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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Wonder Woman - Unleashed

Reviewed 03.26.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  198
Collector's Number  093
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Wonder Woman (Kingdom Come)
Set: Unleashed
Number: 93
Rarities: Unique 6
Costs: 198
Health: 11
Powers: Charge, Flurry, BCF, Super Strength, Defend, Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness, Leadership, CCE
Ranged Attacks: None
Team: Kingdom Come

This is another Kingdom Come Piece (maybe next week we’ll look at something else, I don’t know, I didn’t check the pieces for next week), and it’s Wonder Woman with those bitchin’ wings. This is an absolutely beautiful figure, that should play as well as she looks.

Sure, she’s bloody expensive, but look at all the pretty colors. I can totally see new team strategies, or old ones, popping up already. Turtle? Oh yeah, Defend with an 18 Defense? I’d do it. 11 clicks of the dial before she croaks, but she’s got all that damage stopping power? No problem there. BCF? Check. CCE? Check. She’s just one nasty mofo who should be able to take out even the toughest pieces. Too bad she’s not a range combater, but hey, you can’t have everything now can you?

If the knock on the DC Heroclix was that there weren’t enough powerful pieces, it’s been answered by Unleashed thus far. How these pieces will play out in tournaments (or even casual play) is yet to be seen though, but as for WW? Well, I want one, don’t you? Being a regular Unique, she should be fairly plentiful, thus far nothing has sold on EBay, but a couple pieces are currently going at about $25 each. I’ll bet they end up around $35.

My Ratings:
Playability 4 of 5
Collectibility 4 of 5.

Next week: More Unleashed!
Havokclix Wonder Woman (UL)

Diana dons her Amazonian battle armor for the
climactic fight. There’s a great panel with Supes
talking to her, running his finger along the blade,
and actually gets cut. Wonder Woman says something to
the effect of him always having problems with magic.

Screw Supes, I want this woman in my collection!
Charge/BCF is always a deadly combo, but when her
starting AV is a 13, that’s just looney! She has a
starting movement of 10, and an 18DV with defend,
which will make her perfect for taxiing a figure while
she charges around the board. Leadership is thrown in
there, too. After a few clicks, she’s classic Wonder
Woman with the dial turned up to 11, as in an 11AV.
Charge, super strength, impervious, and CCE. Oh, did I
mention that her damage is 3 all the way across her
dial, which is 10 clicks long? Too bad you can’t use
CCE with flurry, because she has them both on one
click. She ends on flurry, super strength, and
toughness, so she’s in the thick of the battle all the

198pts puts her the same as V. Dr. Doom, and I’d take
her any day.

Collectability: 4/5
100: NA
200: 3/5 (I bet she could clean up in 200, you just
300: 2/5
400+: 5/5

Crit happens…
Monger Wonder Woman Unique
DC Unleashed #093

This figure is sure to be a very popular when Unleashed is released. The pose was sculpted beautifully and the gold paint job is attractive. I even like the way they added the American flag around her neck. This figure will find her way onto a lot of casual teams simply because of her appearance and colorful dial when it comes to abilities. The only problem I have with this figure is the lack of range. This will pull Wonder Woman down tremendously, decrease her sell value and also decrease her ability to have any impact in tournament play.

Speed: Begins the game with excellent movement values combined with charge. Nothing to sneeze at actually, she can be a real threat in closed maps, such as office buildings. After taking six clicks of damage, WW picks up a wonderful ability of Flurry. This allows her to make two close combat attacks with one action. Combine this ability with her damage value and WW is dealing six clicks of damage.

Attack: A figure that combines charge and blades/claw/fangs on the same click is deadly. Especially when you consider WW offers an eye-popping thirteen attack value. With the new rules being as they are, abilities now have on/off switches. This means – you can make a blades/claws/fangs attack on a figure, roll a two for damage, turn off your blades/claws/fangs in response and deal your base three damage as a result (if you do not understand this, please contact me with questions). After three clicks of damage, Wonder Woman looses her BCF and gains super strength. She can now pick up objects on her way to a battle and still deal an impressive 3, 5, 6, 7 or 8 clicks of damage.

