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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Kraven - Clobberin' Time

Reviewed 02.xx.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  80
Collector's Number  045
Rarity  4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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 Name: Kraven, Sergei Kravinov)
Set: Critical Mass
Numbers: 43-45, 215
Rarities: 2-4, LE
Costs: 52, 72, 80, 90
Health: 6, 7, 7, 7
SSADD: 8/9/15/3, 9/10/16/3, 10/10/17/3, 10/11/17/3
Powers: Rookie Ė Stealth, Leap/Climb, Incapacitate, Toughness, Outwit .
Experienced adds nothing
Veteran adds nothing
LE adds nothing
Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 4, 1 Range 4, 1 Range 6, 1 Range 6
Team: None, Sinister Syndicate, None, None

Sergei Kravinov was a big-game hunter, the best big-game hunter as a matter of fact. He first came to prominence by hunting down Spider-Man (in the EARLY years), but was never able to bag the wall-crawler. Eventually, right after Peter Parker and Mary Jane were married, he succeeded in basically becoming Spider-Man; he buried Pete alive and took over his identity. Knowing he could never really be Spidey, he committed suicide. All that took place in the six issue crossover ďKravenís Last HuntĒ, which was freakiní awesome. There is a new Kraven running around though, his son.

Iíve been running the Veteran Kraven in conjunction with Nightcrawler and Calypso for awhile now. Kraven is nasty by himself, having Stealth and Outwit plus a ranged attack, BUT once he gets hit a couple times, he loses most of his good stuff. Still, place him on some hindering terrain, and he canít get hit by ranged attacks, which I LOVE! I donít care much for the Rookie or Experienced version, and the LE isnít much better than the Vet, and it costs more. Still the Veteran version is kind of expensive at 80 points, and I might consider switching to the EXP, if I had one, especially with the Sinister Syndicate TA. Being the best hunter in the world, he SHOULD have RCE, but Outwit is more powerful. Heís one piece that could definitely benefit from a split power.

Kraven looks fantastically feral, which he should. Iíve always loved that coat, with the bare chest underneathÖlooks fantastic in this sculpt. My only problem is that I wish he had a gun (and RCE for that matter). Kraven REV sets are selling for between $3.49 and $9.00 right now (shipping included). That high end is really, really high, and only a few lots have sold in that range. The lower end is what youíll most likely pay, especially since heís only 2-3-4 REV.

The LE is another story, though, as it usually is, the LE has been selling for between $13 and $48 recently which for an LE is really reasonable.

My Ratings: (Playability first, then Collectability)

R Ė 3, 2
E Ė 3, 2
V Ė 4, 2
LE Ė 3, 4

Next Week: Again, we need your suggestions, let us know what YOU want to see, because week after next, we are UNLEASHED!
Monger  Veteran Kraven
Critical Mass #045

When you pick this figure up and give him a quick glance, youíll see some pretty strong starting stats. Youíll think to yourself, for 80 points, this guy isnít bad. Sorry to say this though, his first click will fool you! This figure is not worth the 80 points required to use him and will only begin to see serious play (if any at all) if Black Panther is not reprinted in Universe. Why am I being so mean to this animal man? Read on and find outÖ

Speed: Ok, Iím sure most readers will agree, Stealth is as broken as a power 9 magic deck. Itsí not fun to play against but itís always nice to have on your side. He has decent stats for speed and I have no problems with this area, itís the figures range that bothers me. In order for this guy to cause havoc on the map, he needs more range. Once Kraven takes 2 clicks of damage, heís out of the game and searching for support.

Attack: Incapacitate for six clicks, thatís somewhat impressive Ė I guess. If you like incapacitate that is. Although, when you look past the light shade of blue, youíll soon see they are stacked on top of miserable attack value numbers. This guy cannot afford to take any damage, as his attack numbers drop like a rock. Try to get this guy into hindering terrain as quick as you can and use the ten attack as much as possible, because it doesnít last long AT ALL!

Defense: A 17 defense on a figure is nice, but when you consider an opposing figure needs to be base-to-base to confront you and you donít get any form of hindering terrain modifier, itís actually somewhat low. I would rather see super senses on this figure then toughness; it would make him more playable in my opinion. Like his attack values, his defense shares the same fate; it drops like a rock as well. Iím not impressed with Kravensí defense and for 80 points, I expected to see more.

Damage: I wish they would have held on making this figure. Give him some exploit weakness along with outwit and you would have a solid piece. Unfortunately, your stuck outwitting defense abilities of opposing figures in hopes that your low attack with actually get through (good luck). Two clicks of outwit is helpful, and teamed with stealth is pretty nasty, but after those two clicks, whatís left? NothingÖ

Overall: To me, paying 80 points to field a figure that only has two useful clicks and no team ability is ludicrous. Even when Infinity Challenge drops from current tournament play, you will NOT find a tourny worthy teams that sport Kraven. He is not an offensive piece by any means and he is not worth 80 points. In tournament play, I would love to be placed against an opponent using Kraven, because that just means an easy 80 points in my win column. Do not be scared of this figure and do not build teams around him!



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