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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Spider-Man - Ultimates

Reviewed 06.30.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  58
Collector's Number  042
Rarity  4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Spider-Man

Set: Marvel Ultimates

Number: 40-42,[214]

Rarity: 2-4, [LE5]

Costs: 31, 44, 58[71]

Health: 6, 7, 9,[7]

SSADD: 8/9/15/2, 9/10/16/2, 10/10/17/2, [9/10/16/2]

Powers: Leap/Climb, Super-Strength, Super-Senses

LE has all powers plus Perplex

Experienced adds Incapacitate, Vet adds Willpower

Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 4 (all versions)

Team: None, None, Spider-man, [Spider-man]


There’s a little movie that’s releasing nationwide to theaters today, you may have heard of it.  It’s a sequel, and I know what you’re going to say, all sequels suck.  Well, not all, but most.  I can pretty much guarantee you this movie won’t suck, even though I didn’t get into any advance screenings, I’m confident that Sam Raimi and company have made a decent film.  Oh you know the film I’m talking about right?  It’s the second Spidey flick of course!  Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco and Alfred Molina star, and in a bit of synergy, we’re reviewing the brand new Spidey figure from Ultimates.  Does Spidey finally get a decent Heroclix?  Read on true believer!


Well, this much I can tell you, these Spideys are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.  Which is always a major warning sign.  Looking at the stats, only the Vet and LE are really playable.  Sure the Rookie and Exp. will fit on a lot of teams, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to play them.  The Vet at 58 points is cheaper than the CM, AND the IC version (and by definition the Uni version too), but come on, Spidey is better than this.  It’s really sad that the best version of Spidey is now an LE that is a tournament prize (though I understand that Ultimates will carry random LE’s in boosters now).


So let’s break it down further, shall we?  The Rookie has low stats and crummy powers.  Good thing he’s only a couple points more expensive than…say scrubs.  This is truly the Peter Parker as rookie Spidey.  The Exp has a little more power adding Incap to the end of the dial, but the stats still stink.  The Vet is worth using as a third tier attacker only, but he does have the Spidey TA, and that never sucks.  The LE is by and far the best of the four, and as I already mentioned, that’s just sad…and typical. 


Finally, let’s look at the sculpt and values…you know I always end my reviews this way, why would this one be any different?   This time we get Spidey on a stick.  Yes, that’s WK’s new post thing that they’re debuting in this set.  I thought there was going to be some rule change that went along with the post, like never losing Leap/Climb, but I’m not sure.  I love the post, and the backpack, as seen so many times in the comics, but after the fantastic leaping Spidey in Critical Mass, we get…err…another leaping Spidey?  Come on there must be SOME other sculpt we could get.


Oh, and Spidey’s REV set are Commons and Uncommons, which means they’ll be plentiful.  Joy.  More Spideys.  Actually that wouldn’t suck for me, since I only have three or four Spideys as it is.  So far REV sets are going for as high as $7.50, but that will change, and it’s only that high because it’s Spidey.  The Vet not being a Rare will hurt the long-term collectability.  The LE, though, the skies the limit on that baby.  That LE will be the most popular Spidey figure, until the Masterpiece version comes out in Mutant Madness.


My Ratings:


Playability first, then  Collectability out of 5.


Rookie 2, 2

Exp 2, 3

Vet 3, 3

LE 4, 4


And here’s a new portion of WildWill’s reviews:  Punichu’s Comic Recommendations:  This first time I asked Puni for what Doc Ock appearances he’d recommend the neophyte read.  He says:  “Amazing Spider-Man #113-115 when he was wooing Aunt May and #131 when he tried to marry her are good for a chuckle. Some of that came out this month reprinted in Essential Spider-Man #6.  Another good read would be Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, which is reprinted in Essential Spider-Man #1.  That’s issue has Doc Ock helping form the original Sinister Six!  I never really enjoyed any Doc Ock/Spidey stories, though. the best Doc Ock story to me was Fantastic Four #267 where Reed tries to get him to help with Sue's first birth, but Ock's insane connection to his arms stops him from wanting to help.”