Defense: Defend is always a nice ability for a defensive character. They can stand close to medics and protect them or they can provide shelter for crippled figures waiting for support. One problem, who’s going to spend 198 points of a defensive figure? Wonder Woman would benefit more if her defend ability was at the end of her dial, not at the beginning. She does offer impervious, invulnerability and toughness on her last seven clicks, but they should really be on her first seven. I would find a 15 or 16 defense with defend in late game situations a valuable asset. Putting defend at the beginning of her dial also makes her vulnerable to big hitters. Any damage greater then three can cripple her severely, which puts you in a bad position early. There is ONE advantage I can see for having this ability in early games. Wonder Woman is capable of taxing a figure such as Shazam (on his first click) and provides defense for this figure until you are able to push him and wake him up! Once you are able to push him, he is in prime position to deal damage!

Damage: A constant three throughout her dial. Her first two clicks contain leadership which is somewhat overlooked. The third through seventh click provide her with close combat expert. This is a good combination with her super strength and charge! The rest of her clicks provide no abilities, just a base three damage, which is nice in late game situations, when two or three damage can mean KO for most crippled figures.

Overall: I personally feel Wizkids wasted a beautiful figure and amazingly strong dial when they gave Wonder Woman zero range. Any distance at all, even a four, would have made this figure tournament worthy. All-in-all, Wonder Woman is capable of dealing six clicks of damage all the way through her dial in several different ways. She is VERY strong and can be a serious threat in casual and draft teams. I just wish she had some range, any range at all…
Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman was never my favorite comic character, but she has always done good for me in Clix. The R/E/V Wonder Woman from Cosmic Justice was, in my opinion, one of the highlights from that set. And there were alot of great figs in that set, so that's saying alot. THIS wonder woman is an absolute monster. For the same points you get vet Doctor Doom for (198) you can also have this new close combat monster. Starting at a beastly 13 attack and never dropping past 8 over a 10 click dial means she has high, consistant AV, one of the most important aspects of her. I tell you, I have never seen so much charge in my life. She has SIX clixs of it, then goes into four of flurry. Three of B/C/F is nice, and then seven of SS means she is always a bruser. Also, since she has a nice 3 damage value down the dial, that makes the SS even more dangerous. Defense wise, the numbers are awesome, being 2 of 18 then one of 17. But on her first three, she has defend. Thats good and all, but I would have rather had impervious. Still, it kinda makes her the ultimate taxi. She does go into imperious and invunrability (for two each) then finishes in toughness. Two of leadership at the start is nice, and the following five of CCE is even nicer.

200- Horrid simply for the fact that she'll be the only person in your army. Vet firelord, r black panther and some support kill her. 1/5

300+ Better. It really needs to be a 400 or more point game to make her work. 3.5/5

Sealed Booster: Awesome. If you get her, odds are she'll be one of the only uniques in the whole tournament, and she WILL dominate. Outwit is not too comon in this set. 4.25/5

The Bottom Line: 3/5
Shooter Wonder Woman

198 points
Range 0; 1 Targets
10 clix of life

Kingdom Come

Charge (6 clix); Flurry (4 clix); Blades/Claws/Fangs (3 clix); Super Strength (7 clix); Defend (3 clix); Impervious (2 clix); Invulnerability (2 clix); Toughness (3 clix); Leadership (2 clix); Close Combat Expert (5 clix)

Wow….she is definitely a one woman wonder (hey, now I get it!). This figure just has beast written all over her. Charge with 10 movement for the first 4 clicks, then two more of charge with 8 movement, into some nice flurry til the end. B/C/F with 13 attack….yes THIRTEEN ATTACK!!! Granted, she’s only got that 13 attack on the first click, but even on click 7 she’s got a more than formidable attack value of 10. Those three clicks of BCF are almost guaranteed to hit just about anyone (even the Atom with his 20 defense only requires a 7 to get hit). Her defense is amazing, two clicks of 18 defense, then one of 17, all three with the Defend power. She has a base damage of 3 (which never changes, so even on click 10 she can deliver 3 damage) with Leadership. Oh, and she flies. So let’s put this into one sentence. This beast of a click is a taxi-ing, defending, leading, charging, slasher. And this is just on click 1.

