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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Ghost Rider 

Reviewed 06.25.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  93
Collector's Number  060
Rarity  4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Ghost Rider
Set: Ultimates
Numbers: 58-60, (220)
Rarities: 2-4, (LE)
Cost: 60, 71, 93, (88)
Health: 8, 9, 9, (8)
SSADD: (NOTE, these are second click stats) 10/10/15/3, 10/11/16/4, 12/11/16/4, [12/11/15/4 on the first click, with no activation]
Powers: Charge, Leap/Climb, Smoke Cloud, Incapacitate, Invulnerability, Toughness [Note Ė the LE doesnít have Smoke Cloud]
Exp and Vet add no new powers.
Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 4, 1 Range 4, 1 Range 6, (1 Range 6)
Team: None (all versions)

Danny Ketch was the SECOND Ghost Rider (the first was of course, Johnny Blaze), and I donít remember how he got the Spirit of Vengeance coursing through him, but he does. Hey, heís a Demon on Wheels, literally. What else do you need to know? Another fan favorite, Ghost Rider has supported a couple books over the years, and at one point Marvel featured him as part of their Midnight Sons imprint, which was a sort of Vertigo influenced section of the Marvel U. It was so popular, that some fans are still bummed that itís gone the way of the do-do. Iím not one of them.

Let me just state, for the record, I HATE CLIX THAT NEED TO BE PUSHED TO ACTIVATE THEIR POWERS! It makes no sense whatsoever. If heís in a battle, heís on the bike. Thatís why I listed the SECOND click of stats, because if I listed the first click, youíd say ďWow, he sucks!Ē and youíd be right.

But looking at the rest of his dial, you MIGHT come to the same conclusion, and you know what, you might not be wrong there either. The only thing he has going for him is that nice fat 4 damage on the Exp and Vet versions. And a 10 or 12 Speed? So basically WK is telling us that a motorcycle has the same speed as sayÖwellÖCarnage that we looked at yesterday? Thatís stupid. If it took 4 expansions to get GR into the game, at least they could have R&Ded him a little more. Maybe come up with some different rules and make him a Bat-Sentry/Giant Man size piece. Meh.

Now, when we look at REVs with LEís you know I always try to look at the LE too. Ghost Riderís LE (Daniel Ketch) is actually a decent, playable piece, THAT DOESNíT REQUIRE PUSH ACTIVATION. Obviously itís cheaper than the Vet version (the LEís almost always are), and itís stats are slightly better. Sure it omits the Smoke Cloud power, but really, who uses that anyway?

Sets of Ghost Riderís REVs are going for anywhere between $5 and $15 so far. I would think thatíll come down as he becomes more widely distributed. Your mileage may vary. The LE isnít out yet, as the tournaments heís a prize in are this month and next.

(Playability First, then Collectability)

Rookie 2,3
Exp 3,3
Vet 3,3
LE 4,5

Shooter Well, my review will be a little different todayÖweíve been asked to review all versions of a fig, so itís probably going to be longer than normal (itís long already, I know, but you know you love it :p). So basically, Iíll post the stats on each of Ďem first, then Iíll try and do a general review of the fig, followed by some highlights of each one, and then of course the ratingsÖand trust me, you wonít want to miss a single moment of review goodiness.

Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch)

R: 60 points E: 71 points V: 93 points LE: 88 points
R/E: Range 4; 1 Target V/LE: Range 6; 1 Target
R: 7 clix of life E: 8 clix of life V: 9 clix of life LE: 7 clix of life

Charge (R: 1 click E: 2 clix V: 3 clix LE: 4 clix); Leap/Climb (R/E/V: 5 clix LE: 3 clix); Smoke Cloud (R: 2 clix E/V: 3 clix); Incapacitate (R/E: 3 clix V/LE: 4 clix); Invulnerability (R/E: 1 click V/LE: 2 clix); Toughness (R: 3 clix E: 4 clix V: 5 clix LE: 4 clix)

Wow, you have no idea how long that took to type ;p. Well, I have to say that I am quite happy with Ghost Riderís sculpt. You canít really tell from the pic, but the flames on his head and wheels are semi-transparent, making him look really cool in my opinion. While his sculpt is good, the translucent flames just put him into the great sculpt category. But I think that having the flames just be regular plastic wouldnít be accurate to the character, so it would have been a major disappointment if they didnít do what they did.

