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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Annihilus - Infinity Challenge

Reviewed 03.03.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  129
Collector's Number  066
Rarity  4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Annihilus hails from the wonderful land of the
Negative Zone, where he rules over everything with a
despotic hand, and the Cosmic Control Rod (You know I
think my wife has one of those...buh dumb bum). There
he fought with the Fantastic Four a few times, and
he's also teamed up with Blastaar to kill off a few
good guys. Oh, and he's an insect, but you can't just
squash this guy like a roach...he keeps coming back
for more, and more, and more.

Today I'll be reviewing his REV set AND the Level 5 LE
that was available in the initial series of
tournaments for Marvel Heroclix, a looooooong time

Name: Annihilus
Set: Infinity Challenge
Rarities: 3-5, LE5
Numbers: 64-66, 170
Costs: 83, 103, 129, 146
Health: 9, 9, 10, 10
SSADD: 8/10/15/2, 8/11/15/3, 8/11/16/3, 8/11/16/3
Powers: Running Shot, Invulnerability, Toughness
Experienced adds Nothing.
Veteran adds Nothing
LE Adds Pulse Wave
Ranged Attacks: 2 range 8, 2 range 10, 3 Range 10, 1
Range 10
Arch-Enemy: None
Team: Exp., Vet. & LE are Minions of Doom

If you wanna try Annihilus on one of your teams, you
had better do it quickly, because in a few months, WK
is going to retire all the non-Marvel Universe
reprinted figures, and I wouldn't expect Anny to be
reprinted, he's just way, way, WAY too strong. One
power...two or three targets...NICE attack
level...perplexed up, and Anny can whack pretty much
anyone on the field of battle, and just laugh

Sure, all three versions of him are bloody expensive,
as they ought to be, but even the Rookie is well worth
the points. So strong he's in the top 5 figures that
ought to be retired. Use him now if you got him, any
of the versions.

Annihilus has a great sculpt that really captures the
flavor of the villain. You want Anny? He's really
cheap...Many REV sets have sold recently for under
THREE bucks. THREE bucks! That's almost giving him

His Limited Edition "Alter-Ego" is a Level 5 LE,
meaning he's hella-expensive...though he's out there
in numbers. Online sales are going from about $45 to
$65...Pretty expensive considering for 27 extra points
over the Vet version you give up TWO ranged targets,
but gain 5 clicks of Pulse Wave.

My Ratings (Playability then Collectability, out of 5)

Rook 4, 2
Exp. 4, 2
Vet. 4, 2
LE. 5, 4
Monger Veteran Annihilus
Infinity Challenge # 066

Annihilus is one of only a few powerhouse wildcards in Marvel. Unfortunately, the Marvel universe doesnít offer many team abilities that he can abuse. Fortunately for Annihilus, there are darker and nastier team abilities in the DC Universe! Although he doesnít see receive much play time in Marvel based games, he is a commander of the field in the Open Universe. Place him on the same team with a Batman ally and a Superman ally, he is almost untouchable! However, most games are single universe and Iíll try to review him based upon his abilities in this set.

Speed: 8 range is nothing amazing, but tack on running shot and itís a little more useful. Especially when you consider that this version offers 3 clicks of this ability. Heís powerful on open and closed maps, being able to run around and cause havoc about anywhere within reach (14 spaces w/ running shot). After 4 clicks, he begins to show some wear. When he is near death, mobility is a noticeable problem, being able to only run 4 spaces.

Attack: I was kind of depressed with this figures attack values. They start at a good number (11 on first click) but they drop rather quickly (6 attack on 6th click) and this requires high rolls on your part to deal any damage. Iím not impressed with his attack; I feel that it should be a little more consistent considering he is 129 points.

Defense: Six clicks of life that includes either invulnerability or toughness. This is a definitely a luxury ability, but when you look past this, youíll see his actual defensive numbers are rather low. Try to stay away from figures with outwit, they make this figure vulnerable to almost any other marvel figure in the game.

Damage: Nothing fancy on this figure, just a brut that has nothing but beat down on his mind. He starts off with a base 3 damage, which allows you to perplex or enhance up as much as you can. Ranged combat expert would have been a nice addition, but then I would be asking for WAY to much. His damage is a solid stat that remains consistent and is one of the most attractive stats about this piece.

Range: Ah, as if the stats werenít powerful enough, Wizkids gave this figure the ability to target 3 different figures at 10 spaces away. Add in the running shot and you can now run 4 spaces and then target 3 figures at 10 spaces away. This is Annihilusí beast feature by far.

Overall: Although stealth tends to give Annihilus problems (as it does most ranged combatants). The addition of running enables this figure to get base to base to them and still attack. Donít get to greedy with this figure, as Iíve mentioned, his high stats donít linger for very long. Keep him close to a figure with Support, or turtle around a medic with him, he will need it. Iíve used this figure in Open Universe games several times and I have never been disappointed.

Give him a try in Marvel, but if you really want to use him to his max potential, try him in Open Universe games!


Without Victory, there is no survival...