As she takes damage (re-write: IF she takes damage) she gains more fun and formidable powers, including damage reducing powers once her defense hits 16 and Close Combat Expert, meaning she can deliver 5 damage with her now 11 attack AND potentially take no damage in return. Even a little later, she gets flurry, and as I said earlier, her damage is always 3, effectively making her able to hit for 6 damage when she attacks. The only downside at this point is her lower attack (10, 9, or 8). But all in all, she’s a monster of a piece…take on at your own risk.

The best strategy I can come up with for her is to have her taxi a support piece (be it an outwitter, perplexer, PCer, or even a secondary attacker to clean up what she started) and charge into battle with her BCF. Then, watch as they try and hit you, or your defended support piece, and can’t because they’re wounded and you have an awesomely high defense. Next time she’s up to attack (DON’T PUSH HER…unless you absolutely have to) just charge to another piece and the fun just cycles until Wonder Woman is left, sword held high, alone on the map. The KC TA really helps this strategy, because anyone who failed to base her is just easy pray for a BCF charge.

Overall, she’s an absolute tank. She’s well rounded enough where even well placed outwitting won’t be too much of a problem. I mean, the only thing I can see that would really wound this piece’s strategy is outwitting Charge, since she has no defense reducing or damage increasing powers, and even getting rid of BCF she can do 3 damage straight up. She is soooooo worth her point cost.

100 points: NA
200 points: NA (again, KC + Sealed = victory. I would actually like to try this piece alone in a 200 point game, but wouldn’t recommend it)
300 points: 4.5 out of 5 (She’s 2/3 of your team, but she’s still damn hard to take down)
400+ points: 5 out of 5 (As with Batman, certainly not unstoppable, but still amazing.)

Next week…the big boys of KC and more Unleashed.
djkunai Wonderwoman is... amazing- I mean, uh, WONDERFUL!

First and foremost, look at the first click- 13 ATTACK AND 18 DEFENSE!!!
This is unheard of in DC play. Superman's average defense is 15, and with
Defend she can make ANYBODY a hard target. And thirteen attack isn't enough,
they give her BCF! This is the most powerful figure I've ever seen from a DC
set. At 198, she's actually playable! Forget Bizarro or anyone else like
that, this is THE centerpiece for any great team. And CHARGE! Then she goes
down to Impervious with CCEa and before she dies, she still has an attack of
8! She is the BEST!!!

DC Playability
200- 3
300+ 5

200- 2
300- 4
400+ 5

Kingdom Come Wonder Woman

Not sure if this is by design or not, but the Wonder Woman franchise is the
near-exclusive home for Blades/Claws/Fangs in DC Heroclix. If intentional on

WizKids' part, it's a good idea. Helps promote the use of figures in DC that

might not be as popular, and it keeps DC from being overidden with the
ability like it is in Indyclix.

Other than BCF, Kingdom Come Wonder Woman provides a smorgasbord of the
Marvel powers DC fans have been waiting for: Defend for three clicks with a
17 or 18 defense value, and Flurry on her last four clicks.

She's money to hit on her first three clicks (attack values of 13-12-12) and

she maintains three natural damage throughout the dial. If you don't want to

take the BCF gamble, figures like Batgirl and the DEO Agents provide the
next generation of afforable perplex in DC. You'll have to look on the cheap

side for supporting characters anyhow for this 198-point character.

With such great attack values and powers, the Kingdom Come team ability may
be unnecessary window dressing here. To do damage, WW needs to be in base to

base combat almost the entire time. The only ranged attack opportunity for
WW is Super Strength beginning on her fourth click, but with charge on three

of those clicks, close combat will still be the preferred route. The team
ability could come into play later in the game if objects remain in play and

remaining pieces from the opposing team lack range.

Some folks may prefer the ranged might of Green Lantern, Magog and KC
Superman, so Wonder Woman is probably going to be overlooked. But as the
"Kingdom Come" villian Von Bach knows, this lady is sharp.


Without Victory, there is no survival...