Well, Ghost Rider on the whole is a big Charging good damage piece with an activation click (with the exception of the LE) for relatively cheap. None of his versions cost more than 100 points and all can Charge at least 5 squares for at least 3 damage at the start of their dials, and theyíll likely hit since all but the Rookie starts with an attack of 11 (R starts with a 10). The REV have activation clix, which obviously has to be factored in, but activation clix donít seem to be a major detriment to most figures (Hawk gets a whole lot of play regardless). His Smoke Cloud is pretty much never going to be used. The Incapacitate is a very viable option since it shows up late dial when he loses Charge (note that the LE has 1 click with both Incap and Charge), and often your opponent will forget about his range and expect you to move (whether itís to base a character or to get back to a medic). Then you can use that chain to slap an action token on an enemy and leave your opponent very much so not amused. Also, donít forget that he can use his range to do some serious damage as well. Donít think just because he has charge it doesnít mean he canít wrap an enemy around the head with his chain for 4 damage. Overall, speed values are great, attack values are very good and decently consistent (REVís having a last click low of 7, LE having a low of 8), defense values are above average (14 Ė 16, LE has 1 click of 17), and very good damage values, dropping off to 1 on the R and E on the last click only.

The only real differences between any of them I can highlight are those between the REV and the LE. Yes I could point out how the LE and Vet can charge and extra space and have an extra click of Invulnerability, but these things donít really effect how or how often a fig will be played. So looking at the LE, the first thing you notice is the lack of an activation click. This is actually a pretty big deal since it means heís gassed up and ready to roll up to 3 turns earlier (2 for pushing then 1 to clear, of course you can just pulse waveÖ). Look a little closer and you can see that overall his stats are betterÖitís subtle, but they are better. For 5 points less than the Vet, you get an extra click of 11 attack and extra click of Charge with 12 speed, and higher defense values during toughness, including 1 click of a very nice 17 defense. However, you do lose a click of ďactivatedĒ life, you have lower defense on the Invulnerability clix, no Smoke Cloud (whoopty dooÖ), and higher toughness defense values (which means itís harder to heal him). So how do you choose between the two??? The way I see it, you look at what kind of team youíre running. If you plan on striking hard and fast (TK a must), use the LE. If you want to take your time and play by highly strategic positioning, use the Vet.

In terms of how to play this wheelie popping spirit of vengeance, it really depends on the point level. If you plan on using TK or even his natural speed to hit hard and fast, either use the LE or get a good Pulse Waver to knock him onto his activated click. If you want to have some supporters tie up the enemy while GR positions himself and gets ready to attack big, then use an REV. Pick which one by seeing how you want to use him, and what the point cost is (for example, if you want a secondary attacker for a 300 point game, use the R or E, but if you want a primary attacker, use the V). I would just suggest that you donít underestimate the Rookie, he can make a very nice clean-up attacker in large games being able to do good damage to even big enemies.

Ratings out of 5 (R, E, V, LE):

100 points: 4, 2.5, 2, 2

200 points: 3.5, 4, 4, 4

300 points: 3.5, 4, 4.5, 4.5

400+ points: 2.5, 3.5, 4, 4

Next timeÖa cloud of smoke and he appears, and you are blinded by the shine from his fishbowl head.
Gemini77 Ghost Rider is one of the coolest looking figures in this set, if not the game. The first vehicle mounted click in the game.

The REV versions all share the same power set Charge, Leap/Climb, Smoke Cloud, Incapacitate, Invulnerability and Toughness. The LE, Daniel Ketch, has the same powers with the exception of Smoke Cloud. The three non-unique all have an activation click, the LE does not. Once activated, Ghost Rider is a good figure. At 60 points, the Rookie has a Charge of 5, 10 attack, and 3 damage. Excellent stats for an under 200-point game. The Exp, at 71 pts, increases the damage to 4 and the Vet, 93 pts, has a 6 Charge. The base 4 damage and Invulnerabilty make these 2 good for 300+ point.

