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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Hawkeye - Marvel Ultimates

Reviewed 06.18.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  73
Collector's Number  036
Rarity  3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Hawkeye

Set: Marvel Ultimates

Number: 34-36

Rarity: 1-3

Costs: 40, 60, 73

Health: 6, 7. 7

SSADD: 6/9/15/2, 7/10/16/2, 7/11/16/3

Powers: RCE, Running shot

Experienced and Vet adds no new powers.

Ranged Attacks:  1 Range 8, 2 Range 8, 3 Range 8

Team: Shield, Ultimates, Ultimates.


Ultimate Hawkeye is going to change this game too, mark my words.  The Vet version is so broken, and he’s not even playable yet.  An Anti-Stealth figure with RCEd damage of 5 with 3 Ranged targets?  Oh and only on this version does he have RCE AND Running Shot on the same clix, so you have to choose at that point.  The Vet Hawkeye isn’t the only one of the set that’s worth playing.  His Rookie and Exp. are nicely done as well, if a tad on the expensive side. 


REV Sets of Hawkeye will be popular and plentiful.  He’ll be the easiest to obtain out of the booster too with common and uncommon rarities, which means you’ll probably end up with an army of Hawkeyes.  Neat.


My Ratings:


Playability first, then  Collectability out of 5.


Rookie 3,2

Exp 4,2

Vet 4,3


Next time, Still more Ultimates…and email me your wish list of Ultimates reviews, the top 5 figures only please, I’m in charge of choosing the next month’s work of reviews, so I would LOVE to know who you want to see reviewed from Ultimates.


Shooter Hawkeye

73 points
Range 8; 3 Targets
6 clix of life


Running Shot (3 clix); Ranged Combat Expert (4 clix)

Ah Hawkeye…how I knew ye. And now I don’t. For those of you who may not know (which should be just about everyone), I am a Hawkeye fan. He’s one of my favorites from Marvel, and by far my favorite Avenger. I loved it when they had him do cameo appearances on the old Iron Man cartoon show (did anyone but me watch that?). But now he’s been Ultimatized (yes…I made it up) and I am saddened. While he kinda looks cool as Ultimate Hawkeye, I personal think he looks like a knock off of Arsenal from DC’s Titans. I mean, even the fact that in the storyline he was working for a government agency (S.H.I.E.L.D.) seems a little too close to Arsenal for my liking. But regarding his sculpt (you had to know it was coming somewhere in this first paragraph), it’s pretty cool. I definitely like the action pose of him leaning to get his shot, especially since he has Running Shot and I could never justify regular Hawkeye’s sculpt being in that position yet having the power. I’m a little peeved about the lack of an arrow though. The sculpt would have qualified for a “great” had they included the arrow. WizKids…why the arrow hate?

This guy had broken written all over him. He’s one of these guys who are so simple yet so powerful. His stats basically speak for themselves. Starts with an 11 attack, range 8, 3 base damage AND Ranged Combat Expert! Add to that his ability to ignore hindering terrain (which means no +1 defense modifier in addition to no stealth) and he is just crazy good. His defense is a quality 16, and drops every other click ending in 14. His attack values are great, there’s no denying that. Even late game, an 8 attack is nothing to scoff at. It’s not phenomenal, but not bad by any means. Speaking of late game, this is when his 3 targets will be used. You are just not logically going to use multiple targets to split up a 3 damage attack if you can hit 1 target for 5 damage. The only scenario for splitting the damage early I’ve come up with is if your opponent has 3 R Black Panthers and you just are getting them off their Outwit clix all at once. But how often is that going to happen?

Late game, you’ll use those 3 targets to play your options and wait for the roll of the dice before selecting where your damage is going. You simply target 1 figure you need a high roll to hit (like a 9 or higher), 1 needing a mid roll (6, 7, 8), and 1 you’re almost guaranteed to hit (5 or lower) and decide where the damage goes after you see who you hit. If you rolled big, then you can shove all the damage onto the high defense guy. If you roll low, then you likely still hit your safety piece and the attack isn’t a total failure. All in all, this Ultimate Hawkeye is a very playable piece, especially for being so cheap. He can easily fit on a 300 point team (even as a secondary attacker) and wreak some righteous havoc.


100 points: 2 out of 5 (You could try, but I think you’ll find his lack of mobility a hindrance here)

200 points: 3.5 out of 5

300 points: 4.5 out of 5

400+ points: 5 out of 5 (The higher point games means he’ll be viewed as less important, and that could finish your opponent)

Next time…Another amazingly powerful Ultimates redux, but at least this one’s sculpt is a lot better.
Gemini77 All of the Hawkeye's start with Ranged Combat Expert and end with Running Shot showing on the dial. For 40 points, the Rookie Hawkeye isn't much more then a beefed up S.H.I.E.L.D Sniper. At the Experienced and Vet level is where this figure has the most impact. Hawkeye gets the Ultimate team ability.

The Exp Hawkeye is only 60 points, can do 4 damage w/RCE at range 8, and is Anti-Stealth. A 10 starting attack and 2 bolts is decent enough. The Vet, at 73 pts, adds one to the starting attack, damage, and bolts.

What makes Hawkeye a really playable piece is the Ultimate Team Ability. The addition of Anti-Stealth to the Marvel Universe will change many strategies. Gone are the days of Invisible Girl and Black Panther being dominating pieces. At 60 pts for the Experienced and 73 for the Veteran, and good stats, Hawkeye easily fits into the secondary attacker role. I expect to see him showing up on Minions of Doom teams, frequently. In Open tournament play, he'll be an honorary member of the Legion of Super Heroes.

Hawkeye is a tournament quality piece and will see lots of playing time.


Without Victory, there is no survival...