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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Adam Warlock - Critical Mass

Reviewed 03.19.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  61
Collector's Number  087
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Adam Warlock
Set: Critical Mass
Number: 87
Rarities: Unique6
Costs: 61
Health: 9
Powers: Toughness, Willpower, Leadership, Outwit
Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 8
Team: None

Adam Warlock is an artificial being, a prototype of “Him” who gained intelligence and rebelled against his creators. He fled Earth (after battling Thor) and ended up on High Evolutionary’s planet, where the power of the Soul Gem imbedded in his forehead helped him against the evil Man-Beasts. He journeyed through space again, where he fought Thanos, and actually died. His spirit hid itself in his soul gem, recreating him when he was most needed (against, Thanos again). This time Thanos was defeated, and Adam gained the massive duty of protecting the Infinity Gauntlet, effectively making him the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe.

But he ain’t the most powerful Heroclix, that’s for sure. What a WUSS! Toughness, Willpower, Leadership and Outwit. Oh Boy, there’s a set of powers I’m writing home about. Nice stats, a ranged attack…all great, but he’s no where NEAR as powerful as he should be. What a waste of plastic.

Warlock is selling for between $7.50 and $16.50, which should be MUCH higher, and would be if they made a better clix.

My Ratings: (Playability first, then Collectability)

Next week – UNLEASHED! Oh Yeah!!!!
Shooter 61 points
Range 8; 1 Target
8 clix of life

Toughness (3 clix); Willpower (3 clix); Leadership (2 clix); Outwit (2 clix)

I look at Mr. Warlock and say “meh”. I mean, don’t get me wrong, his opening stats are phenomenal for 61 points. But the problems lie in the fact that after 3 clix of damage, he seems to acquire the stats of a generic piece with willpower as an added bonus. On click 4, he has an attack of 8, a defense of 15, and a damage of 2. Upon looking, the V AIM Agent has those exact same stats on his first click with the same range and he’s a meager 15 points (and has a useful TA if I might add). His only real saving graces at this time are his decent speed of 8 and of course willpower is always handy. Hmmm, it almost seems like he was designed to try to run back to a medic at this point….that’s interesting.

Anyway, after another 3 clix of damage, he gets a damage bump back up to 3 (like he has to start) and outwit. Outwit is always a good thing. A damage boost with outwit is very nice. Outwit and a damage boost without an increase in attack (which is a mere 6 by this time) on click 7 and 8 just isn’t very good. Don’t get me wrong; unlike most people, I happen to be a fan of the late dial outwit…it’s usually an unfortunate surprise for your opponent when that black shows up on the dial. But it just seems to be too little too late on this guy.

If you’re planning on playing him, whatever you do, DO NOT PUSH HIM!!!!!!!!!!! At least not until he is damaged into willpower. Pushing him off of that beautiful first click is absolute suicide. He just isn’t meant to be played that way. In fact, the best way I can see to play him, is as an aggressive tie up piece. Use that awesome 12 speed to move in fast, have the 17 defense plus toughness shield him until he clears, then do some damage with 10 attack and 3 damage. He could also be used as a clean up crew in a sense. Have some bigger more powerful figure plow through the enemy, dealing damage to as many figs as possible, and then have Adam take care of actually finishing the guys off. His speed lets him get within range to deliver the finishing blow easily, and his attack value means that he has a good chance of hitting. I’m really not sure how I feel about leadership on this piece, to be perfectly honest.

I would make suggestions of how to make this figure better, but not knowing really anything about his character, I can’t say for sure what would be appropriate to put on in both a clix and a comic sense.

100 points: 4 out of 5 (a little expensive, but not enough so to overlook his beastly opening stats, which rock at this level)
200 points: 2.5 out of 5

300 points: 2.5 out of 5
400+ points: 4 out of 5 (you’re gonna have some kind of support figure to run him back to when needed at this level, which makes him useful even late game)
Monger Adam Warlock Unique
Critical Mass #087

Did I see this right? A figure with eight clicks of life, toughness, leadership, willpower, outwit, eight range, a base three damage, ten attack and twelve movement – all for 61 points? Well, well, well….I am impressed, yes. Unfortunately, his low attack values and low defensive numbers keep him from seeing any forms of serious play.

Speed: Twelve movement allows Adam to get just about anywhere on the board. He is able to run around, deal some quick damage and jet off in search of support if needed without any trouble. Although he does sport any form of ability in this area, they have him with high enough numbers that most people will be happy.

Attack: I’m somewhat please with his attack, I mean, you cannot expect much for 61 points. What really bothers me is the fact that he has no abilities in this area. Psychic Blast or Super Strength would have been nice. Even incapacitate would have been a good ability (they seem to place this ability on everyone these days). Although his attack starts off at a ten, it drops rather quickly and makes it extremely difficult for this figure to hit any opposing figures. I know he’s only 61 points, but I’m not impressed.

Defense: Three clicks of toughness to start off the game followed by three strong clicks of willpower. If I had to make the call on this figures defense, I would have swapped the toughness and the willpower, which would have made him extremely playable. As it sits now though, he is able to take a couple of good hits and not drop completely off the board, just fall on his face. Willpower is an ability that can and should be abused at all times. For Adam though, by the time he reaches willpower, his stats are so low it’s almost useless.

Damage: The most attractive part of Adam’s dial, by far. Leadership is always a nice ability to have in small constructed games. That one extra action can pull out wins in tight games. Placing a base three damage on this figure was a nice addition as well. His starting attack values are just high enough he can get through most early defense values without requiring to high of a roll. One sneaky thing about this figure, look at his 7th and 8th click. On these two clicks, his damage bounces all the way up to a three with a little bit of outwit. Adam may get knocked around all game but he’s far from being finished. He goes down swinging, and he is capable of packing a pretty good punch.

Overall: Place Adam on a team with a few perplexers’ and you have a nice figure. Try to keep a figure with support close, as when Adam takes a few hits, he drops fairly fast. His first three clicks are by far his best and he needs to stay in these clicks as long as possible to be effective. If you want to use this figures willpower, don’t use it to fight, use it to run away, as you are not far from death! He is a good experimental piece and could see a lot of play in 200 point constructed / draft teams.


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