pretty powerful tournament piece. The recent low end sale was a whopping $1.85 (SHIPPING INCLUDED!) and the recent high end sale was $8.00, shipping included, so for a few bucks you can get a great set of pieces that are very versatile.

My Ratings: (Playability first, then Collectability)

R – 3, 3
E – 4, 3
C – 4, 4

Tomorrow – He who became Monarch, and then became Extant.
Monger  Veteran Selene
Critical Mass #081

Selene is one of my favorite casual game figures. Once Infinity drops out of the type 2 rotation, she might make it onto a few tournament teams as well. If you read any of my reviews, you’ll know – if I say its tourny worthy – it’s a great piece! Her first 4 clicks are pretty devastating and demand respect from your opponent. There’s only one major problem with this figure, but I’ll get to it later…on with my review.

Speed: Ah, I love looking at a figure with a decent attack value, decent range and Mind Control! Specially four clicks of mind control to boot! She only has two clicks that are blank of abilities and her last two offers phasing, which enables rapid movement through any map in order to find a much needed medic. Mind control is one of the most underrated abilities in the game, and for only 71 points, she has a lot of it!

Attack: An eleven attack and TK on top of each other, I’m getting all excited… What’s that? She has energy explosion and steal energy too, OMG!! Ok, sure, steal energy isn’t the greatest ability ever created, but it gets you back into her mind control range, which is VERY GOOD! There are no blank clicks on her attack; this means she’ll stay busy all the way to her death (if your opponent is lucky enough to take her out).

Defense: As with every figure, the higher the defense, the better, right? Well, Selene enters the game at 17, which is nothing to laugh at. Tack on some toughness and she’s ready to battle with some of the big boys. If you have to put her into position where she might get hit, try to keep the damage possible below four clicks, this will keep her in fighting form. Although her defensive numbers drop all the way to twelve, your medics will love the fact you only need a 4-5 to make a successful support roll.

Damage: Probably the only weak spot on Selene that I can see (other then her 4 dead clicks at the end of her dial). Two clicks of damage is nothing I’ll ever be impressed with but you won’t be making straight attacks with this figure anyhow. She’ll spend her time using TK, energy explosion or mind control, those are her strengths. So, even though her damage numbers are low, don’t let them distract you!

Overall: A high attack, high defense and mind control with six range make this figure a good all around combatant. Try to keep her within the first four clicks of life if at all possible. Your opponent must keep an eye on this figure, and play around her, if they don’t, they will definitely regret it!



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