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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Bat Sentry - Unleashed

Reviewed 03.25.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  67
Collector's Number  097
Rarity  7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Bat Sentry
Set: Unleashed
Number: 97
Rarities: Unique 7
Costs: 67
Health: 8
Powers: Charge, Leap/Climb, Incapacitate, Toughness
Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 6
Team: Kingdom Come

The first Unique 7 piece, meaning when you get him, you only get 3 clix in that booster, not that I think anyone is going to complain. He also is another first, he has articulation! Yup you can move him around. I haven’t had the opportunity to hold one of these bad boys, but I’ve seen them up close. They are a BEAUTIFUL sculpt, and a real testament to the outstanding work that WizKids can produce when they want to.

Now is he a great figure? Not really. Those starting stats aren’t that great, and they don’t get much better. I can think of a dozen figures that give that power combination, and while this clix has the KC ability, it doesn’t offer THAT much protection, other than a 1 in 3 chance that he won’t get based. Whoopee.

By making a very mediocre figure one of the rarer figures (the folks at WK say that he should be “more available than any regular unique”, though I doubt that this is the case, since thus far I’ve heard him coming out at a rate of 1 per 2 cases) they’ve created a supply and demand issue. Sure, the collectors want one, but I doubt that he’ll actually see a lot of tournament play, due to high cost and bad stats. Thus far he’s selling for between $35 and $46, but I expect that as players discover what a bad playing figure it is, the price will drop significantly. Still it’s a great sculpt, and that has to count for something doesn’t it?

My Ratings:

Playability 3 of 5
Collectibility 4 of 5.

Next Time – a Princess in some Armor…don’t you want one of those?
Havokclix Bat Sentry

In Kingdom Come, Batman was too old to patrol the
streets himself, so he sent his Bat Sentry robots out
while he controlled them from his venerable computer
console and got high on Ben-Gay.

For 67pts, this figure is a steal. The Kingdom Come TA
makes him nearly unbasable, though that is
contradicted by his own charge on the first two
clicks. He’s not a heavy hitter, but has a very
consistent 2 damage for 4 clicks. 15 DV and toughness
aren’t too bad, especially for the points. It has a
starting AV of 10, which is nothing to scoff about,
and doesn’t drop very fast. IC at a range of 6 is just
icing, though a double IC would have been really nice.

Collectability: 5/5 (notice the 7 on rarity on the
Wizkid’s site)
100: 2/5
200: 3/5
300: 3/5
400+: 4/5

Crit happens…
Monger Bat Sentry Unique
DC Unleashed #097

Bat Sentry was presented to us for the first time thanks to Wizkids “Sneak Peeks”. The quality and massive size of this figure made him a popular topic in most heroclix forums. It was during this figures first appearance that we were introduced to the “Kingdom Come” team ability. I guess you could consider this guy the guinea pig of the set. Anyhow, in order to pick up one of these large figures in a booster, you are stuck with only getting three figures. His size takes up to much room to fit in four figures and reshaping the booster boxes wouldn’t work either. Don’t go thinking you can pick up boosters and find this figure by sheer weight as there are MANY heavy figures in the “Unleashed” set. Enough talk about his size, lets get on with his dial review.

Speed: Nothing eye popping, but the first two clicks of charge is a nice addition. Unlike all other heroclix figures, this machine actually keeps his starting distance of eight for five clicks. When the Bat Sentry takes two clicks of damage, he drops his charge ability and gains lead/climb. Although this guy is big and bulky, he can move about the map as he pleases.

Attack: Bat Sentry starts off with a ten attack, which isn’t to shabby for a 67 point figure. Combined with his ten attack is the ability of incapacitate, which can be useful when you are battling a figure with invulnerability or impervious. This gives you a little time to move your heavy hitters in or even get an outwitter within range to deal some damage. Although he only keeps his ten attack for one click, his attack values stay above seven all the way to his death. For a figure only costing 67 points, I was somewhat impressed.

Defense: If there is one weak point about DC figures, it’s their low defense values. This figure begins with a fifteen defense and drops all the way to twelve before falling over. Toughness is a decent ability in DC as there aren’t many figures who deal more then three to four clicks of damage. This is definitely the weak point on Bat Sentry, but with his leap/climb ability, he can find medics rather easily when needed.

Damage: I didn’t expect much on this part of the dial. Bat Sentry wasn’t assembled to be a combatant. He should only see major fighting when your team is near defeat or for cleanup on weak opposing figures. A base two damage isn’t eye popping, but is doesn’t need to be.

Overall: With hypersonic speed being the most abused ability in the game, the “Kingdom Come” team ability will help balance everything out (hopefully). Place this figure on a team with a few wildcards and a Batman ally; you’ll end up with a solid wrecking crew. It will be fun building teams around this figure. Heck, it will be fun just to see this figure towering over the rest of the field. If you pull one of these guys from a booster and you want to play him, try these tips. Keep him away from battle in early game situations and only fight when you need to. Move him around figures with low damage values and charge into range when you can. Keep in mind, you can charge four spaces and shoot six. This gives you ten range and is longer then 80% of the other DC figures. Keep a medic close by, Bat Sentry’s defense drops quickly and can be KO’ed rather easily.
Bat Sentry

Glorified Manhunter? Maybe so, but the Bat Sentry provides you with the only

real shot at spreading that Kingdom Come team ability around to your wild
card figures.

The ability is a real asset to the Legion founders from Cosmic Justice, all
whom are ranged combat figures who don't do real well in close combat.
Unfortunately, Unleashed provides Legionnaires without ranged attacks (not
counting the LEs for Kara Zor-El and Shvaughn Erin), thus there's not a good

opportunity for using the Bat Sentry and the Legionnaires in the upcoming

The sculpt itself is a spectacle, but the Sentry won't stand tall in the
playability category at its 67-point cost. The figure is similar to R Steel:

the most affordable figure with its respective team ability (66), but the
stats and powers don't offer much.

Yet one nifty combo you can use it for is Charge/Incapacitate. The only
other figure in the game that can do the same is LE Aphrodite, who
coincidentally also costs 67 points.


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