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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Diablo - Critical Mass

Reviewed 03.01.2004

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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   Name: Diablo
Set: Critical Mass
Numbers: 64-66
Rarities: 3-5
Costs: 82, 96, 110
Health: 8, 9, 9
SSADD: 7/8/16/3, 8/9/16/3, 8/10/17/3
Powers: Rookie - Force Blast, Poison, Incapacitate,
Smoke Cloud, Willpower, Regeneration, Outwit
Experienced adds Flurry
Veteran adds Nothing.
Ranged Attacks: 2 range 6, 2 range 8, 3 range 8
Arch-Enemy: None

History (from Whoclix) "Born in ninth century Spain, Esteban Diablo was fascinated with the ancient science of alchemy. He discovered and concocted countless potions that give him a wide variety of powers. Using his alchemical knowledge for personal gain, he acquired a castle in Transylvania and established a secret laboratory where he discovered an elixir to slow aging. His victory was short-lived when a mob sealed him into a massive crypt for several centuries. Diablo remained trapped until the 20th century, where he was freed by the Thing, where his plans for conquest were been defeated by the Fantastic Four."

I remember Diablo (or Diablow as we used to call him) from an issue of Spectacular Spider-Man, and an issue of Alpha Flight. I don't ever remember him being this
strong though, and that's one problem I have with Heroclix. Diablo should not be this powerful.

That being said.

Here's my review...if you have the Vet Diablo, you must use him on a team. He is a house that rivals even Nightcrawler for usefullness. Sure he's expensive, but look what you get...Outwit - Check, Willpower - Check. 3 Ranged attacks - Check. 17
Defense - Check. Basically, he's your villain team's Heavy Hitter. TK him up 10 squares and let him blast away at all your opponent's non-stealthed characters. 
You can't go wrong. Heck your opponent can't base him either, because he'll get Poisoned.

The Exp. and Rook. versions don't suck either, they just aren't as great as the Vet.

REV sets of Diablo can be had for under five bucks on eBay right now, and I suggest you hop to it and order one. That's ridiculously cheap for a tournament
quality figure. Long term collectability is yet to be seen, though since he's not that well known, I doubt he'll ever rise much more than $5 for the vet. Still I wouldn't mind pulling one, and in a sealed-booster draft he's deadly, Firelord deadly.

My Ratings: (Playability, then Collectability out of

Rook 3,2
Exp. 3,2
Vet 4,3
Monger  Diablo
Critical Mass #064, 065, 066

Not a huge amount of “cheese” figures in Critical Mass. A lot of the figures are over looked and passed by. When June and July come, Wizkids will begin to “phase out” sets starting with Infinity Challenge. When this happens, expect Diablo to be on a lot of very powerful 300-400 pt. teams.

The Rookie: Not exactly the most popular out of the three, yet he has the ability to deal a lot of damage and be quite a nuisance. For 82 points, his damage is average (3) but his attack (8) and speed (7) seem to be a little low. His poison ability does help to wear down stronger figures but his defense is somewhat low and he will take a beating getting and staying in a position to use poison. On his final two clicks of life, he can throw out smoke clouds or regenerate (all the way up to click 2 with a roll of 6). He’s a very good figure but overshadowed by his exp. and vet. versions, which (for the points) are extremely better!

The Experienced: Ah, now we are getting into the two versions of this figure that can be a total beat down expert. His range was increased from a 6 to an 8 and his attack increased by 1 (now up to a 9). He’s still able to deal early damage without even attacking via his poison ability, but the true beauty of this figure is on his 3rd click! Ah, Flurry, outwit, willpower and a dual attack! This all adds up to a figure that can deal 12 clicks of damage on two adjacent figures within two turns. Read the abilities and look at his dial, I’m sure you can figure it out! If not, e-mail me and I will explain it! This guys 3rd click is BROKEN! And it only gets better with time (check out the 3rd and 4th click of the veteran version). I would consider using this figure for this ability alone, not to mention the fact that he has three clicks of outwit, two clicks of regeneration and six clicks of willpower.

The Veteran: What can I say? I love this figure and I’m sure when Firelord is gone, I will try to include this fellow in most of my 300+ pt. teams. This guy is as close to being broken as Firelord (In my opinion). He offers a 10 attack, 8 range with 3 targets, 17 defense with the mighty willpower and 3 damage with four clicks of outwit! Being able to target three different figures for one click each of astonishing. Being able to set your opponent up with his poison, then pull off a 12 clicks in 2 turns maneuver is awe inspiring! I really cannot say enough about this figure, you’ll have to play test him yourself and see just how deadly he is. I would suggest using this figure in any 300+ pt. team if possible (once Infinity Challenge phases out).

He’s a figure that will see a lot of serious playing time once Challenge is phased out. Unfortunately though, as long as Firelord remains supreme, he will stay on the back shelf. There are a lot of strong non-unique figures in Critical Mass, but Diablo seems to offer the most potential. If you ever play in a Critical Mass draft or sealed Tournament and you have the opportunity to place Diablo on your team, DO NOT pass it up!


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