Next time:  More Ultimate Madness.  And more Movie Tie-Ins.  He had a movie already this year, and the DVD is slated for this Fall.  You know him, you love him…it’s…oh darn he shot me….aaaaaaaahhh……..


Monger Spider-Man Veteran
Marvel Ultimates #042

For once, Wizkids has created a Spider-Man that is actually playable. This figure offers a little bit of everything and is capable of being a real annoyance to any opposing figures. Unlike the Spider-Man’s of old Marvel HeroClix sets, this version was given decent (not high or low) stat numbers in every category, which is the way Spider-Man should be. No matter where the opposing figure’s are standing, they are within’ striking distance of this Spider-Man.

Speed / Range: Leap/Climb throughout the entire dial! Spider-Man goes where he wants, when he wants without much trouble. The opening click of leap/climb combined with a stat of 10 enables Spidey to clear almost half the board in a single bound. The range of four was a nice touch as well, giving Spidey the chance to land on top of elevated terrain and play the role of a short distance sniper.

Attack: Starts the game with two straight clicks holding a 10 attack value combined with super strength. Spider-Man (when used with his huge speed value) can run across the field holding an object and bash opposing figures for 3-4 clicks of damage with ease. On Spider-Man’s 4th and 5th click, he looses his super strength and becomes more of a board control character using incapacitate. His attack values remain high throughout the entire dial, which offers him a decent chance on hitting some of the toughest foes.

Defense: Spider-Man with willpower? NICE!! I’ll love being able to run about the board picking up objects and bashing figure everywhere without taking push damage. This is the best present Wizkids could have offered Spidey. After the AMAZING one click of willpower, he picks up super senses. This ability is great IMO and makes Spidey practically un-hittable when you’re rolling hot dice. Although his defensive numbers do seem to drop quickly, his super sense should help him dodge a couple bullets when he’s running back to a supportive figure.

Damage: Base 2 damage throughout Spider-Mans entire dial. I didn’t expect much from this figure on the damage side, but I was pleasantly surprised. One the first three clicks, you’ll be using your super strength most of the time, toting around heavy objects. It’s the end of Spider-Mans dial that you’ll find the 2 damage useful. A figure able to pack a decent punch on their 6th and 7th click is hard to find!

Overall: This is exactly how I would envision a Spider-Man figure. Running Shot, Hypersonic, Impervious, Ranged Combat expert? NAH…Who needs them? We’ll leave all those to Superman and Thor. What we have here is a 58 pt. WILDCARD who can be a serious pain in the rear to any opposing team. I will definitely pick up one of these figures! He will work marvelously in Open or Marvel based constructed team. He will be easy to find and relatively cheap in price. I would suggest picking one up when you can, as this is finally a Spider-Man worth placing on your team!
Gemini77 In honor of the movie premier, we get to review Spider Man.

Ultimates Spiderman has the typical assortment of powers for an incarnation of the Web-slinger; Leap/Climb, Super Strength, Incapacitate and Super Senses. But the Vet and LE Peter Parker add a nice surprise, Willpower. In addition to this, the LE has Perplex. Perplex is apparently an expensive ability as the LE costs 71, the Vet 58, and the Vet has better starting stats and an extra click of life.

The REV versions have 2 clicks of damage the entire dial, which with an object gives you an effective 3-4 damage. Not bad for a set that cost less then 60 points, the Exp is 44 and Rook is 31. Leap/Climb the entire dial makes Spidey very mobile. Leap/Climb and Super Strength allows you to spring a fun little surprise on that Stealth figure hiding on an object. Namely, snatching the object from under them and running away. The Vet, with his Willpower and 17 defense, gives you the option of staying put and then attacking them next turn.

The Rookie and Experience version would work well in small points games, less then 200 points. The Vet is definitely of secondary attacker quality. The Spiderman team ability, good attack and high defense will make him fit on any team. And he only costs 58 points. The LE is slightly less capable then the Vet and costs more.

Overall, Spiderman is a very playable figure, with the exception of the LE, and I would expect to see the Vet in tournament play.


Without Victory, there is no survival...