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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Nebula - Critical Mass

Reviewed 03.18.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  76
Collector's Number  054
Rarity  4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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 Name: Nebula
Set: Critical Mass
Numbers: 52-54, 218
Rarities: 2-4, LE
Costs: 57, 65, 76, 66
Health: 6, 7, 7, 6
SSADD:7/9/15/2, 8/10/16/2, 8/11/17/2, 8/9/15/2
Powers: Incapacitate, Energy Shield/Deflection, Mastermind, RCE
Experienced adds no new powers
Veteran adds no new powers
LE adds no new powers
Ranged Attacks: 2 Range 8, 2 Range 8, 2 Range 10, 2 Range 8
Team: None

Nebula is a space pirate (goes with the Corsair/Hepizabeh block), who has once wielded the Infinity Gauntlet. She claims that Thanos is her Granddaddy…what a weirdo. She also once conquered the Skrull empire and destroyed Firelord’s home world. Nice gal, the kind you wanna take home to mom for dinner. She’s still at large, having tussled with the Beyonder, Thanos, the Avengers, Spidey and Nova.

Too expensive to be a support player, not powerful enough to be a heavy hitter. Those two range 8 (or 10) targets sure look nice with RCE, and Mastermind is an interesting power, but no Stealth, Outwit or Perplex, and I’d be hard pressed to put her on a team.

The Limited Edition falls smack dab in between the Experienced and the Veteran, and if you happened to win her, I guess she makes a nice addition to your collection. I can’t see playing her, but maybe you can. A pretty weak LE I must admit.

Nebula is a weak character in the game, and apparently an even weaker clix on the secondary market. REV Sets can be had for only a couple bucks, and the LE is selling between $2 and $16. That’s HORRIBLE for an LE. If you win her in a tourney, you’re bound to be disappointed.

My Ratings: (Playability first, then Collectability)

R – 3, 2
E – 3, 2
V – 3, 2
LE - 3, 3

Next time, the cosmic theme continues…
Shooter V Nebula
76 points
Range 10; 2 Targets
6 clix of life

Incapacitate (5 clix); Mastermind (3 clix); Energy Shield/Deflection (3 clix); Ranged Combat Expert (3 clix)

In my opinion, Nebula (all her versions actually) has revolutionized how we (and by we I mean me) look at an offensive ranged attacker. Now, looking at her stats, she could very easily be a powerful sniper. I mean, 11 attack, 10 range, and 2 damage with RCE, that’s the makings of a hard hitting sniper. However, it is my humble opinion that she can be far more than a mere sniper, much more. And for 76 points, she had better be more useful or be the damn best sniper in the game.

The way I would personally use Nebula is in the manner that you would use any kind of offensive Mastermind piece (like those from Indy) – move her around to the best position with fodder in toe. However, fodder for her mastermind can’t just be anyone…I would highly recommend a medium costed close combat attack, probably a BCF piece (the Wolverine variations come to mind). Just have her move around with her bodyguard into crucial positions. Then, if someone tries to get close, Nebula can Incap them while the bodyguard gets into position to attack, or actually attacks for crucial damage.

Once she takes damage enough to where her Energy Shield is showing, run. Run fast. If you have a medic, heal her up ASAP. If you don’t, then try and position her on a building corner and then you can use her as a sniper, but try using her double Incap while snipering instead of damage.

100 points: 2 out of 5 (it’s possible to create an ok team of her surrounded by lackeys, but I wouldn’t recommend it)
200 points: 2out of 5

300 points: 3 out of 5
400+ points: 4.5 out of 5 (great at this level since you have points to put into a strong bodyguard)
Monger  Veteran Nebula
Critical Mass #054

I cannot wait until April 2nd! Why is that you ask? Because on April 2nd the figure list for Universe will be released and everyone will be looking for Firelord. Now, if I look upon this list and Firelord is not present, I will dig out my Nebula’s and prepare her for upcoming constructed battles. She deserves play time but right now she is overshadowed by the big cheese. I will keep my fingers crossed, simply because I cannot wait to wreck some havoc in my area with this figure – she is good!

Speed: Nothing fancy in this area, heck, it doesn’t even provide any abilities, but who cares, she’s not meant to move around the board, she just needs to stand in one place and raise some hell.

Attack: Mmmmmm, eleven attack, mmmmm. This is very attractive to me when I see this on a figure under 100 pts. I especially enjoy an eleven attack when they combine it with a ten range, two targets and incapacitate. Nebula has the ability to lock opposing figures down or just use her high damage to knock them out. Her attack values stay above seven all the way through her dial and she gives you the ability to incapacitate two figures with one attack for five straight clicks.

Defense: Mastermind? It’s a useful ability I guess, if you have a figure to deflect the damage onto. I’m not a huge fan of this ability, I would have preferred to see energy deflection on all six clicks, but that would have made this figure almost Firelord like in overall power. Nebula gains energy deflection on her fourth click, which is a nice touch to even out her abilities, since she looses her RCE at the same time as well. They did a decent job on this figure defense and she’ll find herself in hindering terrain during most games in attempt to boost her defense early, because mastermind won’t help her when she’s on her own.

Damage: A nice touch to a well rounded figure. Nebula offers three clicks of RCE with a base two damage. She has the ability to outrange most figures in the game and laughs at Firelord when he isn’t adjacent to a figure with telekinesis. If your opponent tries to outwit your RCE, you shrug it off and deal two clicks of damage back, which is usually easy to do since Nebula yields a nice eleven attack.

Overall: Definitely a tournament worthy piece. I might even attempt placing her on my regionals team for the end of this month. I have a lot of respect for this figure and I am keeping my fingers crossed. If Wizkids decides not to reprint Firelord in Universe, Nebula will get the play time she deserves. Until then, you can try her out and you won’t be disappointed, I can almost assure it!



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