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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Batman - Unleashed

Reviewed 03.23.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  188
Collector's Number  094
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Batman (Kingdom Come)
 Set: Unleashed
 Number: 94
 Rarities: Unique6
 Costs: 188
 Health: 9
 Powers: Running Shot, Flurry, Incapacitate, Willpower, Super Senses, Outwit
 Ranged Attacks: 2 Range 6
 Team: Kingdom Come
 This is Bruce Wayne as he appeared in the “seminal” Kingdom Come mini series written by Mark Waid and drawn by Alex Ross. Maybe I’m alone in my opinion, but I was not all that fond of the story. While the art was good, I was left with a feeling of emptiness at the end of issue #4…well, that and I’m not a fawning fan of Mr. Ross. I like his stuff, but I don’t think he’s a god among illustrators. However, I know I’m in the minority on this point, so I’ll let it go at that. I do think WK has tapped into a good storyline in which to draw figures from though.
 This Unique Bats is the very definition of a “heavy hitter”. Two range 6 attacks with Running Shot for a couple clicks. Nice. Incap, Willpower, Super Senses, AND Outwit? No wonder this sucker is 188 points. He’s either going to be the lynchpin of your team, or he’s going to be the downfall…downfall? Naaa…not with a 15 defense, and 11 attack he’s not. Even at the end of his dial, he still has Outwit and Willpower, which means he can stick around and get healed. On a 300 point team, he’s going to take up an awful lot of space, but any higher and he’s a MUST.
 Did I mention the Kingdom Come TA? Nope? Well here it is direct from WK – “KINGDOM COME Whenever an opposing player attempts to move a character adjacent to this character, that player rolls one six-sided die. On a result of 1 or 2, the character cannot move adjacent to this character this turn. This character, and characters suffering knockback, ignore this team ability.” This isn’t a spectacular ability, but it’s nice to have. I imagine that Wild-Cards will end up using this more than KCers will.
 Thus far, there’s only two EBay auctions that have ended for this Unique, neither went over $40, but there’s still a couple going for $30 as I type this. I would imagine that this figure is going to be one of the more popular ones in the set, one because he’s Bats, and two because of the terrific sculpt. I don’t know how much constructed play he’s going to get, but in Sealed Draft, he’s a monster.
 My Ratings:
 Playability 4 of 5
 Collectibility 4 of 5.
 Next Time – More Unleashed Madness!
Shooter 188 points
Range 6; 2 Targets
8 clix of life

Kingdom Come

Running Shot (3 clix); Flurry (4 clix); Incapacitate (4 clix); Willpower (4 clix); Super Senses (4 clix); Outwit (8 clix)

Ok, first thing’s first – this guy has an amazing sculpt. I am dying to have this figure sitting on my desk so I can just look at the great sculpt every day. Ok, on with the review……

Let’s look at the basics. His attack starts at 11 with his range of 6, two targets, and Incapacitate, the makings of a great piece. Next, add on his Running Shot (an ability not found on any other Batman) so he can move 5 then double Incap, AND willpower. He can move around the board with his jet pack and constant keep pegging people with his Incapacitate without pushing himself. Next, add in his outwit, a great power on anyone really. Last, factor in his Kingdom Come TA. This makes it immensely more difficult for anyone to base him, so he can constantly use his Running Shot double Incapacitate without having to break away.

Later on, he gains Flurry and Super Senses, turning him into a nice close combat machine (especially outwitting defensive powers), who is difficult to swarm, again thanks to his TA. His late game Willpower plus Outwit lets him fly back to a medic with relative ease. His only real downside is his mediocre defensive stats, starting at 15 and ending at 12: fairly average.

For those who are disappointed that this guy doesn’t have stealth (or the Batman Ally TA), I ask if you’d really want a more expensive copy of E Batman. I mean, this isn’t the Batman from Hypertime, so don’t try and compare them…

100 points: NA
200 points: NA (note: Sealed is a major exception. All the KC figs absolutely kill in sealed)
300 points: 3.5 out of 5 (Good but a little too costly at this level)
400+ points: 5 out of 5 (Certainly not unstoppable, but still amazing)
The Honey Duke  "Battle Armor" Batman made for one of the most dramatic entrances in
"Kingdom Come." In Heroclix, though, its entrance doesn't bring quite the
same fanfare, at least when compared with the other KC figures.