High mobility and Charge make him a great close combat fighter. He is able to get across the board quickly and get into the middle of the fight. His 16 defense and Invulnerability allow him to stay awhile, all the time dishing out good damage. After he takes a couple of clicks of damage, he has Leap and Climb to pull him out and back to you medic. Ghost Rider's drawback is the activation click. To fully utilize him on a team, you have to compensate for it. Add some free move TA's so you have the extra actions needed to push him or Pulsewave. A good hit from your opponent, while he's un-activated will send you past his prime clicks and in want of a medic. But don't heal him too much or you're right back into the activation click. The LE does not have this drawback. Daniel starts with a 15 defense and Invulnerability, but it goes up to 17 when he gets Toughness. He is also 5 points cheaper then the Vet.

If you make it to the Ultimate Marquee, be the nice guy, help your opponent out even if he is giving you a good thumping. Joke with your fellow players. Be the guy that gets Fellowship. Daniel is the best Ghost Rider.

Monger Ghost Rider Veteran
Marvel Ultimates #060

Ahhh, about time Wizkids introduced this guy to the HeroClix scene. Heís been a favorite of mine for a LONG time and I know there are thousands of clickersí out there that couldnít wait for this fellow either. From reading a few comic books as a kid, I can remember Ghost Rider being quite a butt kicker and I was looking for the same in his clix as well. Fortunately for all his fans, Wizkids did them a favor and made Ghost Rider one of the strongest REV sets in the Ultimates collection. For this review, I will look at the veteran version and ignore the first click, since everyone else will do the same as well!

Speed / Range: A twelve movement with charge Ė NICE! Considering he rides a motorcycle, I thought charge was a nice touch. Three clicks of charge enable him to take a small beating and still run up to anyone within range. The leap/climb was an odd addition, but Iím not going to complain at all. This enables Ghosty to pack his bags and rejoin the rest of his team if needed without any problems. The 6 range gives Ghost Rider some decent attack space and I was somewhat surprised, I expected a 4 in this area.

Attack: Smoke Cloud? Did Ghost Rider never tune his bike or what? This can be a useful ability if you have a few other figures on your team with stealth. I wish smoke cloud was a free action, it would be nice to move up, then throw a barrier or smoke, requiring your opponent to roll higher in order to hit you. That would be NICE.. After the three clicks of smoke cloud, he gains incapacitate, which is odd, since Ghost Rider has a base three damage at the time, so why would you want to incapacitate a figure when you could just deal some damage instead??? His attack values are high enough that heís an offensive threat at any point during a game, which is how Ghost Rider should be.

Defense: Not really high on the actual numbers, but the abilities make up for this I guess. Invulnerability can never be overlooked, and Ghost Rider opens the game with two straight clicks of this. After this two clicks, he drops to toughness (which I felt should have been energy deflection) and keeps this power pretty much the rest of the way. Like I said, not really high when it comes to actual numbers, which is kinda disappointing, but what he lacks in numbers, he gains in damage reducing powers. Personally, I would rather have a black 18 defense then a Invulnerable 16, but thatís just me!

Damage: Power house on damage! Combine these high damage values with charge and Ghost Rider becomes a powerful primary or secondary offensive piece to any team. Two clicks of four, followed by two clicks of three, the ending with four straight clicks of base two damage. This is EXTREMELY strong for a figure under 100 points.

Overall: T o be honest, I pumped Ghost Rider up, but I donít see him actually receiving much serious constructed tournament play time. Heíll definitely be a power house figure in drafts and sealed tournaments, but he just seems to be lacking the overall power that figures such as Hawkeye, Punisher and Captain America offer. Donít look down upon this figure by any means, heís defiantly playable, but I just donít see him being a figure who has any kind of large impact on the way Marvel teams are built and played.


Without Victory, there is no survival...