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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Hawk - Hypertime

Reviewed 03.11.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  69
Collector's Number  87
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Hawk
Set: Hypertime
Numbers: 85-87
Rarities: 3-5
Costs: 45, 55, 69
Health: 8, 8, 9
SSADD: 6/6/11/1 (10/12/15/3), 6/6/11/1 (10/12/15/3), 6/6/11/1 (10/12/16/3)
Powers: Rookie – Charge, Leap/Climb, Super-Strength, Toughness, CCE .
Experienced adds nothing
Veteran adds nothing
Ranged Attacks: None
Team – None, Titans, Titans

Hank Hall and his brother Don were granted powers by the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos, and became Hawk and Dove (Hawk being more warlike and Dove being more peaceful). They fought crime during the pre-Crisis era, doing nothing more than taking up space in the back of better comics, and briefly becoming Teen Titans, until Dove was killed in the Crisis. A new female Dove soon appeared, and Rob Liefeld began penciling their stories. Whoopee right? Wait it gets better.

So in 1991, long after the Hawk and Dove series ended, DC did a company wide crossover called Armageddon 2001, in which a mysterious Villain named Monarch would take over the world 10 years hence, unless Waverider could figure out which DC Super-Hero actually became Monarch. Throughout all the annuals that year Waverider looked into the possible futures of every hero who had a comic at the time, culminating in Armageddon 2001 #2. Monarch killed the second Dawn, and Hawk snapped, and THEN it was revealed that it was Hawk who would become Monarch. Actually this was a lame cop-out, since the entire piece had been written for Captain Atom to become Monarch (and make more sense), but the higher-ups at DC vetoed the idea. Hawk did indeed become Monarch, and then later morphed into an even more evil villain named Extant, who started the entire Zero Hour cross-over. Extant was finally killed by the JSA at the end of Zero Hour, but not before he kind of begat Parallax, who used to be Hal Jordan. Confused? I knew you would be.

So until we get a Monarch or Extant figure (and I’ll bet we’ll be waiting a LOOOOONG while for those), here’s Hawk. First thing you notice? You gotta push him to get to his powers. I hate that. In the above statistics I list his second click stats in parentheses. Call me crazy, but I don’t think I’d ever use Hawk in any situation. He’s kind of a heavy hitter, but not a great one, and his best melee power (CCE) doesn’t happen until later in the dial. I like my characters to come out of the shoot fighting, not “powering up”. The good thing is that he’s cheap.

REV Sets of Mr. Hawk are currently selling for between $4.50 and $5.75 shipping included. Not bad, but not great. Nice sculpt with the “feathers” being separate pieces from the rest of the figure. Not my cup of tea, but nice.
My Ratings: (Playability first, then Collectability)

R – 2, 2
E – 3, 2
C – 3, 2

Tomorrow – The man, the myth, the legend…Sergei Kravinov, aka, THE KRAVEN! Don’t miss it!
Monger  Veteran Hawk
Hypertime #087

Now, I have to admit, when I first saw this figure, I laughed. Not just a chuckle, but an actual “falls on the floor” laugh. I mean, look at this guys first click, and that silly pose, then I was told he cost 69 points and bam, I was on the floor. Well, after picking myself up off the ground, my buddy brought it to my attention that this guy needs a push, then BAM. After telling me this, I look at his second click and…needless to say, I stopped laughing. For this review…I will look past this figures first click and go straight to the ones that are productive.

Speed: Charge is a excellent ability on its own, but you combine with super strength or Blades/Claws/Fangs and you have one mean figure. Hawk offers two clicks of charge on his dial, and with a ten speed, you can TK this figure, charge, pick up an object on the way and smash an opposing figure for 5-6 clicks of damage. After being pushed or taking battle damage, Hawk then gains leap/climb. He can now chase down opposing figures or find short cuts to the support staff.

Attack: There are only 3 DC characters that offer a 12 attack or higher. Hawk just happens to be one of these figures…key thing is though, he’s the cheapest! Can you guess who the other 2 figures are? ….. Despero and Son of Darkseid Superman! This guy is in a class of his own when it comes to non-uniques! There is no figure in the DC universe this guy cannot hit, which makes him well worth his points, based simply on this! Add three clicks of super strength and you have a serious basher for all you smash mouth players out there.

Defense: Well, they have to lower one stat to make the attack so impressive; unfortunately, it was this guy’s defense. If you’re going to use this guy, try to end your charge in a push and on the opposite side of opposing forces. Always get in the first hit and use his five clicks of toughness the best way you can. There’s no need to set this guy in open terrain, try putting him on the edge of a wall, then charge around the corner when you see an opportunity. This figure shouldn’t have any problems staying on the board and his low defense makes it easier for the medics to use their skill!

Damage: Rather impressive damage for a figure that only costs 69 points. Whether you are holding an object or not, he deals three clicks of damage early and actually gets better with time. After four clicks of damage, Hawk gains close-combat expert, making up for the fact that he lost super strength. Still being able to deal four clicks of damage after taking four damage yourself…What can I say? He makes an excellent ground pounder, one of the best in DC actually.

Overall: I’m not fond of figures that require pushing in order to become battle effective. If you’re an aggressive player, this requires you to waste actions and slows you down; you should probably look elsewhere. If you are more of a defensive player and you prefer your opponent to come to you, give this guy a try, he will make them pay for being to aggressive, trust me!



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