KC Batman features what may be an attack value that doesn't drop too much
over eight clicks and an unprecedented full slate of Outwit. You'll never
have to worry about losing Outwit by pushing or taking a hit.

The problem comes with the lack of damage reduction for the character.
Though Willpower and Super Senses are useful, the assumption is that with
all that armor, there should at least be some toughness. However, the game
doesn't seem to always give damage reduction to armored characters (see
Lexcorp Battlesuit). And "Kingdom Come" doesn't really demonstrate how tough

the armor is.

Thus, the figure will almost always have to play a game of keepaway because
he's a big points target that anyone on the table has a chance to hit,
particularly with just a 15 damage value. Incapacitate probably needs to be
used early and often, and you may need to forego a straight-up attack if you

can move out of range. Willpower should ease the frustration of those
retreat moves

At 188 points, Batman is a little more flexible for a 300-point game than
his KC counterparts, but the supporting cast will have to be built carefully

to protect him. Without stealth or the Batman team ability, Robin standing
by with smoke cloud won't do. Unleashed provides some front-loaded Barrier
figures, like Raven and Killer Frost, which is a first provided to DC for
this set and should be taken advantage of if you pull one of those two plus
KC Batman during a marquee.

Another DC first in Unleashed is Flurry. Batman as one of four characters in

the set with it, beginning on his fourth click, which opens up some options.

Need to do a lot of damage to a figure? Move in base to base for a Flurry
attack. Want to keep your distance? Stay back with your KC team ability and
Outwit any chargers in sight.

KC Batman isn't one of the heavy hitter uniques of the set, but he's still
playable with the right game plan.


Batman Unique

DC Unleashed #094

            First thing first – This figure looks AWESOME!!!  I love the silver suit and large black wings.  He is definitely an intimidating piece and will see plenty of playing time in casual games.  Unfortunately, there is a problem that I see with this figure and because of this problem; he will not be as highly sought after by tournament players!  You might not agree with me, but after reading my review, you might understand why I am depressed with this Batman.

            Speed:  What is this?  Are you kidding me?  A 188 point BATMAN without stealth?  Not only that, but they gave him a miserable range of six.  I think Wizkids needs to set up a new rule saying – Figures of a specific name always carry their own team ability.  Meaning – Superman will ALWAYS have the Superman team ability and Batman will ALWAYS have the Batman team ability.  If Wizkids made this rule, then I would consider almost all Batman figures playable.  Ok, anyways, enough of me ranting, the speed needs stealth, but instead they give this guy running shot and flurry.  The running shot is nice, as it allows Batman to hit figures from eleven spaces away (run five and shoot six).  I’m not a fan of flurry and I see no reason why Batman offers it.  Needless to say, I’m not happy with this figures speed abilities AT ALL!

            Attack:  One of the only areas on this figure that I’m not going to curse about.  He offers four clicks of incapacitate, two clicks with an eleven attack, two clicks with a ten attack and so on all the way to an eight attack before being KO’ed.  His numbers are consistent and remain high enough to hit any opposing figure on the board.

            Defense:  Two words – not impressed!   What was Wizkids thinking when they gave a Batman figure (that’s 188 points) a 15 defense?  It wouldn’t be a huge deal if they placed impervious on top of that 15 defense, but they didn’t.  Instead they gave this figure willpower and expected us to be happy.  All it takes is a good BCF roll from cheetah or Wonder Woman, and then another hit from Nightwing and Batman is KO’ed.

            Attack:  Well, at least this figure has one thing going for him; eight clicks of outwit.  I expected a higher damage value but the three damage combined with outwit can turn around a lot games.  Unfortunately, this figure cannot get close enough to a battle to use these stats without risking his life.

            Overall:  Not worth 188 points!  You are forced to stay away from the heavy hitters and you cannot fight from a distance, since you only have six range.  Your only hope is to use your willpower and incapacitate as much as you can before you are KO’ed.  I will NEVER use this figure in any tournament play and I hope you do the same.  I feel sorry for anyone who wastes 188 points on this figure – no matter what the team build



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